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    Coordinating Fall Pillow Combinations + Neutral Pillows for Any Season

    Click here for above sources
    Pillows are one of the simplest ways to change the decor of a room. I usually try get the zippered covers in fabrics, colors and styles that are versatile enough to mix and match for the season (you can read more of my advice on all things pillows here, including my favorite inserts). I also like to have some neutrals that can work in every season!
    Today I am sharing a few fall pillow mood boards that I hope will inspire you for pretty pillow pairing possibilities! When you scroll down you’ll also find a few beautiful “neutral” pillows I bought on Etsy that I think could be used year round. Enjoy!
    Click here for above sources
    Click here for above sources
    Sources top to bottom left to right: Rust Floral Pillow // Cross Pattern Pillow // Mustard Stripe Pillow // Black and White Plaid Pillow // Beige Floral Pillow // Terracotta Floral Pillow // Teal Floral Pillow // Beige Velvet Pillow // Brown Plaid Pillow
    Sources: Linen Striped Pillow Cover // Gingham Neutral Pillow Cover // Blue Reversible Throw Blanket (as bench seat cover, see more styles of blankets like this in my home here)
    Source: Gingham Neutral Pillow Cover
    Source: Linen Striped Pillow Cover
    Source: Soft Pink Striped Pillow Cover
    Source: Brown Gingham Pillow on Wingback Chair // Jute + Cotton Rug with this rug pad // Blue and White Floral Ginger Jar // Clam Shell (similar) and other sources
    More Pillows (click the images below for details):

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    How to Pick Decorative Pillows That Go Together (5 tips on style, pillow inserts and saving money!)
    Throw Pillows in my Amazon Storefront
    5 Clever Ways to Make a Small Space Cozy and Inviting
    13 Simple Ways to Make Your Home Feel Like Fall
    Find more decorating advice for your home in our Style Tips gallery! More

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    How to Fall in Love with Your Room (+ Our New Living Room Arrangement Using What We Have)

