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    10 Tufted Ottomans (Instead of Coffee Tables!)

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    Sources for above (many of these have other color options, click links for details): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10
    Tufted ottomans can work really well in place of a coffee table! I love ours and have used it for years, so today I’m sharing 10 tufted ottomans and answering some FAQ I get about tufted ottomans!

    Coffee tables have their strengths and drawbacks, but there are so many reasons why you might prefer an ottoman. I shared five reasons to consider using ottomans in your home in a recent post. You’ll also find a few of my thoughts style, comfort and practicality of ottomans.
    Today let’s talk a little bit about tufted ottomans. I’ll share a few FAQ about tufted ottomans, a style tip for furniture that you might not know about and 10 classic and lovely tufted ottomans!
    Sources: Rug (machine washable) // Similar Teal Tufted Ottoman // Similar Curtains // Basement Apartment Tour
    Are tufted ottomans trendy?
    Tufted ottomans are classic in style, so they aren’t considered trendy! They do feel slightly sophisticated due to the tufting but can easily work in a casual space. To ensure a tufted ottoman that will be in style for years, I’d avoid trendy patterns or fabrics that are more likely to feel dated or clash with current styles.

    Do crumbs get stuck in the tufts of a tufted ottoman?
    They can, but I haven’t found it to be an issue to keep them clean. We don’t eat directly on the ottoman, but with a large tray that protects the ottoman, you’ll avoid most crumbs from falling in. You can also use a pretty scarf or seasonal throw for added protection as needed. If you have kids, the easiest way to keep messes out may be to have them eat them elsewhere. But most adults should be able to use a plate to catch crumbs. If you love the look of a tufted ottoman, don’t let the fear of crumbs deter you. There are practical solutions and easy remedies.

    How do you clean a tufted ottoman?
    You’ll have to check with the manufacturer and research how to clean the fabric you have, but as far as those wayward crumbs, they can be vacuumed out. The easiest way I’ve found is a vacuum hose with a narrow attachment.
    What if you don’t like the legs or finish on an ottoman?
    I don’t think many people realize this, but you can sometimes replace the legs on some ottomans (and chairs and sofas, too!). You aren’t always stuck with a style of legs you don’t like. Well, humans are, but that’s a different post :). Sometimes higher end furniture will offer the option for different finishes or legs, so be sure to check on that before you purchase. As far as a DIY option, I changed the legs on my leather ottoman years ago. I was immediately happier with the shape and finish! I plan to do the same on some other pieces of furniture I have.
    So if you love an ottoman, but not its legs, check to see if they can be removed. Some legs can be unscrewed and if so, they are likely to be easy to replace! You can order replacements to update the look to suit your preferences and even elevate the style.
    Studio Apartment Tour
    Where can you find classic and beautiful tufted ottomans?
    I’m often asked about where to find my tufted ottoman. Below you’ll find 10 tufted ottomans (and the source for each). I think they are beautiful, classic and so versatile so select one that fits with your style, space and the needs of your family. My exact teal tufted ottoman is unfortunately no longer available to my knowledge but I shared a similar tufted ottoman here and more below!
    How do you find affordable tufted ottomans?
    Here at The Inspired Room, we do our best to find and share reasonably priced decor and furnishings for the home. We refer readers to a number of online sources where we (and our followers) have had success shopping! Of course, everyone has a unique budget, desire for quality on different pieces, or even various ideas of what is affordable. We make decisions for what to share based on what we personally would find reasonable, affordable or worth it to us to invest in if we had the budget. We share what we would feel good about ordering for ourselves and endeavor to share a variety of price points whenever possible.
    We love to share what we (my daughters or my husband and I) personally have in our homes, or things that seem to be of similar quality or price points. We do read a lot of reviews, and have years of experience offering recommendations and sources! But these are just suggestions if we haven’t personally owned the items. There are many high end furniture stores you can check if you want the best of the best, but we don’t like to break the bank when it comes to decorating a home.
    So as far as affordable ottomans, we’ve rounded up sources for a few ottomans at various price points that we like the looks of online! Hopefully you find one you love.
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    We love to offer ideas and often find sources for classic and affordable pieces. Sometimes I find really amazing deals on things I love or recommend, but they don’t always last long! If you would like tips for what to get and to be alerted to some great deals, be sure to subscribe to my emails so you don’t miss out!
    Tufted Square Ottoman
    Small Tufted Storage Ottoman as Coffee Table
    Linen Square Tufted Ottoman
    Tufted Ottoman (also has neutral color options)
    Sources for above (many of these have other color options, click links for details): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

