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    Bedroom Design Mood Boards (4 Winter Looks)

    Today I’m going to share four possible mood boards for a little bedroom project I’m going to work on for the winter months, featuring some inspiration pieces I found from Walmart. It’s so nice to find items that are affordable, accessible AND so stylish! Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.
    As fellow homebodies, it can be so therapeutic to have projects or fun activities we are looking forward around the house in the upcoming months (rather than just dreading winter.) In my last post I introduced you to my favorite feature in my new bedroom (it’s a dream come true!) AND the new project I’m looking forward to!
    I’m excited to be making a few simple updates to our new bedroom, not only to pull the space together and make it our own, but so we can enjoy it for the winter months!
    Today I want to share with you four possible mood boards we created for the room. Perhaps they will inspire you, too! I wanted to put together some options that could be cozy for winter but also items that would feel right at home or easy to switch out in the spring, too! The items we used in these mood boards were all found at Walmart, so they are easy to find and are affordable, too.
    Thankfully Walmart makes decorating or updating a home for the seasons so simple and fun! I love to shop online and Walmart has been doing a great job at not only having stylish items that I want or need for my home or occasion, but getting things shipped in a timely way is so wonderful (and rare!) these days! But if you need something right now or at the spur of the moment, stopping in Walmart to shop is convenient, too.
    Take a look at the four mood boards below! Which board is your favorite? Or would you mix and match items in a different way? You can find me on Instagram stories, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on which items YOU like best! You’ll find the sources for each mood board linked below and in the scrolling bars.

    SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

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    Stormy Shore Framed Artwork
    Nautical and Coastal Framed Ship Artwork
    Decorative Throw Pillow with Stripes and Tassels
    Cream and Navy Traditional Area Rug
    Chunky Knitted Ivory Throw Blanket (multiple color options)
    Linen Trim Light Blue Decorative Pillow
    Green Ceramic Lamp with Oatmeal Lampshade
    Gray Striped Duvet Cover Set
    Rustic Pharmacy Floor Lamp Wood and Metal
    Ivory Shams / Duvet Set


    SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

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    Botanical Art
    Rustic Cream Lamp with Linen Shade
    Round Gold Metal Frame Mirror
    Ticking Stripe Shams & Quilt
    Sweater Knit Ivory Accent Pillow
    Traditional Black Area Rug
    Faux Olive Branch Plant in Ceramic Pot
    Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp
    Chunky Knitted Gray Throw Blanket
    Charcoal Gray Duvet Cover Sham Set
    Velvet and Metal Gray Tabletop Frame
    White and Brass Leg Tabletop Alarm Clock


    SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

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    Coastal Canvas Art
    Distressed White Porthole Mirror
    Navy Blue and White Textured Accent Pillow
    Tonal Navy Plaid Flannel Duvet Cover and Sham Set
    Navy Tabletop Picture Frame – Velvet and Metal
    Antique Gold Brass and Glass Square Picture Frame
    Ceramic Gray and Gold Lamp
    Aged Brass Pharmacy Floor Reading Lamp
    Faux Peperomia Plant in Basket
    Gray Herringbone Throw Blanket
    Natural Fiber Braided Area Rug


    SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

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    Botanical Roses Artwork
    Rattan Loop Round Wall Mirror
    Chenille 3 Piece Duvet Cover and Sham Set (multiple colors)
    Gray and White Patterned Sheet Set 100% Cotton (multiple color and pattern options)
    Blue and White Woven Throw Blanket
    Green Plaid Accent Pillow (multiple color options)
    Linen Trim White Decorative Throw Pillow
    Ceramic Aqua Lamp
    Distressed Vintage Blue Area Rug
    Faux Aloe Plant in Stone Planter
    Wood Decorative Boxes
    Bronze Floor Adjustable Pharmacy Reading Lamp