    It’s that time of year when we all want our living spaces to be cozy, welcoming and comfortable. We want to love our homes. But as you look around your room, do you ever have a nagging feeling that something is “off” but you don’t know exactly what it is? I definitely have! Perhaps you’ve considered getting rid of everything you have so you can start over with new things you love. I’ll admit that thought has crossed my mind a time or two.
    Sources: Plaid Arm Chair // Waffle Weave Blanket on back // Jute + Cotton Rug // Round Black Art (my art is birds which is sold out, but this is the same style with butterflies!)
    I’m a fan of using what you have when possible and not always buying new things.
    But sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to put the furniture you have, or how to combine what you have in a new way or a new room. And how to determine when you just need something new!
    Did you know years ago I wrote a book called But Where Do I Put the Couch? with KariAnne Wood from Thistlewood Farms? Seems like I should be an expert on answering that age old question of where a couch should go in a room, but as is often the case with design, the best answer is often found through trial, error and experimentation rather than in a universal set of rules to to follow.
    I think we need to give ourselves freedom to try new things, to break the rules and just arrange furniture in a way that is best for the room! This way your room will be better designed for you and make more sense.
    Source: Brown Gingham Pillow on Wingback Chair // Jute + Cotton Rug with this rug pad // Blue and White Floral Ginger Jar // Clam Shell (similar) and other sources // No link for those toys on the floor, ha!
    I am happy to say I stand by my advice in the book (which is not just about where to put the couch, by the way! It’s so much more than that! It answers 101 actual decorating questions from readers like you! Read all about it here).
    But even if we know the rules, break the rules or both, we can still feel stuck. I get stuck, too.
    Case in point.
    I was so excited when our renovation was nearly complete because I finally got to arrange furniture and get settled. But my enthusiasm soon turned to a slump. I just wasn’t feeling like the living room was coming together.
    It wasn’t the backdrops at all. I was grateful for this newly refreshed space and love our paint colors and new flooring. Love the new feel and layout of our main floor. I still planned to get blinds in the living room, and I knew we’d get those soon.
    Sources: Wicker Trunk // Jute + Cotton Rug // Leather Sofa Armchair Version (loveseat no longer sold) // Pleated Lampshade // Blue and White Stamped Pillow on Sofa // Dining Room Details
    While I was stumped at how to solve the furniture arrangement, a little voice in my head told me to STOP DROP AND ROLL.
    Catchy, yes? You’re welcome. A little lesson we all learned in kindergarten.
    This time though, there was no fire to put out.
    Just a little crisis in my head, but nothing STOP DROP AND ROLL can’t handle!
    STOP scrolling for more ideas that just overwhelm or confuse you.
    DROP the idea that shopping is the only way to solve problems.
    Get out of your head so you can get ROLLING!
    Sources: Blue and White Flower Pot // Plaid Arm Chair // Waffle Weave Blanket on back // Jute + Cotton Rug // Lidded Rattan Basket Under Table // Lidded Basket on Right // Round Black Art // Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Even though I felt stumped — like I already tried every combination or arrangement, I told myself I needed to get up and try again. If I didn’t like it, no problem, I could just move it all right back. If nothing else, it could give me clarity on what it was I needed so I could make a better decision.
    It was time to STOP DROP AND ROLL!
    I turned on my Fall Puttering Playlist, got my comfy tennies on, and started moving the furniture all around the room. I tried every possibility, even the ones I was pretty sure I wouldn’t love. But you never know until you try!
    Several arrangements later…it suddenly clicked! This felt right. Cozy, inviting, and pleasant for conversation. Funny enough, this is the arrangement I tried FIRST! I promptly dismissed it previously because when I tried it before, the dining room was still under construction.
    Sources: Wicker Trunk // Jute + Cotton Rug
    Here’s another handy tip. Don’t judge a room when it is under construction (or in a mess as the case might be). I can often look past a mess but this time, I made a quick judgement that was incorrect. I thought it was too crowded, but I am so glad I gave the arrangement another chance once the mess was picked up.
    There is plenty of room to get around, and the couch there gives each room a cozier feeling! It works! Best of all, I was so happy I was able to use what I already had! All I had to do was try and try again.
    Stop drop and roll.
    Sources: Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Once I fell in love with how the room felt with the furniture this way, it gave me ideas of things I had in other rooms that could serve a new purpose in this space. Our ottomans seemed too big and there were just too many legs in the room with four more on an ottoman (although I might try again, or maybe just get a new one someday). But I brought down a basket trunk I had up in the Snug and much to my surprise, it worked just fine in front of the couch!
    We love how the room feels now. I’m so glad I didn’t give up!
    If you’ve followed along here for awhile, you’ll recognize that many of these pieces are ones I’ve had for years and years and have used in many different ways in several homes!
    If you’re not feeling the love for your home, maybe it’s not your home or your furniture!
    Maybe you just need to STOP DROP AND ROLL!
    Source: Jute + Cotton Rug
    Hope this inspires you today! If you try a new arrangement in your home, I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram @theinspiredroom. In my HomeBody Gathering Place membership group I share in depth on decorating and creating a sanctuary through custom mini-courses and workshops.
    Join the waitlist HERE ( to join us when we open HomeBody Gathering Place again!
    Find more inspiration and encouragement for your home in my books, including Love the Home You Have, The Inspired Room, and Simply Home. Find all my books here.

    Jute + Cotton Rug – with this rug pad
    Plaid Arm Chair
    Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Waffle Weave Blanket on back of chair
    Round Black Art (my art is birds which is sold out, but this is the same style with butterflies)
    Blue and White Flower Pot
    Lidded Rattan Basket Under Table
    Lidded Woven Basket by fireplace
    Wicker Trunk
    Leather Sofa Armchair Version (loveseat no longer sold)
    Pleated Lampshade
    Blue and White Stamped Pillow on Sofa
    Brown Gingham Pillow
    Wingback Chair
    Blue and White Floral Ginger Jar
    Clam Shell (similar) and other sources
    Dining Room Details
    My Battery Operated Candles
    Blue paint color: Beach Glass Benjamin Moore
    White paint color: Classic Light Buff Sherwin Williams
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    Latest Amazon Finds for the Home (Fall Decor and More in The Inspired Room Amazon Storefront!)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Decorating and organizing a home takes time, but today I’m here to help simplify the process and save you money with tips for using The Inspired Room Amazon Storefront!
    We find many lovely and practical finds for the home on Amazon in each season. Scroll below to see many of our most recent finds, with beautiful fall mood boards and decorating ideas for your home.
    But first, let me share three handy but simple tips for finding what you need using The Inspired Room Amazon storefront!