    Find more decorating sources and home design mood boards here. More

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    Ottomans: 5 Stylish and Practical Reasons To Have Them in Your Home

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    Sources: Similar Ottoman // Blue Glass Lamp // Rattan Daybed // Rug // Plaid Pillow // Similar Turquoise Animal Otomi Pillow
    Today let’s talk about 5 Stylish and Practical Reasons To Have Ottomans in Your Home!
    Ottomans are Versatile
    I love using my ottomans in my home because they are so versatile. An ottoman is used as place to put your feet up, an extra seat, and they are handy in place of a coffee table, too!
    We have had a leather ottoman in our home for over twenty years (and have moved it with us to five of our homes now!). I’ve used my teal ottoman in so many types of rooms and several homes as well, it always seems to work somewhere! Right now it’s in our upstairs room we use for guests and my office. Everyone loves it. We can pull it up to the daybed or sofa for the ultimate comfort while relaxing or watching TV, or use a tray on it for serving snacks!
    Sources: Similar Leather Ottoman // Wall Candle Sconces // Battery Taper Candles
    Ottomans are Classic Furniture Pieces
    You may wonder if certain styles of ottomans are in style. If you choose an unusual shape or certain trendy fabrics they can feel dated, so I’d stick to classic shapes and fabrics. Leather (or faux leather) and tufted ottomans are both classic home furnishing staples. They don’t really go out of style!
    I think the addition of tufting on an ottoman adds a little more sophistication and flair to a room, but they don’t have to feel fussy or too formal. I certainly use them in casual rooms. That’s what I love about classic pieces, they are a good investment if you want a style that can endure for decades and beyond.

    Ottomans Add Softness to the Room
    Ottomans come in lots of pretty fabrics and textures. Those fabrics and the padding will add softness that will enhance the coziness of a room. One wonderful thing about ottomans is that they comfy for your legs and feet (and won’t hurt if you or your littles run into them!). The softness of an ottoman means they can easily double as seating, much like a bench but without the discomfort of a hard surface. I also love to tuck small ottomans around a room, too, for these reasons!

    Ottomans are Simple to Use as a Coffee Table
    Tufting tends to give them a slightly more firm surface than some ottoman styles, but with any ottoman you will still want to have a tray or solid surface you can use on top. That way they are also functional as a coffee table for decor, or serving food or drinks. Of course, there is a risk of spilling on the ottoman if you use them as a coffee table, so take that into consideration.
    Some fabrics will easily wipe off or repel spills, but a large tray (perhaps try a tray with sides!) will also help minimize that risk. Like I said, I’ve had my ottomans for a very long time with kids of all ages (my youngest was a year old when we got our leather ottoman!). We’ve also had many dogs (and one who especially loves the ottoman!) and these ottomans have held up well to daily use.

    Ottomans can be fun to style, too!
    If you’re hesitant to try an ottoman in place of a coffee table because you feel it would limited your decor options, I don’t think that has to be a deterrent. You can use blankets, trays, baskets, books and other decor elements to style them for every season. I’ll show some simple ways to style ottomans for fall in an upcoming post (so stay tuned for that along with my simple decorating formula!).
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    Get more decorating and style tips here
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    The Perfect Small Lamp for a Bookshelf or Countertop

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    A small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop can add light to a dreary spot. This mini opal glass lamp is a perfect size and solution for a small space. And it’s so pretty, too. Get this color changing dimmable lightbulb for it and you’ll thank me later!
    Hello, friends…it’s Courtney here today! I have been slowly but surely getting settled into my new apartment (with my now *husband*)! You may have seen peeks of our July wedding on my Instagram and my mom’s–once we receive the rest of our professional photos I have lots to share here about the wedding day and planning advice. But for today, I’m here to share a great decor find that I hope will help you too!

