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    Small Entryway Solutions

    Hello, Kylee here! After sharing my entryway post (about how to decorate when your front door opens into your living room) , many of you reached out to me saying you also have an extra small entry space! So, I did a little digging to see what kinds of solutions I could find for when you don’t have much space for furniture. I rounded up some of my favorites that are multi-functional or well suited to a small space. Enjoy!
    Sources for the graphic above:
    1. Entryway Cabinet (lots of color options)
    2. Valet Hook
    3. Entryway Wall Mirror with Hooks
    4. Coat Rack with Shelf and Hooks
    5. Storage Bench
    6. Iron Entryway Shelf Set with Baskets and Hooks
    7. Wood Bench
    8. Entryway Storage Mirror
    9. Swivel Hanging Rack (two color options)
    10. Entryway Shelf with Hooks
    11. Wood Hall Tree with Hooks
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    How to Find Your Style + Favorite Design Books (Video)

    While I love finding style inspiration in the online community, one of my FAVORITE ways to expand and grow more confident in my own style is to study the images of beautiful homes in design books. Holding a book in hand, turning the pages at a leisurely pace is the best! It’s a return to the past, something I learned to enjoy back in the days before we had so much (too much?) inspiration at our fingertips. I love the slower pace of savoring books. I find I appreciate the details so much more than quickly scrolling past thousands of teeny squares.
    My daughter Courtney and I recently did a LIVE video going through some of my favorite design books and talking about why we love them (you can watch the replay HERE).
    I even like to look at books that I don’t think are necessarily “exactly my style” because they inspire me to think outside of the box! It’s easy to get in a rut or stuck looking only at what is current and trendy online. I find books are wonderful for expanding my point of view, learning about classic design elements and getting inspired by other color palettes, furnishings and architecture around the country and world, too.

    Each time I move to a new home I get excited all over again to bring out my books (and add to my book collection) for inspiration! While my general style and sensibilities and things I love tend to go with me, each home offers new opportunities to mix things up and have fun with style. I love to blend my preferences with the home’s unique features and atmosphere to create a new look, one that feels fresh and yet makes me feel at home wherever I am. Beautiful design books are definitely helpful to me in the process!
    If you’d like to watch the replay of our LIVE video on “finding your design style” and see some of our favorite coffee table books, you can watch it here.

    Here are some questions you could use as a guide to help you learn as you’re studying and getting inspired by design books!

    How would you describe this style?
    What is the mood of the room? Why does the mood inspire you?
    Describe the personality of people who might live in a room like this. Would their lifestyle resonate with you and your family?
    What are the main things you see when you first look at the room?
    What are some subtle features that you notice when you look more closely? Be sure to notice things like the shapes, the textures, the colors, the proportions, patterns…
    What role does the architecture play in this room? Do you have similar architecture or would you be able to add something similar in your home?
    Do you like the color palette? What if this same room had a different palette, would you like it better?
    Look at the art and accessories. Also notice their placement. What do you like or not like about them?
    What are some simple ideas you could take away from this inspiration room?

    Click HERE to watch the replay of our live video (how to find your style and favorite design books)!
    Scroll and click the arrows below for some of my favorite coffee table books:

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    Click here for books by The Inspired Room, including my New York Times bestseller Love the Home You Have.

    Pin for later!

    Book sources above:
    More Beautiful
    Coastal Blues
    A Place to Call Home
    One Man’s Folly
    Nora Murphy’s Country House Style
    Visions of Home
    The Inspired Room: Simple Ideas to Love the Home You Have
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    Inspired By: A Cozy Island Home on Martha’s Vineyard