    You can check out ALL of my Amazon finds here in my storefront with categorized folders that are updated often. By checking out my personally curated Amazon storefront, you will not only know where to begin shopping but I can help you simplify the process of decorating and organizing your home.
    You can also type in this URL OR just come to the blog and scroll down a bit until you see my Amazon Storefront banner. Click the banner and you’ll be there!

    This folder of my storefront features things I personally own (or are very similar) from Amazon. I know it can be helpful to see things in real life, so I also try to add photos and videos of these pieces in our home here.

    Searching through thousands of products feels overwhelming. In addition to using my shop folders to find my favorites, you can use the search bar within my storefront to search for anything specific you’re looking for. The search bar within my shop will automatically pull up my related recommendations (for example: type “basket” and it will give you folders of my ideas, my mood boards, and photos from my home that feature baskets available).
    Searching within my storefront is like having me right there to guide you! See the screenshot of my shop page above, simply type in your search term in the box where it says Search all posts. Using my storefront search bar will save you so much time wandering around, or wondering which item to choose, or trying to find what you need! I hope this tip helps! 🙂
    FOLLOW MY STOREFRONT!Click the blue follow button on my storefront to stay in the loop of what I share in the future!
    Scroll down to enjoy these mood boards featuring some of my latest finds below, I hope these give you inspiration today for your own home!
    Click here for the above sources
    Click here for the above sources
    Click here for above sources
    Click here for the above sources
    Click here for above sources
    Click here for above sources

    Click here for the above sources
    Click here for above sources
    Click here for above sources
    See ALL my latest Amazon finds here in my storefront!
    …or head to my Shop page here to find sources from my home and more decor from a variety of online sites!

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    My New Rattan Serving Cart (how I’ll use it in my kitchen + why I’m so excited about it!)