    Are you looking for a small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop?
    We were on the hunt for a mini lamp for our living room bookshelf. It was a dark and dreary corner that needed some warm lighting in the evenings, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a lamp short enough that it could fit on the shelf without crowding the top.
    I finally found this mini opal glass lamp that was the perfect size (only 10 inches tall).
    The lamp just arrived today and I loved it so much, I had to show it to you! It’s the prettiest mouth blown glass that looks almost like milk glass. It’s a really solid quality lamp. If you have a little spot in your home that could benefit from a small lamp, I highly recommend trying this one.
    Mini opal glass lamp
    I had found other mini lamps online that were on the shorter side, but most still would have been too tall once a lampshade was added. I almost gave up in my search until I found a perfect small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop!
    You might have seen we have this very similar mini glass lamp (it’s only 8.26 inches tall if you need one even shorter!). We love it but we’re using that one on another bookshelf in the apartment, so I was thrilled to find something similar. You can see that lamp and even more mini lamps and accent lamps in this post.
    Color Changing Dimmable LED Light Bulb
    Try a Color Changing Lightbulb
    Here’s a tip for this lamp that is extra fun! First let me say that I LOVE how it looks when it’s switched off. Such a pretty milk glass look, like a little work of art on the shelf.. But I put in this fun color changing dimmable lightbulb that you can use with a remote so that I can control the brightness and warmth of the light (instead of having it be too cool toned since the shade is white).
    You can also use that lightbulb to make the shade appear as a different color, which also adds a pretty glow to the space. I’ll show you a few photos of it in action!
    Color Changing Dimmable Lightbulb with Remote
    Color Changing Dimmable Lightbulb with Remote

    I mean, is that not the neatest thing? There are even settings for the lightbulb like ‘strobe’ or ‘smooth’ that change between colors automatically if you want something extra fun!
    Mini Glass Lamp
    The shade for the glass lamp is so pretty in white, but it’s really fun to switch the colors to suit your decor or mood at night. I usually set mine to the yellow color–I love the warm orangey glow it gives off.
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Mini opal glass lamp

    I love how well the lamp coordinates with my hand blown glass diffuser on the top shelf, too. An unplanned but happy accident!
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Hopefully that helps if you too could use a little lamp for your home! 🙂
    Want more tips for how to decorate small spaces?
    We LOVE sharing ideas for small spaces here on The Inspired Room. You don’t have to have a large home to make it stylish and comfortable. Find lots of inspiration for small homes here.
    You can find more of my favorite decorating sources here, and I’ve linked a few of my apartment tours below if you need some inspiration for your rental or small space!
    More Small Space Posts and Tours:
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    You can also follow me on Instagram here (@courtneylane1). I love sharing my apartment, life, pretty walks in my neighborhood by the water, details of our wedding, behind the scenes of working with The Inspired Room and more! More

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    How to Decorate a Fall Mantel (Using What You Have!)

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    White Slipcover Chair Details // Blanket on Couch Details
    Whenever I look online or in magazines for how to decorate a mantel for fall, I run across lots of ideas that feature tons of seasonal specific decor! Mantels can be so beautiful with bundles of wheat and piles of pumpkins lining the surface and seasonal garlands and wreaths hanging! But you’ve probably noticed (if you’re a long time follower here!) that I tend to mostly decorate with just a touch of any season and then use a mix of non-seasonal specific items I already have.
    That’s just how I’ve always done it (check out this fall mantel blog post from 2010). The decorating advice I share here has stood the test of time and been used effectively through many homes, so I’m sticking with it :). I hope you find it helpful.
    I love to set a mood with pieces I already have, while incorporating mostly gentle nods to the season. Now and then I might go a little more crazy with decor if I’m feeling inspired, but a bit more restrained is my preferred vibe. I get easily overwhelmed by too much.