    Did you pick a favorite? What elements spoke to you?
    The reason I call these our “mood boards” is because they are more than just “design boards.” To me, designing a room isn’t just about showcasing a particular style (although that’s fun too!), it’s about how the room will feel to be in it. Mood boards help me to visualize the feeling of the room when all of the accessories will come together, which in turn helps me to focus on some practical ways I can uplift my real-life mood in every season!
    I like to try out different colors, patterns and accessories or even bring together different styles to see what combinations speak to me. The mood of a space can also be impacted by the features of the room itself as well as what’s going on in my life, so it’s fun to pull all of those elements together!
    When you need a new mood in your room (and life, ha), there are several options. You can shop your house to switch things around from room to room, add some new seasonal accessories or elements to give what you have a whole new look, or play around with different furniture or art arrangements and even paint colors.
    I’m going to do all the above for my bedroom this winter! Our style is collected, which means we gather pieces over time (whether they are handed down, vintage finds or anything new to us that speaks to us or meets our current needs).
    You can make mood boards with items representing things you already have, or just show new items that could help you create a fresh vision for your space! The items on our mood board are new possibilities for our room, which we will mix in with what we already have.
    I can’t wait to show you more of our room and the design updates after Christmas.
    We often make our room mood boards with Photoshop, but you can also make them with poster boards, bulletin boards or even online options like using Pinterest or Instagram to gather inspiration. Do whatever inspires you! Mood boards and room updates can be a fun winter activity.
    By the way, I share more simple ideas for enjoying every day life at home through each season in my new book A Lovely Life, which will come out this spring!
    I hope you enjoyed seeing these mood boards as much as we enjoyed creating them! Don’t forget to tell me which board is your favorite! Or how you would you mix and match them in your own way! That’s the fun of a mood board, you can create a look that inspires YOU!
    Find more cozy winter finds from Walmart Home here! More

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    Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom

    This post is in partnership with Walmart
    One of the most enjoyable things for me in decorating is to focus on enjoying the season we’re in! Why keep your spaces the same all the time when you can feel inspired with a few simple changes? We aren’t headed off on a tropical vacation this summer, but the sun is out right here so we’re savoring every moment of it. Last week I brought in some fun elements to our bedroom from Walmart Home to give it the feeling of a tropical retreat!
    The things I chose for our space from Walmart Home are so cute and super flexible so they’ll work in other areas of the home and in other seasons, too. It’s really easy to switch the whole feeling of a room by simply changing a few accessories, so you don’t have spend a fortune.

    Here are my Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom:

    1. Decorate with what you love, but be willing to try something fresh and new! I got this floral white ceramic lamp with a teal shade. I’ve had simple white lamps in my room for a long time, but I have to say, I ADORE this quirky colorful lamp. I’m so glad I tried a new look! The style really spoke to me and gave my room a really fun personality!

    After I fell in love with the lamp and brought it home, I saw one similar at a high end shop. Don’t you love when you get a deal on something you love and then find one similar but more expensive elsewhere? You have to know where to shop, be true to what you love and yet willing to try something new, and window shop often enough to jump on good finds when you discover the gems.

    2. It’s OK to decorate spaces so they are pretty now, even if you think you are just going to change them later. I got this botanical wall art set because they are just so fun! This wall has felt uninspiring to me for a long time, but I kept debating what I was going to do about it. Now it makes me so happy to see it looking so finished, fresh and cute! I thought these pieces would be great as an accent anywhere you want a little splash of color. I think sometimes we are afraid to get or hang art because it seems too permanent or it makes a statement we might not be sure we want to commit to! I learned a long time ago to just HANG THE ART! You can always change it later, but you might also wonder what took you so long to fall in love with your space.

    3. Try throwing in a touch of moody to a space, even in the summer. You don’t have to do all light and bright in the summer. A deeper tone in a shade you love can bring more contrast and dimension to the space. I got this faux suede peacock color pillow. I loved the color because it ties in so well with the lamp, but also it brings in a contrasting tone and a slightly more moody vibe which will be really nice as we head into fall, too.

    4. Look for versatile layers. I got this white chenille 3 piece duvet and sham bedding set. I really wanted a simple lightweight textural white coverlet for our bed that would be easy to layer with other bedding throughout the year, or could be folded up and stored in the winter. When I saw this duvet cover I knew it was going to be perfect! You can use it like a coverlet, but it also has a button closure with ties so I can put in my faux-down insert to make it extra cozy and FLUFFY when I want to, or as we head into fall! I’ll show you how that looks next week. This will be really fun and cozy to use all year round. It came with the shams, too.

    5. Don’t forget texture! I loved this little round wicker tray for texture, but also the versatility. Texture is an often overlooked element that really transforms the feeling of a room. I love setting up a little tray like this on a bed for guests, but it could also work on the wall as pretty decor or as a basket to corral anything on a counter or dresser.

    6. Look for pillow covers with zippers. I was thrilled with the pillow covers I got in this blue and white patterned pillow set. They look so great with my style and can work in any room of our home. Plus, they have zippers, which I love for two reasons. One is you can fill it with the fluffiest pillow inserts so it’s super plump! Plump is good when it comes to pillows :). The other reason I love pillow covers is when the season is over or you just want to change the look, you can easily switch out the insert and put the cover away until next time you want to use it.
    I loved how these pillows looked in our living room too (below).

