Add Fresh Summer Color to a Room In Minutes

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Happy Friday, my friends.

I have a dose of summer color therapy for you to start your weekend off in colorful style.

Could your home use a fresh pop of some happy color right about now to take your mind off the problems of the world? Or feeling like you want to look at something bright and cheery, but can’t get out and about for some retail therapy to purchase something new?

If you answered yes to either of these questions, then these simple decorating ideas are easy to do using what you already own. A few can even be done in minutes… for real… minutes!

Go In Search of the Most Colorful Book In Your Home

Take a stroll through your house in search of the most colorful book you have. Place it on your coffee table. Add a small plate from your kitchen or dining room, a candle, matches and a small decorative item on top. A grouping of three objects is always pleasing to view.

Bring Out Vacation Souvenirs

If you have souvenirs from a past summer vacation, take them out of storage and put them on display amongst your things in a cabinet…

… or even on an outdoor table that will add a summer vibe to your surroundings.

Raid Your Clothes Closet

Just because you may not be able to go on an exotic vacation to a faraway beach this summer, raid your clothes closet for a colorful Pareo or scarf. Use it as a summer throw on a chair or sofa.

Head To Your Cardboard Recycling Bin

Head to your recycling bin to find a large piece of cardboard to punch up a neutral color scheme for the summer. With all the online deliveries many of have been getting, make use of those boxes. 🙂 When you cover it with colorful fabric or gift wrap, prest-o chang-o – new look!

Use smaller pieces of cardboard from your recycling bin to make a lid for a basket. Use colorful fabric or gift wrap to cover it. Once done, the basket is stackable.

No Basket – line a serving tray to use as a decoration, not to carry something.

Mix Up The Bathtowels

Instead of having the towels in your bathroom match, hang a variety of colors. Don’t have any colors you like? How about hanging colorful beach towels for a summer change that won’t cost you a thing.

See I told you… some of these ideas can be done in minutes and will allow you to start the weekend with fresh doses of happy colors all around the house.

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