    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!) // Brass Ceiling Light // (see more sources at end of post)
    A few weeks ago I had an epiphany that led me to (unexpectedly but excitedly) buy a rattan serving cart! I am SO thrilled with it! The truth is I didn’t plan to add ANY furniture (except our dining table and chairs) when we designed our kitchen and dining room.
    Sometimes you don’t really know how a room will come together until:
    1) you start trying various arrangements, or2) you’re in it (not just looking at it on paper)
    That is how this rattan serving cart ended up in this special spot in our home! It was meant to be. Today I’ll share more about this serendipitous addition to our kitchen and dining area, why it works well for us, how we’ll use it and what this added piece brings to design-wise our space!
    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    While I love free standing furniture for storage and adding character to a room, as we were designing our kitchen and dining room we realized it really wouldn’t make sense to incorporate furniture (other than the table and chairs). We didn’t have many walls to work with (all of the three main rooms are smallish and open/connected to each other, plus two of the walls are filled with French doors), so we chose to use the available wall space in the dining room and kitchen for built-ins.
    This decisions and arrangement really helped us to maximize floor space, as well as improve storage and function in an “open” layout, and I can’t wait to share more of the details and the whole renovation in the reveal!
    Sources: Blue and White Ginger Jar // Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    As I mentioned, the rattan cart wasn’t in the original design plan. Yet it serendipitously turned out to be the perfect piece for our room and looks so charming with the island, too! I love when a room comes together organically. I always expect a space evolve as we live in it, but that means you don’t always get to know in advance exactly how that will happen. You have to TRUST it will come together in time! And often if I’m patient, slowly but surely room will reveal to me what it wants :).
    A few months ago I did an inspiration blog post on rattan bar carts, never imagining at the time that we would ever have room for one ourselves!
    I knew I loved the look and had seen so many ways to use rattan carts (plus my mom had a rattan cart in her home for YEARS!), so there was no question I would love one in my home. Yet it wasn’t until I was finally standing in my new dining room one day, observing the space we had available that I could imagine how a small cart would be perfect. It would not only work space-wise with the table and chairs in place, but feels like a “meant-to-be” design decision!
    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    To be certain we would like it there, we brought in a similar cart (the one we got this summer for the porch). It wasn’t the right size (just a wee bit too big, but every inch counts), but it confirmed that we would love a similar piece in that spot. Now if we could find just the right size, color and shape we’d be set!
    I was so excited because I immediately found a rattan serving cart that checked all of the boxes, so I ordered it on the spot (and bonus I had a $50 credit and it was on sale!). MEANT TO BE!
    It is really is a wonderful addition to our kitchen/dining area in so many ways. Not too big, not too small. I love how it brings a subtle shift and connection in the function from the “kitchen side” to the “dining area.” It also brings together and adds to all of our warm toned textures, from the cutting boards and the wood flooring to the metal fixtures over the island. I also love the way it contrasts with the natural stones and soft creamy cabinets. It feels just right, so warm, homey and inviting, like I planned for it to be there all along.
    I think many times, that’s the best way to design a room. It can turn out even BETTER when you don’t plan every detail to begin with! It is fun when you find that unexpected piece, or there is an element of surprise with how it came together, or when you simply have the joy of watching it evolve and become your own over time.
    Similar Wood Handle Flatware
    This is what I hoped for in our kitchen. I wanted the overall design to feel welcoming, classic and timeless, as if it always been here in our family. Yet in order to feel like it’s truly always been with us and will be for years to come, it would naturally evolve because we would enjoy it and live in it.
    While it’s a new kitchen and a new serving cart, every day it’s feeling more and more like a family home we’ve always loved and always will.
    So how will we use the rattan cart and what is on it now?
    Blue Rug // Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    I can’t wait to use this rattan cart in different ways and of course, share it with you each season. Besides looking really cute, it is so handy to hold things we may need day to day, like a stack of cloth napkins, our favorite little trays and various trivets, some coasters, a small wood cutting board, a vase for flowers and wood flatware that not only looks so pretty on display but it handy to grab from the table. Plus it is fun to be able to lean art (which we did on the lower shelf!) or set potted plants, display seasonal decor or foliage, or even to set up with dishes or desserts to serve at family gathering! We can also move the cart around to other places as needed.
    Happy start to the fall nesting season, friends! We’re enjoying getting more settled and comfortable in our home every day. It’s the ideal season for all things cozy, so stay tuned as I’ll have so much to share with you! Thank you for being here!

    Rattan serving cart (on sale!)
    Striped blue and white cloth napkins
    Round rattan trays
    Blue and white ginger jar (see more of my blue and white favorites on Amazon here)
    Similar wood handle flatware
    Woven charger placemats (see more woven chargers and other entertaining supplies in this folder of my Amazon shop)
    Blue rug
    Brass ceiling light (see our kitchen design mood board here for more sources)
    Black and white pattern crock is an old kitchen canister, out of stock but find similar in this Kitchen Jars & Canisters folder
    Cabinet color: Classic Light Buff Sherwin Williams
    Flooring: real European White Oak hardwood, engineered. I unfortunately don’t have a link to them — they were purchased through a local store and have no brand name I can find online.
    See our most recent renovation update here.

    Rattan Bar Carts inspiration rooms
    My flea market find rattan shelf (still have this, now in our guest room!)
    My rattan daybed (this is now in our Snug which has been recently rearranged after getting new floors, I’ll share that soon!)
    Inspiration: Rattan and Bamboo Accent Furniture
    My “Rattan Love” Pinterest board with inspiration photos
    My outdoor serving cart (+ simple gathering inspiration)

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    Whimsical Decorating Style

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    I love rooms that are designed with a sense of playfulness and light-heartedness, or when they have something quirky in them, even if it is subtle! A whimsical style can make a house feel like a happy home! Whimsy offers character and personality, while eliminating pretentiousness, stuffiness or seriousness that is sometimes a part of the design world. I think we sometimes lose our sense of childhood wonder when we grow older, so while some might long for a more serious or “grown up home” others want to retain a sense of youthfulness and amusement and express that through their home.
    Sometimes you can immediately spot something fanciful in a room, but other times it can be a delightful surprise to discover whimsical elements that are incorporated more subtly into a room.
    Whimsical decor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it is fun! We’ve incorporated a sense of whimsy in one way or another to all of our homes over the years, whether it was through splashes of happy colors, patterns or accessories. Today I wanted to share a few examples from our past few homes and talk about our decorating plans for our current home!
    Map Source
    Some of our OG blogging community might remember my DIY Map Wallpaper in this little hall. It was a spur of the moment idea, but I think often that is how some of the most charming whimsical designs come together. If you overthink too much you might chicken out :).