    Walmart Home has so many fun accessories for the home!
    By the way, there is also a new Wow and Now category at Walmart with fun trendy home items at really affordable price points. You can check it out here!
    Shop my bedroom look:

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    Floral White Ceramic Lamp with Teal Shade
    Fronds Wall Art Set of 2
    Round Wicker Tray
    Rattan Open Weave Round Storage Basket
    Rattan Weave Woven Storage Crate
    Natural Fiber Rug
    White Chenille 3 Piece Duvet and Sham Bedding Set
    Faux Suede Peacock Color Pillow
    Ceramic Floral Round Wall Hanging Mirror
    Metal and Glass Terrarium
    Other source: Blue and White Patterned Pillow Set
    More Walmart Decor Favorites (click thumbnails below for details): More

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    Try This: Mix and Match Your Bedding

    Have fun when the seasons change by swapping out sheets, comforters and blankets on your bed. Seasonal change or even when you are simply changing the sheets to wash them, are the perfect times to give your bedding a mix and match makeover with the bedding you already own.

    Could your bedding use a wake up call? Do you change the bedding on your bed every season?
    I do, two times a year for seasonal changes to lighten it up for the warmer months of the year or to cozy it up for the cooler seasons.

    There’s no rule that says your sheets and bedding have to match in the way retailers like to sell them the “Bed in the Bag” way.

    I often post about how to use the furniture and decorative accessories you already own and move them from one room to another to change the look of each room, but now… why not do the same for your bed?

    If your linen closet is anything like mine, you may have quite a few bed linens stored there that over time you have simply forgotten about.

    Time to get in there to see what you actually have and can use to give your bed or any bed in your home a free and fun makeover.

    After taking the winter weight plush comforter and the channel stitched velvet quilt and shams off my bed, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put on the sheets and comforter I had last summer, but I didn’t want to buy anything new.

    So instead, I gathered all the blue and white bedding I owned and then played around using all of it on the bed instead of only using one matching set of bedding.

    These pillow shams have been folded neatly in my linen closet for the last 5 years! Time to use them again.
    Mix Sheet Sets, Shams, Comforters and More
    To mix patterns so they will look cohesive, there are definitely some key points to keep in mind: scale, color, and balance.

    When selecting the bedding options from your collection of bedding, remember to include a mix of scales such as pairing Damask print shams with polka dots sheets and a small patterned quilt to create visual interest.
    Be inventive and make up a new color story for the bed if your room color scheme is neutral. There are no rules that say you can’t mix a bunch of colors and textures to create an inviting and colorful bed in fun and unexpected pairings – no matching needed.
    A Few Mix and Match Bedding Ideas to Try
    Here is where you can have fun with any matching bedding set you already have. Mix it up with other sets to design a new look for your bed.
    Find a unifying element by taking color cues from a print on one piece of bedding. This could be the main color you want to use. Then choose the rest of the bedding that coordinates with it or simply looks good together in an unexpected way.
    If you change only one part of your bedding, change the shams. Sham covers can add a pop of color, seasonal style, or pattern. Plus, the large size makes the bed feel more comfy-cozy.
    Is your comforter or duvet reversible? Flip it.
    Look around your house for a decorative pillow in another room that would look good on your bed.
    To make a print on the bed pop, pair with white sheets, comforter or spread.
    Mix the new with old and vintage looking.
    How to Style Pillows on a Bed
    The Hotel Inspired

    Very symmetrical – stack two bed pillows on top of each other or propped on the headboard. Lean two more pillows in front of these and then a bolster in front.
    The Pillow Collector

    When you love decorative pillows so much and can’t have enough of them on your bed. Then go for it and add as many as makes you happy.
    Casual Ease
    Photo: Pottery Barn
    When you want an easy, effortless look, use an odd number of pillows. The aim to achieve ‘casual’ is to layer up bedding and accessories for an effortless look that doesn’t look like you tried too hard.
    Piled and Propped

    Adds a little bit of hotel inspired with a casual air.
    The Karate Chop

    Add a karate chop to the top of your bed pillows or poke the middle of your pillows to give them dents for a lived in look?
    The Sandwich
    Photo: Emily Kate Roemer Stying: Megan Hedgpeth
    When you have a large number of bed pillows at your disposable and like lots of color and pattern. Prop large shams or pillows against the headboard and sandwich patterned shams in between the propped pillows and 2 standard bed pillows covered in colorful pillow cases.
    The Matched Set – Reversed
    Photos: PotteryBarn
    If you have 4 pillow shams – 2 of one color and 2 of another, try this bed pillow placement idea. Or if you only have 2 sham-covered pillows and 2 standard pillow case covered pillows, reverse which one is in front for the other side of the bed.
    The Avant-Garde Rebel
    Photo: Pottery Barn
    Don’t like following rules? Then this bed pillow placement idea may be just your thing.
    The Minimal Zen

