Small Accent Storage Cabinets, Consoles, Sideboards (Sources + Organizing Inspiration)

Accent cabinets can be placed throughout a home to provide storage and style. I’m always rearranging furniture to figure out what works best for us, so accent cabinets have been a versatile solution for us in every home. Plus they give you another surface to use for a lamp or seasonal decor!

They help you to get organized and work well as a place to tuck away useful/decorative/seasonal items that tend to end up as clutter on counters or tables when not in use. I love them for so many reasons! I’ll share some tips and ideas below.

In this post you’ll find sources for several cabinets my girls and I have in our homes as well as other suggestions.

A few ideas for how to use accent cabinets:

  • In a dining room for entertaining supplies – use little bins or baskets inside to store things like napkins and napkin rings, shelves for wine glasses etc…or for dish storage
  • In a living room or bathroom to store extra pillows or throws (also great spot to put a table lamp to warm up a dark corner)
  • Entryway – use a drawer or containers on shelves (store gloves, dog leashes etc), shoes, reusable grocery store bags, etc
  • Kids’ toys
  • In a bathroom for towels, bath supplies, toiletries
  • In an office as a printer stand and/or to store office supplies

Here are accent cabinets in our homes, and graphics with lots of sources linked below!

Here are sources for more cabinets:

Sources for Above (scroll and click images or links below):

1. Accent Cabinet with 2 Doors (multiple colors)

2. White Entryway Cabinet with Glass Doors and Drawers (multiple color options)

3. White 2 Door Floor Cabinet with Glass X Panels and Shelves

4. Two Door Glass Storage Cabinet

5. Wide White Storage Cabinet with Glass Pane Doors

6. Blue 2 Door Accent Cabinet with Glass Doors (multiple color options)

7. White 2 Door Floor Cabinet with Glass

8. Tall 2 Door Gray Glass Pane Cabinet

9. Freestanding Bathroom Cabinet

10. Entryway Cabinet with Glass Doors and Drawers (multiple color options)

11. Distressed White Tall Sliding Door Cabinet with Windowpane Glass Doors

12. White Server Cabinet with Geometric Mirrored Doors

Sources for Above (scroll and click images or links below):

1. Rattan Woven 2 Door Cabinet

2. Gray Pattern Cabinet

3. Handcarved Cabinet

4. Whitewashed Wood 2 Door Cabinet with Geometric Pattern

5. Wood and Metal Cabinet

6. Cane Wood 2 Door Cabinet with Mid Century Legs (multiple color options)

7. Navy Linen 2 Door Cabinet with Nailhead Trim

8. Whitewashed Wood Storage Cabinet

9. Rattan 2 Door Wood Accent Cabinet

10. Wood and Herringbone Cabinet

11. Antique Grey 2 Door Chest

12. Navy Handcarved Wood 2 Door Cabinet

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