How to Make Dalmatian Spotted Window Blinds

Two windows in a kid's room that have white mini blinds with Dalmatian spots.

How to re-style inexpensive mini blinds into a window treatment for kid’s rooms that they will love.

Post Updated: 08/17/2019

DIY Red corduroy cardboard window cornice with Dalmatian blinds.

How to Make Dalmatian Spotted Window Blinds

I created these blinds for a kid’s room. They are easy to make using a sheet of black contact paper or a sticky back vinyl sheet.

When the blinds are opened, the spots are partially hidden; when closed the spots come to life. Work on a large surface with a cutting board underneath.

Time needed: 1 hour.

supplies needed:

White mini blinds
Black contact paper or sticky back sheet vinyl (craft store)
Craft knife and extra blades

  1. Remove Blinds

    Remove blinds and clean throughly. Put blinds on work surface in a closed position.

  2. Cut Contact Paper

    Cut contact paper or sticky back vinyl in random-size ovals and circular shapes to look like spots.

  3. Add Spots

    Stick the black spots randomly over slats. Being sure to press each spot firmly onto blind.

  4. Cut Between Slats

    Following the lines between slats, cut through shapes with craft knife. Change knife blade when dull.

  5. Hang Blinds

    Blinds can be hung the normal way, but will come to spotted life when they are in the closed position.

To learn how to make the red window cornices above the blinds in the photo, head over to the post: Recycled Cardboard Window Cornice Valance

Two windows in a child's room with Dalmatian spots on the blinds.

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