    And finally… the warm weather look I went for that makes my husband Ed extremely happy – is using only the actual pillows we put our heads on when we sleep.
    I may sneak in the two shams that I haven’t used in 5 years though. 🙂
    Where Do You Put Decorative Pillows When Sleeping?

    Where to put the decorative pillows when you are sleeping on the bed can become a problem if you have a lot of decorative bed pillows to take off every night.
    I try keep my pillows at a minimum and do like the look of large sham covered pillows over smaller decorative ones for my king size bed.
    I place them in a large basket at night that is across from my bed. Sometimes I move the basket to the opposite corner, but it is always in my room. Its only use is to place pillows in at night.
    When these pillows are not in use for the season, I store them in my linen closet.
    So the next time you change the sheets on your bed or are doing a seasonal change, don’t take styling the bed too seriously.
    Play with your bedding and mix it up!
    The bed styling that reflects your personality and style is the one that is right for you.
    My Bedding Resources More

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    Ten contemporary children's bedrooms to inspire design-savvy parents

    For this interior design lookbook we’ve chosen 10 stylish kids’ bedrooms featuring bunk beds, raised beds and whimsical cloud-shaped lights.This is the latest roundup in our Dezeen Lookbooks series providing visual inspiration for the home. Previous articles in the series feature inspiring outdoor living spaces, calming green kitchens, and living rooms with beautiful statement shelving.

    Adorable House, Japan, by Form
    Skylights funnel daylight into this family residence in Tokyo, which has a main living space along with a bedroom on its first floor. Its pared-back children’s room features white walls and simple wooden furniture.
    Find out more about Adorable House ›

    A Room for Two, London, UK, by Studio Ben Allen
    An elaborate plywood structure built inside one of the rooms of this flat in London’s Barbican Estate turns it into a bedroom for two children.
    Designed by Studio Ben Allen the structure contains two beds and a desk as well as playful archways, steps and a fold-down desk.
    Find out more about A Room for Two ›

    Fahouse, Quebec, Canada, by Jean Verville
    Canadian architect Jean Verville designed this holiday home on a gently sloping site in a hemlock forest in southeastern Quebec. At the back of the home, the children’s bedroom is located in the pointed roof space.
    Find out more about Fahouse ›

    100.60 Apartment, Bilbao, Spain, by Azab
    As part of the refurbishment of this apartment in Bilbao, architecture studio Azab created a pair of triangular-shaped children’s bedrooms underneath the sloping roof.
    Both bedrooms have beds that can be rolled away to create more space for playing and are fronted with corrugated plastic walls.
    Find out more about 100.60 Apartment ›

    The Mantelpiece Loft, Stockholm, Sweden, Note Design Studio
    Stockholm-based Note Design Studio reconfigured this loft apartment so that the parents and both children could have their own room.
    The children’s bedrooms are on mezzanine levels and include inbuilt wardrobes and a bed painted in blush pink.
    Find out more about The Mantelpiece Loft ›

    Room for One More, London, UK, by Studio Ben Allen
    Studio Ben Allen updated this apartment in the Barbican Estate by reconfiguring it to include a child’s bedroom – a feature that lends the project its name of Room For One More.
    The bedroom has a raised teal bed that is accessed by a short flight of stairs, which can be pushed in to form a small desk. A chunky armchair upholstered in grass-green fabric sits beneath the practical bed.
    Find out more about Room for One More ›

    House for a Photographer, France, by Alireza Razavi
    Paris architect Alireza Razavi designed this summer house in Brittany for a photographer.
    A mezzanine level added to the attic room contains beds for two children and is connected by a ladder to the children’s play area below.
    Find out more about House for a Photographer ›

    House-within-a-House, London, UK, by Alma-nac
    Architecture studio Alma-nac has extended a 1950s property in Brockley, south London, to create a contemporary family home.
    Its second floor contains three bedrooms beneath the peak of the roof, including one for a child, which the studio describes as having “cathedral-like proportions”.
    Find out more about House-within-a-House ›