    I fell in love with these curtains years ago and have kept them with me every move since. If this colorful pattern isn’t whimsical, I don’t know what is! I haven’t found the right place for them in our new home, but rest assured they will appear somewhere. Probably in an upstairs bedroom or hallway.
    (I got these curtains HERE years ago, they have several similar here. I’ll share a few at the end of this post with other whimsical decor!).

    Another fun way to add whimsy to your decor is to bring a sense of childlike fun to your home. For example, I adore animals. We always have charming animal figurines, lamps, drawer pulls and art around our home. While we don’t have kids at home any more, that doesn’t mean we have to have an overly serious adult style house. We still are kids at heart :). However, we use restraint in how much whimsy we bring into a room and choose whimsical pieces that have a bit of class — we want it to complement our overall style.
    Artwork Source
    I also love to tell a story with our decor. Since I adore animals, I enjoy picturing the entire scene where animals might live, such as a meadow or enchanted garden or any type of fairytale setting. That visual image in my mind or on a mood board makes it extra fun to choose additional accessories that help create that scene.
    I feel like this whimsical artwork I got recently is how I view life. 🙂
    I also LOVE living by the sea. I’ve always enjoyed bringing in coastal art and decor wherever we’ve lived. It fuels my imagination as I picture the setting of a quaint home on the shores of the sea. Now we truly do live on the shores of the sea, but I still love to use my imagination for how I want our home to feel.

    Scalloped patterns always feel subtly whimsical to me. This scalloped rattan tray and blue and white scalloped trim pitcher (an antique I found recently) are fun new touches of whimsy in our home! The whale tail wood spreaders (similar here) peeking out of the pitcher make me smile, too.
    We’re just finishing up a remodel of our current home so we haven’t decorated yet, but I can’t wait to bring in my whimsical decorating style. We intentionally chose traditional elements as a timeless backdrop for the ever evolving seasons and things we love. Some of the whimsical elements might be so subtle that no one else will notice or know the story of what they are looking at, but the important thing in decorating isn’t what other people think or see, it’s what your home FEELS like to you!
    Fabric source – click here
    We can’t wait to start decorating with accessories and fabrics! In fact, we already bought our first “whimsical style-setting” fabric which features all of the colors we’ll use! Shades of blues, greens, golds, whites and a soft blush pink. Soon I’ll be able to bring in our other accessories and have fun styling each season.
    Do you enjoy whimsical decorating? What are the things you love?

    Whimsical Decor:

    Sources: Meadow Print // Whale Platter // Neutral Floral Rug // Bunny Wallpaper // Scallop Pillow (color options) // Animal Dessert Plates // Accent Chair // Blue Table Lamp Set of 2 // Star Light Sconce (shade options) // Scallop Rattan Tray // Polka Dot Basket (color options) // Spiral Candle

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    2 Mood Boards for Our Home (with a touch of whimsy!):

    Sources for above left mood board /// Sources for above right mood board
    More Whimsical Decor (click images below for details):

    Related Posts:
    5 Whimsical Happy Rooms: Sunday Strolls & Scrolls
    Bunny Accessories I Love
    How to Decorate to Bring Happiness to Your Home
    Inspired By: Scalloped Patterns in Decor and Furniture More

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    How to Turn Your Home into A Sanctuary

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    When I began The Inspired Room in 2007, my “tagline” was Refining Your Home for Authentic Living. While I don’t use that tagline now, it certainly remains true to my philosophy of home. While we certainly have embarked on some bigger renovations over the years, I actually find the most joy in the smaller refinements that can be made to one’s surroundings. I believe it’s the refining process that can make any house your home.

    REFINE: improve (something) by making small changes, in particular make (an idea, theory, or method) more subtle and accurate.

    When we understand how to refine our surroundings and know how to make the appropriate adjustments, the impact on the room will be significant in all of the ways that truly matter.