    For this mantel, I brought over artwork that had a palette that felt “fallish” to me. It is of a coastal town we happen to love nearby, so it feels appropriate to the season, to our home and tells a bit of our story. The frame played nicely with the rustic framed mirror, so I loved the two together. By leaning it in front of the mirror, it created a pleasing “stair step” layered arrangement that keeps it feeling connected and more interesting.
    I had some “not necessarily fall” branches in a deep green that helped set the right mood for how I want my home to feel in this changing season. By putting them in a blue glass vase, it still retained a bit of summer as it felt lighter and airer. The height of the branches filled up some of the space, too, so it balanced the mirror out and didn’t feel dwarfed by the size or shape of mirror. Then I just tucked in a hydrangea from our yard as a gentle nod to the season.
    Here are a few thoughts on how to decorate a fall mantel using what you have (and some touches of the season!):
    1. Gather items you already have. To decorate an early fall mantel, I don’t necessarily start with a traditional theme (like fall pumpkins, for example!). I just start pulling together items I already have around the house. I think of this process as fall nesting! It’s about honoring the current season in your home while preparing yourself and your home for the next season.
    Even if the weather where you are isn’t the same as ours, the seasons will be changing in one way or another. What inspires you right now? What combination of elements or a color palette would feel inviting for this season in your home? You don’t even have to use “fall colors.” Maybe you will keep your existing palette but just incorporate an item or two in a deeper hue than you did in June. What textures feel cozier and more inviting, but not too heavy for this transitional season?

    2. Consider the mood you want at home in this season. As you are preparing for fall, I encourage you to read my book A Lovely Life. It will help you feel inspired and motivated by a purposeful and meaningful perspective on each of the seasons. The items you use to decorate your home or mantel right now will help you set intentions as well as create the atmosphere of your home. Have fun with decorating and by all means don’t take it all too seriously! But it is true that how you decorate your home can nurture your family in unique ways in each season. It’s not a waste of your time to decorate for the seasons. In fact, change can be therapeutic and so beneficial.

    3. Pace yourself to savor the present season.
    I have always felt my best when my home flows with a gentle rhythm for the seasons. That’s why I embrace subtle changes in how I decorate. I want my home to reflect the current season and always be inspiring to me, so I will likely update my mantel as the season evolves, too. For example, I might switch out the branches to ones with a golden hue. Or add pumpkins in October!
    With that said, I don’t mind decorating for fall or Christmas a little earlier in the season than some might, because it can inspire me to feel prepared! When my home is ready, I am able to give my full attention to other more important things (like hosting gatherings or spending time with family!).
    But if I were to decorate with Christmas trees on October 1st just to get it done, rather that feeling extra prepared I’d for sure feel burned out on it all too soon. I’d want to take it all down by the time the season actually arrived. I like to decorate for Christmas to create a festive mood for our family. So I will decorate for Christmas early enough that we can relax and focus on the meaning of the season, but not so early that we are bored of the decor when Christmas arrives.
    That’s why I like to pace myself with in any season, such as the addition of pumpkins, or any other really specific seasonal decor. I want to fully enjoy and be present in the season we’re in rather than tire myself (or our family) of a future one before it even happens. That’s just how I approach seasonal decor! You do you — let your home be a reflection of you and your family!

    See more of our Fall Nesting 2022 Series:
    Start here > > A Slower Rhythm Through the Seasons
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    Savoring the Last Sunsets of Summer from Our Porch!

    Cozy Fall Shop
    Shop My House & Latest Decor Finds
    Our Amazon storefront More

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    Mixing & Matching Decor to Create Your Own Style (+ Mood Boards)

    If you want to create your own signature look, I’ve always recommended mixing and matching pieces you already have with things that are new. That way you are gathering things you really love over time, so your style will always feel fresh and yet unique!
    And you don’t have to break the bank to do that. Over the years I’ve bought so many wonderful things I still love for my home from Joss and Main!
    Good news, the Joss and Main’s VIP Sale is on now, so it’s the perfect time to refresh your space with pieces that reflect your signature style at the best prices of the year! 
    We created some lovely mood boards below for you featuring stylish pieces that can update the feeling of any space. Mix and match, use what you love and make your home your own in every season.
    The sale is today 4/27-4/28…two days only. Don’t miss out!


    Here are some of my favorite items from the VIP Sale:

    Woven shade wall sconce

    Wall sconces are a perfect way to add warmth and character to a room! I’m loving these woven shade sconces (can’t you picture them flanking a bed? So pretty!). They would bring style and texture to your space in addition to the warm lighting…two key ingredients for a cozy space!

    Patterned Rug

    The colors and pattern of this this rug are absolutely gorgeous.

    End table

    I have little end tables like this all over my house. They’re the perfect perch for a book and cup of coffee or tea next to your coziest reading chair!

    Flip Top Storage Coffee Table

    How amazing is this storage lift-top coffee table? Love the double duty function for a small space when you’re working from home — and it has amazing reviews.
    We designed two room mood boards for inspiration using some of the items that are part of the sale!