    Photos in this post: New England Home
    Before I begin to decorate or remodel a home, I first try to picture how I want it to feel to be there in every season. Now that we have our new home, I’ve been spending lots of time daydreaming about our life here (as I’m packing up our old house to move our belongings in, that is haha)…
    For fall and winter, I visualize our home feeling like the most inviting charming bed and breakfast hotel in a seaside town. A place where you’d come in from a day of adventuring to get warm by the fire. You’d be able to curl up in a comfy spot to spend the evening in a cozy chair reading a book, listening to music or having lively conversations over hot spiced cider and hors d’oeuvres. 
    I already love calling our new house our home, and I know I’ll have so much fun making it our own. As I’ve been looking for inspiration, I found this amazing guest house on Martha’s Vineyard in New England Home (where all the photos in this post are from) and it got my creative wheels turning for cozy ideas. This home also gives me lots of fall feelings and ideas…hope you are inspired by it, too!
    I’ve shared many times here on The Inspired Room that I like to observe interior design from many different sources and styles. This practice helps me to begin to think of my own style in fresh ways and inspires me to create more interesting spaces.
    Enjoy the photos in this post! Below each photo I share a few design elements that stood out to me. I call this the observation game (I’ve been sharing posts like this from the beginning of The Inspired Room back in 2007!). If you observe and study good classic design, it will inspire you for years to come!

    Observations: Grasscloth wallpaper, green painted doors, substantial statement lighting that also adds contrast, an interesting pattern mix, a cozy sisal rug, botanical artwork, lots of texture, paneled ceiling and wood beam

    Observations: inviting wood dining table, mint green vase, candle-style lantern for mood lighting, rustic tray

    Observations: soft blue/green painted paneled ceilings, fun teal chairs, nautical stripes, cozy lamp in corner, black lights, walls of windows/doors

    Observations: simple mantel styling, cozy fireplace, texture and pattern combinations

    Observations: island paint color in a soft minty blue, warm wood floors, green Dutch oven on display, casual woven baskets, interesting architecture, covered range hood, covered dishwasher, mostly clear counters, dramatic greenery

    Observations: rich wood furniture, simple linen window treatments, cozy conversation area, simple coffee table styling with stacked books

    Observations: matching navy twin beds, footed nightstand, simple greenery, fun blue and white patterned bedding, botanicals throughout home, coastal striped rug

    Observations: interesting wallpaper, unique but simple black light, cute reading chair with side table and brass pharmacy lamp, plaid rug, four poster bed, blue and white bedding, little round mirror, substantial lamp, wood secretary desk, simple curtains with black rods

    Observations: charming rocking chairs on the porch, shingled exterior, beautiful glass French doors, black pendant light

    See more of this lovely guest home here: New England Home
    Do you dream about how you want your home to feel before you start decorating? 🥰 Tell me about your home over in our free community Facebook group or in my Instagram comments! What do you envision your home feeling like? I’d love to know!  More

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    5 Take Away Tips from A Charming Cape Cod Home

    New England Home
    I love most styles of homes but my heart is drawn to the architecture in a Cape Cod style home. It’s fun to analyze photos of rooms, by paying special attention to design elements I love. It helps me to think more creatively about my own home.
    As I study a photo, I always ask myself questions about what I’m drawn to, such as how I could incorporate that architectural detail? What are the colors are represented in that space and would they be pretty in my own? Even if you’re on a tight budget or your home is a different style, there are often ideas you can take away from any home you love. If not, the best the take away tip is that it might be best to just appreciate or admire the look from afar or save it for the future!
    I was scrolling through the photos of this lovely Cape Cod style house from New England Home and thought I’d share some of my take away tips with you! Enjoy the house below, then you’ll see my tips at the end of this post.