    Designing a picture perfect space is not the same process as creating a sanctuary. A sanctuary is a place of refuge where you feel at peace.
    Even if you create a picture perfect scene in your home, a photo cannot tell the whole story of how you actually feel in your surroundings. You are the one who can write that personal story and feel the impact of it every day.
    To create a true sense of sanctuary, you must learn how to refine the details that will make a difference to you and the people who live there. Those details could in time make it picture perfect (when it’s all clean and the lighting is just right!) but more importantly each refinement will begin to make your home a reflection of you and transform how you feel when you’re there.

    When you learn how to refine a room in this way, you can go through this design process with what you have and can gather over time. You will know exactly what decisions need to be made each season in order to bring all of your senses into harmony! These refinements are what will finally invite you to exhale and experience a sense of peace in your surroundings.
    Would you like to learn how to do this in your own home?
    I’m thrilled to invite you to my brand new workshop in HomeBody Gathering Place called Room Recipe where I will teach you the exact ingredients every room needs to feel like a sanctuary!
    In this custom workshop, my daughters and I will teach you how to use these ingredients and apply my tried and true design formula to each room in your home.

    With our Room Recipe design principles, you will be able to turn any room into the sanctuary you’ve always wanted.
    This summer I’m offering this brand new workshop free to members of the HomeBody Gathering Place community. We want to walk with you step by step! We make the adventure to a sanctuary attainable and personal through membership in the HomeBody Gathering Place.
    For less than the cost of one design regret (which we can help you avoid!) HGP members get access to all of our custom resources designed for people like YOU, printables that you can use for home planning, art and inspiration, as well as our community support.
    Everything we offer in HomeBody Gathering Place is to inspire you and give you support as you’re creating a sanctuary!
    However, we are only opening our community for two more days, so I hope you’ll hop in today and join us!

    How it works:

    We go through one relevant topic and activity at a time together, so you can learn and can make progress real time! The weekly and seasonal format and commitment is simple and doable. You can go at your own pace in any season, so you’re never behind!
    Every mini-course or workshop we offer is designed to be adapted and personalized to you and your home. You do not need to have a certain design style, our principles can be (and should be!) applied to what speaks to you.

    No matter what type of home you live in, or what season of life you’re in, if you want to create a sanctuary, you belong in HomeBody Gathering Place! More

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    Summer Dining Room Mood Board (Shades of Green, White, and Blue!)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Get inspired for your home with this summer dining room mood board in shades of green, white and blue! 
    Mondays aren’t always the most inspiring day of the week and not a day we look forward to after a fun weekend, but I hope to change that with our Monday Mood Boards! I hope these mood boards can be an inspiration to you and your home.

    Takeaway Tips to Bring this Look to Your Own Home:
    How would you describe the mood of this room? To me it feels so homey and cheerful. Can’t you just picture being in this room on a lovely day with the sunshine streaming in and music softly playing in the background? Imagine sitting down at the table with a friend to have a yummy lunch! I love it.
    To create a cozy look like this, layer it with a variety of textures. Here we included the versatile jute rug, chunky rattan chairs, pleated lampshade, distressing on the green cabinet, wood table top, seagrass lining the tops of the white wood lidded boxes, and more. Texture is a key decorating element every room needs, but how you choose to layer them together will alter the feel of the room.
    The design pieces in this room are all classics, so they will stand the test of time. It’s a room you could have fun decorating every season without changing any of the furniture! The pop of deep olive green on the cabinet provides a striking color contrast that would be beautiful all year around. Any time you add green to a room it comes to life!
    The brass lantern pendant adds warmth (as opposed to using a cool metal such as chrome, for example). I love the candlelight bulbs, adding a dimmer would make the mood of this room extra inviting at dinnertime!
    The adorable gingham pleated lampshade on the accent lamp will add light to any dark dreary corner in the evenings.
    The heron artwork speaks to my coastal loving heart, but the art could be easily swapped out to suit any design style!
    Subtle striped curtains add a bit of pattern and interest without overpowering the room. I love this simple look for summer, but you could even have fun swapping out the curtain panels in winter for a different look (like a more moody color, a bolder pattern, even a cozy velvet…endless possibilities!).
    This would also be such a fun room to set up different tablescapes! I love this spring/summer look with these solid green plates layered with a hydrangea salad plate (comes as a set with other flower designs). I recently shared a fun spring tablescape we set up in this post!
    A simple vase of blue hydrangeas is the perfect nod to summer (the flowers in the mood board are faux so you can enjoy them longer as well as use them year after year! See photos of them in my home here).
    Mood board source links are below. You can use these mood boards to recreate the whole look or choose a favorite element and add to your own sense of style. Save this to your Pinterest boards for future inspiration!