    Click the links and images below for the above source details:

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Source Links: Slipcovered Square Arm Sofa // Arched Floor Lamp with Shade // Throw Pillow & Insert // Full Length Arched Gold Frame Mirror // Woven Table Lamp // Raffia Woven Seat Wood X Bench Stool // Wood Flip-Top Storage Coffee Table // Round Wood and Metal Accent Table // Rattan Loop Wall Mirror // TV Stand Cabinet // Ceramic 3 Piece Candlestick Set // Concrete Table Lamp with Shade (2 color options) // Black 1 Drawer Nightstand with Gold Hardware

    Click the links and images below for the above source details:

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Source Links: Upholstered Low Profile Platform Bed (my daughter Courtney has this exact same bed with a lower headboard–she loves it!) // Gold Wall Sconce Light with Woven Rattan Shade // Solid Wood Dresser with Wicker Cane Drawers // Navy Blue Solid Wood Nightstand with Shelf and Drawers // Concrete Table Lamp with Shade (2 color options) // Stripe Cotton Lumbar Pillow Cover // Velvet Armchair (multiple color options) // Upholstered Bench (multiple color options) // Square Textured Pouf Ottoman // Oriental Navy Blue Area Rug
    Check out everything in Joss & Main’s VIP Sale HERE!


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    Coastal Grandmother Decorating with Amazon Finds (Mood Boards)

    A few days ago I shared about “Coastal Grandmother Style”. No beach house or grandchildren required, ha! Coastal Grandmother was recently coined on TikTok as a style that is all about romanticizing your life. It embraces the easy breezy coastal decorating vibes of homes portrayed in the Nancy Meyers’ movies we all fell in love with for their sets. I think we all love the home in the movie Something’s Gotta Give!
    Decorate in Coastal Grandmother Style
    Many of us here relate to this style or have been living the “coastal grandmother” lifestyle for years (even if we didn’t know what to call it, aren’t to grandma status, or even if the beach house has only been in our dreams).
    If you want to decorate your home to have a similar coastal feel, I rounded up some decor finds on Amazon that I think fit right in.
    You’ll find my “Coastal Grandmother Decorating Style” idea list in my Amazon Storefront HERE, and three mood boards below!
    Do you like these mood boards? I love them and find them so inspiring.
    All sources for the mood boards are linked below (everything is from Amazon!).

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Gold Wall Sconce with Linen Shade (Set of 2) – I have these in my home and use these rechargeable light bulbs (see details here)
    Wooden Sailboat
    Sailboat Nautical Gold Framed Artwork
    Rattan Table Lamp
    Faux Potted Plant
    Coastal Blues: Guide to Decorating with the Colors of the Sea and Sky (see my video and post about favorite coffee table design books and finding your style HERE)
    Slipcovered White Sofa
    Blue Ticking Pattern Pillows Set of 2
    Blue and White Floral Porcelain Ginger Jar Pot
    Ivory and Blue Striped Cotton Rug
    White Spindle Accent Chair
    Deep Wicker Storage Trunk

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    A Boat, A Whale, and A Walrus Cookbook
    Blue and White Chinoiserie Table Lamp with Gold
    Ship Painting with Gold Frame
    White Adirondack Chair – Weather Resistant
    Blue Modish Glass Bottle
    Nautical Rope Knot Door Stop
    Blue Faux Hydrangeas
    Wooden Model Sailboat
    Blue Herringbone Faux Cashmere Throw Blanket
    Cast Iron Whale Wall Hooks – Set of 3 (I have these!)
    Blue and White Decorative Flower Pots – Set of 3

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Rattan Table Lamp with Shade
    Blue Recycled Glass Carafe Bottle
    Coastal Ship Gold Framed Wall Art
    Black Wall Sconces with Shades – Set of 2
    Blue and White Striped Tassel Pillow
    Blue Tufted Upholstered Arm Chair
    Wood / Cane Round Accent Side Table
    Natural Fiber Jute/Sisal Area Rug with Gray Trim
    Rattan Rectangular Storage Lidded Basket
    A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season (my new book which unbeknownst to me, aligns perfectly with this “Coastal Grandmother” trend! A Lovely Life book is about savoring the simple pleasures of home (like a Coastal Grandmother…ha!).
    Blue and White Porcelain Ceramic Mugs – Set of 4 (I have these!)
    Wool and Cashmere Throw Blanket with Tassels (blue, other color options available)
    Brass Whale Paperweight
    See more in my “Coastal Grandmother Style” idea list in my Amazon Storefront HERE! More