    Here are 5 Take Away Tips from this Charming Cape Cod Home:
    Add character with architecture
    Box beam ceilings, wood wall paneling, and substantial molding and trim add a sense of history, warmth and character. Open shelving in the kitchen and living room provide a more laid back, casual feel and allow display space for personal collections such as books, mementoes, accessories and personal touches.
    Create a cohesive color palette
    This home used a cohesive color palette both inside and out, keeping the look simple and classic with white wall backdrop with neutrals, blues, and warm accents.
    Incorporate many types of textures for a warm and cozy feel
    Incorporating many different types of textures throughout is what creates a warm and cozy atmosphere. If you were to take away these textures, the feeling in the space would be more cold or sterile. Notice the warm wood floors, woven baskets, cozy throw blankets, woven mirror, fabric roman shades, rattan, glass hurricanes, warm metal lighting, warm woven chairs in the kitchen.
    (See my post on texture: The Secret Ingredient Every Home Needs)
    Mix patterns
    Mixing patterns is a fun way to add unique personality to your home! You can use a combination of patterns in a cohesive color palette (try two colors!) for a more restrained look. I love the mix of larger scale geometrics, small scale pattern, subtle stripes, and solids in this home.
    (See my blog post on pattern: The Best Secrets for How to Mix Patterns in Your Home)
    Use wall lighting for ambience
    Sconces make rooms feel extra cozy and charming! They spread light around the room, making a whole space feel warmer and more inviting. This home utilized wall sconces by the fireplace, and by the built-in bench in the dining area. I’m sure it looks so cozy at night!
    (See my blog posts on lighting: Adding Character with Wall Sconces, and The Light-Changing Magic of Rechargeable Bulbs for Sconces + Lamps, and Charming Inexpensive Decorating: Non-Electric Wall Lights with Battery Candles)

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    Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom

    This post is in partnership with Walmart
    One of the most enjoyable things for me in decorating is to focus on enjoying the season we’re in! Why keep your spaces the same all the time when you can feel inspired with a few simple changes? We aren’t headed off on a tropical vacation this summer, but the sun is out right here so we’re savoring every moment of it. Last week I brought in some fun elements to our bedroom from Walmart Home to give it the feeling of a tropical retreat!
    The things I chose for our space from Walmart Home are so cute and super flexible so they’ll work in other areas of the home and in other seasons, too. It’s really easy to switch the whole feeling of a room by simply changing a few accessories, so you don’t have spend a fortune.

    Here are my Six Favorite Tips for Decorating a Summer Bedroom:

    1. Decorate with what you love, but be willing to try something fresh and new! I got this floral white ceramic lamp with a teal shade. I’ve had simple white lamps in my room for a long time, but I have to say, I ADORE this quirky colorful lamp. I’m so glad I tried a new look! The style really spoke to me and gave my room a really fun personality!

    After I fell in love with the lamp and brought it home, I saw one similar at a high end shop. Don’t you love when you get a deal on something you love and then find one similar but more expensive elsewhere? You have to know where to shop, be true to what you love and yet willing to try something new, and window shop often enough to jump on good finds when you discover the gems.

    2. It’s OK to decorate spaces so they are pretty now, even if you think you are just going to change them later. I got this botanical wall art set because they are just so fun! This wall has felt uninspiring to me for a long time, but I kept debating what I was going to do about it. Now it makes me so happy to see it looking so finished, fresh and cute! I thought these pieces would be great as an accent anywhere you want a little splash of color. I think sometimes we are afraid to get or hang art because it seems too permanent or it makes a statement we might not be sure we want to commit to! I learned a long time ago to just HANG THE ART! You can always change it later, but you might also wonder what took you so long to fall in love with your space.

    3. Try throwing in a touch of moody to a space, even in the summer. You don’t have to do all light and bright in the summer. A deeper tone in a shade you love can bring more contrast and dimension to the space. I got this faux suede peacock color pillow. I loved the color because it ties in so well with the lamp, but also it brings in a contrasting tone and a slightly more moody vibe which will be really nice as we head into fall, too.

    4. Look for versatile layers. I got this white chenille 3 piece duvet and sham bedding set. I really wanted a simple lightweight textural white coverlet for our bed that would be easy to layer with other bedding throughout the year, or could be folded up and stored in the winter. When I saw this duvet cover I knew it was going to be perfect! You can use it like a coverlet, but it also has a button closure with ties so I can put in my faux-down insert to make it extra cozy and FLUFFY when I want to, or as we head into fall! I’ll show you how that looks next week. This will be really fun and cozy to use all year round. It came with the shams, too.

    5. Don’t forget texture! I loved this little round wicker tray for texture, but also the versatility. Texture is an often overlooked element that really transforms the feeling of a room. I love setting up a little tray like this on a bed for guests, but it could also work on the wall as pretty decor or as a basket to corral anything on a counter or dresser.