    Budge Over Dover, Sydney, Australia, by YSG
    Interior design studio YSG has revamped a house in Sydney using terracotta brick, aged brass and aubergine-hued plaster.
    The children’s bedroom has lighter tones with sky-blue walls and whimsical cloud-shaped lamps hanging from the ceiling.
    Find out more about Budge Over Dover ›

    Tel Aviv apartment, Israel, by Toledano Architects
    This apartment in Tel Aviv has a plywood cabin located in its children’s bedroom.
    Toledano Architects designed the space, which is laid out like a playground and filled with objects that promote creativity, to be a nook for the home’s youngest residents to escape to.
    Find out more about Tel Aviv apartment ›
    This is the latest in our series of lookbooks providing curated visual inspiration from Dezeen’s image archive. For more inspiration see previous lookbooks showcasing peaceful bedrooms, calm living rooms and colourful kitchens.

    Read more: More

  • Seven bedrooms with eye-catching statement walls

    From graphic tilework to hand-painted wallpaper, architects and designers have found a myriad of ways to create striking surfaces in the bedroom. Here are seven standout examples.

    Duplex in NYC, USA, by Crosby Studios

    Crosby Studios founder Harry Nuriev and his partner Tyler Billinger combined white tilework with a gold-lame headboard to create a statement wall in the bedroom of their New York apartment.
    Nuriev and Billinger didn’t hold back when it came to designing the rest of the room, which boasts ultraviolet side tables and throw cushions, as well as a hand-shaped light.
    Find out more about Duplex in NYC ›

    Hygge Studio, Brazil, by Melina Romano
    Tan-coloured bricks that feature in the communal living spaces of this Sao Paulo apartment continue through to the bedroom to form a rustic feature wall, finished with a lengthy headboard upholstered in terracotta-red fabric.
    Interior designer Melina Romano explained that the warm medley of materials and colours are meant to channel a sense of hygge – a Danish term for a feeling of cosiness or contentment.
    Find out more about Hygge Studio ›

    Chelsea Pied-à-Terre, USA, by Stadt Architecture
    Gold paint seems to ooze down the painterly, deep-green statement wall that features in the bedroom of this New York apartment.
    The owners, who originally hail from southwest Canada, had wanted to bring the lush verdancy of the landscapes in their hometown into the apartment’s interior.
    “We couldn’t literally accommodate a green living wall into the living areas,” Stadt Architecture explained. “However, we reconsidered ‘landscape’ as a custom hand-painted wall covering.”
    Find out more about Chelsea Pied-à-Terre ›

    Apartment A, Belgium, by Atelier Dialect
    The unusual open-plan bedroom and bathroom inside this Antwerp apartment includes a statement wall clad in contrasting black and white subway tiles.
    It serves as a graphic backdrop to the room’s freestanding tub, wrapped in shiny panels of mirrored steel.
    Find out more about Apartment A ›

    Heat 360, Ukraine, by Azovskiy & Pahomova Architects
    Blotches of rust colour the dark slate-tile wall that extends across the back of this master bedroom, which is set inside a family home in Ukraine’s Dnipro region.
    The floor-to-ceiling windows that run along the front the bedroom act as another statement wall, providing uninterrupted views out towards the landscaped garden and a nearby river.
    Find out more about Heat 360 ›

    Shkrub, Ukraine, by Sergey Makhno
    Rows of rounded ceramic tiles create an almost scaly surface finish on the wall of the guest bedroom in architect Sergey Makhno’s family home.
    This is one of several statement walls Makhno has incorporated in the property – a plaster wall in his own master bedroom has been sculpted to resemble the craggy face of a cliff.
    Find out more about Shkrub ›

    Casa A12, Spain, by Lucas y Hernández-Gil
    A large cobalt-blue circle forms a simple but striking feature wall in the bedroom of this Madrid duplex apartment.
    This shade of blue and coral orange have been applied across the rest of the home in homage to the colours used in Number 14, a painting by 20th-century abstract artist Mark Rothko.
    Find out more about Casa A12 ›

    Read more: More

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    10 Minute Household Tasks To Organize Your Life

    Raise your hand if getting organized is one of your goals for 2020! If your home is feeling totally out of control right now, you probably feel frustrated every day. You might be extra stressed out because you don’t even have time to get organized! That’s why 10 minute organizing can change your life. Organizing […] More

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    Ramping Up the Comfy Cozy

    Refreshing a bedroom in an hour that will have you and/or overnight guests feel right at home starting with a comfy cozy bed, bedding and small thoughtful touches. Four years ago this month we moved to our house on the lake. It was the best decision as we love where we live and love every […] More