Instant Fall Decor: Basket Vase

Fall decorating idea using a collapsible rattan basket.

Nothing goes together better when decorating your house for fall than baskets and dried hydrangeas from your yard. Fall floral arrangements in baskets = fall.

I am sharing a quick, no-skills-needed way to display those arrangements in your home in a rustic, yet modern way.

This year, my decorations for fall are going to be EASY to do and/or create. Just enough to add that “warm and cozy” autumn has arrived feel to the house. 🙂

Blue and purple hydrangeas in a yard

I am also trying to use things I already have on hand or items that fit my budget. Like these hydrangeas that have now dried to a mix of brown, dusty pink and pale green since earlier in the summer.

As much as I love to buy new designer items to decorate for the change of seasons like this…

Large white terra cotta vase filled with white hydrangeas from Studio McGee being placed on a coffee table

gorgeous oversize vase…

large white bowl vase with light green hydrangeas on outdoor table

…or this large bowl style vase, both are way out of the price range I want to pay for a vase.

If I want to travel and do other fun things in life, I have to be realistic and find ways to save money when I decorate.

While out thrifting, I have been on the lookout for large white bowl style vases, but haven’t come across any. I haven’t even found one in the right size and shape that I could paint white.

I haven’t given up my search, but recently while at Walmart I found…

Dried hydrangeas and collapsible rattan tote on table getting ready to create a floral arrangement.

… this collapsible rattan tote style basket and got an idea.

Fall decorating idea using a collapsible rattan tote on a table used as a vase for dried hydrangeas.

When the basket is in its collapsed state, it is the size and shape bowl style vase for which I have been searching.

Dried hydrangeas in a white round rattan basket on a kitchen table to create rustic fall decor in a home.

It may not be exactly what I want, but is making me happy for $12.00 until I can find a ceramic vase to display all the dried hydrangeas from my yard.

diy rustic fall decor using a basket and dried hydrangeas

How to Make a Fall Decor Styled Basket Vase in Minutes

supplies needed:

  • Collapsible rattan basket tote with a painted white bottom section
  • Florist foam or block of Styrofoam saved from packaging (like TVs and microwaves)
  • Cut dried hydrangeas – enough to fill the basket.

Time needed: 10 minutes.

  1. Place basket on work surface

    Place the basket on a table or work surface and push it down into the collapsed position.

  2. Place a block of foam in basket

    Place a block of foam that you have saved from packaging or florist foam in the center of the basket.

  3. Start pushing hydrangea stems into the foam

    Starting in the center of the foam, start adding the cut stems of dried hydrangeas into the foam. Add the tallest into the center, subsequently working your way out to the edges of the block with shorter stems until you like the shape of the arrangement.

    basket vase filled with dried hydrangeas for fall decor

    basket vase filled with dried hydrangeas for fall decor

  4. All done!

    Place dried hydrangea arrangement on table. I am using mine as a dining table centerpiece.

My fall floral arrangement in 10 minutes. Best part, since the basket is not really a vase I can reuse it someday as a tote, waste can or as a place to store stuff.

Have you started thinking about fall decorating yet?

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Collapsible Basket on table filled with dried hydrangeas.

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