    6. Look for pillow covers with zippers. I was thrilled with the pillow covers I got in this blue and white patterned pillow set. They look so great with my style and can work in any room of our home. Plus, they have zippers, which I love for two reasons. One is you can fill it with the fluffiest pillow inserts so it’s super plump! Plump is good when it comes to pillows :). The other reason I love pillow covers is when the season is over or you just want to change the look, you can easily switch out the insert and put the cover away until next time you want to use it.
    I loved how these pillows looked in our living room too (below).

    Walmart Home has so many fun accessories for the home!
    By the way, there is also a new Wow and Now category at Walmart with fun trendy home items at really affordable price points. You can check it out here!
    Shop my bedroom look:

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Floral White Ceramic Lamp with Teal Shade
    Fronds Wall Art Set of 2
    Round Wicker Tray
    Rattan Open Weave Round Storage Basket
    Rattan Weave Woven Storage Crate
    Natural Fiber Rug
    White Chenille 3 Piece Duvet and Sham Bedding Set
    Faux Suede Peacock Color Pillow
    Ceramic Floral Round Wall Hanging Mirror
    Metal and Glass Terrarium
    Other source: Blue and White Patterned Pillow Set
    More Walmart Decor Favorites (click thumbnails below for details): More

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    Designer Decorating Secret: Realistic Faux Plants

    A room always seems to feel more fresh and alive to me when there’s a plant in the room. Better yet, when there are several plants! I bet if you study photos of rooms you like, you’ll notice how many of them have at least one plant. Using faux plants in a room or a mix of real and faux is often a designer secret for more lush and beautiful spaces.
    But plants are not just a designer trick for staging or beautiful photos, I think plants make a house feel more “homey.” While I always recommend trying real plants whenever possible for their health benefits and natural beauty, there are certainly times and spaces where faux might be the way to go.
    I recently bought a couple of faux plants for our basement! Our lower level gets a good amount of natural light so plants can be quite happy down there, but sometimes I forget to water them. Faux plants were a great solution. I love this artificial potted jade plant, and these artificial potted moss plants. They need hardly any care, can be moved around anywhere, they always look green even when I neglect them. They make this room feel happier and more welcoming, and that makes me happier, too!

    Artificial potted moss plant

    Jack likes them too. 😉
    PS. If you missed the full tour of our cozy cottage basement, click here!

    Scroll and click the images below for details!

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    More Sources:
    Navy paint color: Hale Navy Benjamin Moore
    White brick paint: Simply White Benjamin Moore
    Flooring Details
    Faux jade potted plant.
    Faux potted moss.
    Neva Sofa from Sixpenny in Jasmine Rice. Read more about our sofa here.
    Blue and white patterned rug
    Similar coffee table.
    Similar leather pouf.
    Our Leather Sofa
    Similar blue and white pillows.

    Want to know more designer secrets?
    Click HERE for the secret ingredient every room needs!
    Click HERE for my How to Decorate page (decorating inspiration room by room).
    Click HERE for a post in my “Take Away Tips” series, sharing ideas from a charming home on Martha’s Vineyard.

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    3 Common Decorating Mistakes with Displaying Art (+ Mood Boards + Buy One Get One Free Art Prints)

    Choosing artwork to hang on the walls can be intimidating, especially if you want to create a grouping with art. How do you know what “works” together on a wall? How do you pull the look of a room together, including art?
    I’ve shared posts here on the blog with tips for artwork, like these two posts: How to Choose Art for Your Home (+ Favorite Art Sources), and 10 Helpful Guidelines for Decorating Walls (more in depth on why I choose certain art and placements).
    Because it’s a question I get often, I wanted to share 3 common decorating mistakes or challenges when displaying artwork (and will show you a couple of fun art mood inspiration boards, too!).
    Of course, art is so personal and there is not a “one size fits all” rule for decorating, if you ask me. I’ve seen amazing gallery art walls that break all the rules and I LOVE THEM! I hope you find these tips helpful as guidelines, but above all, do what you love! Find what works in your home and makes YOU happy!
    Also in this post, don’t miss the buy one get one free art print sale and mood boards with pretty art combinations!
    Here are 3 common decorating mistakes people often make with displaying artwork:

    Using all small artwork

    Choosing art in varied sizes, shapes and scales and including larger pieces will provide more visual interest than many small frames. If you feel like your room is too busy, look for oversized art that can make a statement without adding visual clutter.
    2. Displaying too much artwork with quotes or words
    Art displaying a quote or words can make graphic statement in a room. But too many quotes or words displayed on every wall can make you feel like you’re being shouted at from around the room. Many words in a room (on the wall or even pillows, for example) also can create a frantic mood because your eyes won’t know where to land (they are busy darting around the room trying to read all the things).
    I prefer a room where art and design contributes to the overall mood but doesn’t overwhelm you with too many thoughts or competing elements. Words can be so meaningful though, so if you feel like you should pare down, pick your favorite piece and make that message a focal statement on the wall.
    3. Not creating a cohesive design and color palette
    Art can be a wonderful complement to your entire room and color palette, or it can make the room feel very disjointed. Think about your room as a whole, using the artwork as an opportunity to pull the room’s design, mood and color scheme together. Or use art to punch up the impact of one favorite hue to make a bolder color statement. To make a color splash, start with a palette that feels cohesive and pleasing through your accessories, furniture, and even plants/flowers. Then choose one favorite color from your palette for a statement art piece that will bring the room to life (and help bring your eye around the room to where that color appears in smaller doses!). Ideally, repeat your statement color three times around the room in smaller doses.
    Be sure to consider the design of each of your art pieces for a wall or that you plan to have around the room, too, so you can pull together groupings that will make a pleasing statement overall. Varied pieces of art can be tied together with a unified color scheme.
    We made a couple of art mood boards that you can see, below!
    Learn more of my decor guidelines for hanging art here.
    By the way, I stumbled on a wonderful art sale going on right now! Buy one get one free Rifle Paper Co art prints — ends 3/24.
    Click HERE to shop!
    I thought it would be fun to create two mood boards that show art pairings that I think work well together in a room (using some of the Rifle Paper art prints that are on sale right now!), as well as share a few tips on why they work.

    For the mood board above, there are varied subjects with the botanical print, a portrait with the words “C’est la vie”, a landscape (Paris), and a print with small simple objects (bobby pins). The color palette of black and white with pops or red/orange tie this varied grouping together. The statement phrase sets a whimsical mood for the art and space as well! Note that red/orange is also reflected in the rug, so this palette will have a pleasing effect in the room.
    Sources for above: Dresser // Faux Potted Rubber Tree // Poppy Botanical Floral Art Print // Paris Sketch Art Print // C’est La Vie Art Print // Bobby Pin Art Print // Patterned Rug // Rattan Lamp

    For the mood board above, we paired a floral, quote, a detailed house landscape/pattern print, and a simple ostrich print. The house/landscape print pulls together a color scheme for the room. The sage green color, blues, black and tan work well together. The light green pillow on the sofa pulls out a statement color from the art and helps bring the eye around the room in a pleasing way. The rug and sofa are neutrals that let the art in this space be more in focus!
    Sources for above: Sofa // Faux Green Leaf Tree // The World is Your Oyster Art Print // Sage Green Daisies Art Print // House Pattern Art Print // Ostrich Art Print // Green Pillow // Leather Storage Ottoman // Gold Shade Floor Lamp // Indoor Outdoor Natural Stripe Rug //
    Buy one get one free Rifle Paper Co art prints — ends 3/24. Click HERE to shop!