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    How to Decorate a Room with Color (While Keeping the Mood Simple and Calm)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Do you like decorating with color? Or do you prefer neutrals? I appreciate so many types of rooms. I sense the beauty in rooms with primarily neutrals and a serene organic look…and I also feel so happy when I see rooms with fun little pops of color…as well as rooms bursting with color all over!
    Perhaps you know you are a tried and true neutral fan, or a color-for-life fan. Or, maybe you’re like me and you love BOTH, so which one should you choose for your own home?
    The good news? You don’t have to choose! In my own home, I love to include color, but still strive for an overall sense of calm. I sometimes have a little more fun with color in certain rooms, and then transition into a room with a calmer palette. I also give myself freedom to change things up with my whims!
    There really are no rules, so if you love color but see your favorites on the “what not to do list” in any given year, or if someone says the style you love the most is going to be a passing trend, don’t worry!
    Ultimately your style should be all about what YOU and your family love for your home.
    If you are like me and want to add more color to your home while keeping the overall mood simple and calm…here are a few inspiration rooms along with my design observations and takeaway tips!

    This room uses a lighter muted wall color with fun pops of color! Color was brought in through furniture with the sky blue painted armoire and fun orange painted chairs. Accents like a bouquet of cheery sunflowers, green and white patterned pillows and chair cushions, and an orange throw blanket wrap color around the room.
    Using neutral elements as well like the eclectic mix of baskets and pottery bring in a natural calm feeling. Whitewashed wood floors keep the whole space light and airy. The connected room is a bright bold blue, but with white paneling below.

    This space brings in spring green with the muted green and white patterned wallpaper, dried hydrangeas, a stack of springy beach towels, and landscape artwork. Simple off-white wall trim and wood floors keep the atmosphere calm. Natural texture was brought in with straw hats hanging on simple white peg hooks and the large woven basket! A tiny pop of extra color comes in with a blue ribbon on one of the hats. I love how that one simple touch pairs the color with the neutral texture. Adorable!

    This cheery space uses white paneled walls with a bright turquoise painted wood floor. Colorful striped braided rugs, a cheery dresser painted a similar color as the floors, fun colorful rows of books, and a green and white patterned chair. Color was even subtly brought in on the white bedding with blue scalloped trim.

    This kitchen has been a fave of mine for awhile now! I love the soft and muted blue/gray cabinets–they add a whisper of color while keeping a distinguished and serene tone. Another tip for adding color subtly in a room is to incorporate warm metals! Notice the brass wall sconces, copper pot and colander, brass hardware, and lanterns. Greenery and a beautiful pot of bright red flowers adds some cheer. Colorful patterns and accessories in the adjoining room make it an all around lively space that is still calm and comforting! LOVELY!

    You can certainly bring in color with furniture, but for investment furniture pieces, choosing neutrals can be a wise choice for flexibility and longevity. A neutral sofa has always felt like a classic investment to me. My white slipcovered sofa and leather roll arm sofa (above) have stood the test of time, we’ve had them for years! They’ve allowed me to easily swap out pillows or rugs when I want to change up my look. A pop of cheerful color was added with a less expensive piece (that tufted ottoman!) and of course, the rug adds color and pattern.

    If you want to just dip your toe into adding color, check out this kitchen. It’s primarily neutral, but they brought in the same repeated color through blue upholstered barstools, a blue painted island, and a blue accent backsplash behind the stove. There’s even a hint of blue in the pendant lights. You could certainly add more colors to this space if you wanted to, but repeating a few of the same color is a simple place to start!
    A neutral backdrop can give you total flexibility to change up your accent colors throughout the seasons, too! You can see some of the paint colors we used in our craftsman home HERE, and more paint colors in our Seattle home HERE.
    How do you use color in YOUR home? I’d love to see in our free Facebook community! You can share your homes there, as, decor advice, and get inspired! Join us here.

    I share more decorating advice in my books The Inspired Room, Simple Decorating, and “But Where Do I Put the Couch? & Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions.

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