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Rattan Dining Arm Chair
    Striped Linen/Cotton Curtains (color options)
    Green 2 Door Accent Cabinet
    4 Light Lantern Chandelier
    Faux Blue Hydrangeas (I have these in a few colors, see more photos of mine in this post)
    Pedestal Dining Table with Wood Top
    Green Plates
    Botanic Garden Plates (set of 6 with different flowers)
    Table Lamp with Gingham Pleated Shade
    Jute Rug (almost 20,000 great reviews!)
    Blue Heron Painting
    White Wood Lidded Boxes with Seagrass Tops (I have these!)
    Do you enjoy mood boards? You can find more HERE, and you can also follow our @theinspiredroomstyle Instagram for more mood boards and decor finds.
    Cozy and Inviting Dining Room – Get the Look
    Dining Room Mood Boards with Simple Swaps
    Browse all dining room inspiration in our Dining Room gallery here
    My dining room inspiration board on Pinterest More

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    5 Design Books I Love for Remodel Inspiration

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Today I wanted to answer a great remodeling question a reader asked me last week!
    * Reader Question: What is your favorite design book for getting ideas for a remodel?
    I carefully study a variety of design books to find ideas for our remodel. Today I’ll show you a few of my favorites and how I used them to make decisions for my home!

    1. Not So Big Remodeling
    On this first one I’ll give you a disclaimer, I don’t look at it for design photos as much as I like to read the tips. I have several of her books (she’s an architect) and they are helpful for thinking through what she calls the not-so-big house concept. She covers ways to make a home more livable and inviting as well as adding character without necessarily making it larger. This one is specifically about remodeling.

    2. Timeless
    This book is a long time favorite. It was well worth the investment for me as I often pour over the photos to pick out details that I love as well as read the text. It often gives me more confidence in choosing what I like, or will spark a new idea or confirm an idea. The homes in this book are so beautiful, they have really amazing architecture! They are also huge compared to my small home haha. Even so, I still feel so inspired by the design elements that I enjoy looking at them for classic ideas that I could incorporate them into my own home.

    The author is Patrick Ahearn, I really respect his sensibilities and expertise as an architect.
    Another thing I love about studying books is that it is an education! They can help you become discerning so you incorporate good design sensibilities and concepts into your own work or projects at home.

    3. A Pattern Language
    Speaking of books as an education, this book is totally different from most design books as it has no photos! It has some drawings and sketches and a lot of words. It’s a classic book, it’s been around for a long time! I find it so interesting to read, although in full disclosure I really have to concentrate to understand some of it. 🙂 But that’s a good thing as it stretches my mind!
    If you like to consider why certain architectural choices or spaces in a home work, or why some feel right and some don’t, this one might spark your interest! The concepts he shares give you a lot to think about. Reading his ideas help make sense for why I’m drawn to certain homes and spaces and why others just don’t speak to me in the same way.
    It also talks about communities and neighborhoods but I particularly enjoy the parts on homes. If you are like to study, or are remodeling, or building a new home, I recommend this one! For some reason it’s expensive on Amazon but maybe you can find it at a library or used!

    4. The Great American House
    This is a neat one for your coffee table! I think I might get more inspired looking at architecture books than decorating books when I’m remodeling. I just love looking at all the details in classic homes, from woodwork and ceilings to plumbing and floors.

    5. A Place to Call Home
    Of course, I can’t leave out this one. It is one of my all time faves. Gil Schafer is the architect and author of the previous book and this one. All of the homes/rooms featured aren’t my style, but I drool over so many of them that it’s always a joy to look through.

    Do you like studying design books for inspiration? Hope you enjoyed a peek at a few of my favorites!
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