    Click here for a recent post with MORE pretty art for spring!
    For more decorating tips, see my book But Where Do I Put The Couch? And Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions.
    How to Decorate (Room By Room Inspiration) More

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    The Secret to Finding Your Style and Feeling More at Home Where You Live

    Source (20% off EVERYTHING with code! Click HERE to shop!)
    What’s your decorating style? Do you feel at home where you live? If you ever feel conflicted about your style or the next decisions to make in making your house your home, you’re not alone! Maybe you’re just feeling stuck, or your current style isn’t working for you. Perhaps you’re living in a home that wasn’t custom designed for you or even close to your style to begin with. Maybe you’re wrestling with how to update it. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all of the options, especially with the abundance of ideas and inspiration online!
    So how can you find your style when there are so many directions you could go? What if you feel limited by the current style of your home or your budget?
    Here’s the secret: finding your style takes patience and experimentation. It takes time. You don’t have to have a perfectly designed home to love where you live. You just have to find ways to feel more at home! I don’t think most of us can make the best decisions until we’ve had a chance to get to know the home we live in over several seasons. You need time to learn the quirks and personality of your home so you can play up what you love about it and learn to minimize, downplay or fix what you don’t.
    It takes time to gather style or remodeling inspiration specifically for your home over a few seasons. Once you’ve collected ideas you can start to narrow down the options that not only consistently speak to you, but also make the most sense for your budget, lifestyle and your house.

    It’s easy to lose our focus when we get swept up by a new idea, or if we are looking only at current trends or just following along with what everyone else is doing right now! Impulse decisions or following the trends might bring some immediate joy through a those indecisive seasons, but it’s a wonderful feeling when you are finally able to settle into your own style with confidence.
    Your style is not just the one you like the most online, but it’s what makes you feel the most at home where you actually live. That’s how you’ll know you’ve found your authentic style.
    When I’m struggling with my own style, it can be helpful to collect inspiration photos of rooms or features that I really love, such as the images I share in my posts (these photos in my post today are from one of my favorite shops for furnishings and style inspiration for my home, Serena & Lily. I’ve written about it before in this post).
    But I don’t want to rush permanent or expensive decisions or make a lot of changes based on an inspiration photo until I’m certain that look or item will feel right in my own home. I like to take a bit of inspiration from dozens of rooms and ideas I’ve collected over time so my style won’t be an exact replica of anyone else’s style.

    It can be a slow process to figure it all out, but it’s worth it to me to be as authentic and comfortable in my home as possible.
    Sometimes to move forward you just need to make ONE design decision you know you feel good about. That decision will lead to the next. We remodeled our kitchen four years ago and the decisions we made during that project continue to inspire me to make our little house all she can be 🙂 I’ve often said the old house I live in was ready for a new spring in her step. She may have been born in the 1950s but she doesn’t have to stay there.
    You don’t have to stay stuck with what you have! I’m so glad I didn’t let myself be discouraged or swayed early on by voices that told me this house had to stay in a certain era or style. I didn’t want to feel limited in what I could or could not do to make it my own. It’s certainly helpful to ask for opinions from trusted sources when you’re in doubt (or if you’re dealing with an historic home that needs to be preserved), but often creating a home you’ll truly love means you have to be brave enough to listen to your own voice so you can design a home that will feel right to you. After all, it’s your home and you’ll be the one living there!
    Lastly, it’s OK to make mistakes along the way. Rarely is a decorating mistake fatal! In fact, in some cases what might appear to be a “mistake” can actually give your home and style more character and personality. Other times it confirms for you what your style ISN’T. But even if it is a big mistake you need to correct, just learn from it and move on.
    You’ll never feel truly at home with your style until you get to know yourself and your home better. That process takes time, but it is all a part of the journey to making a house truly feel like home.
    Speaking of Serena & Lily, they have an amazing sale on right now, but it ends today!
    Scroll down for inspiration, sources and ideas for this fresh breezy look!
    20% off EVERYTHING with code! Click HERE to shop!

    How cute is this bench! You can customize the fabric–there are so many cute options! I love this toile.
    Nautical Round Rope Mirror Source // Toile Wallpaper

    Everything at Serena & Lily is 20% off! Click HERE to shop the entire sale with discount code!
    More favorites:

    Scroll and click the images below for sources and sale items:
    More favorites:

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    Scroll and click the images below for sources:

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    Lighting favorites:

    Scroll and click the images below for sources:

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    More favorites:
    Click the images below for sources:

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Everything at Serena & Lily is 20% off! Click HERE to shop the entire sale with discount code! More