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    Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget




    It is that time of year again… back to school and college. Here are the best – tried and true ideas to decorate a dorm on a budget along with ways to keep the small space organized with these creative dorm room decorating ideas. 
    Post Updated: 7/13/2021

    Over the past 7 years I have helped my two daughters move in and decorate 8 dorm rooms and college campus apartments.
    In this post I am going to share the dorm room essentials, quick and creative dorm room decorating ideas, tips and tricks that I know work and won’t break the budget when it comes to getting a dorm room or college apartment set up. All of these ideas make the grade!
    So get ready to move the furniture around to create the best use of space so that everything you bring to decorate your dorm will do double-duty – EVERYTHING!  Organization and smart accessible storage is key to making the room both attractive and livable.
    Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
    How can you decorate a doom room cheaply? With creativity and planning before you even arrive on campus.
    A few months before college starts, most students get excited and think about the color and style of the bedding, lamps and cute organizers they will need for their dorm room, but the number one thing you need to have with you on move- in day are a few tools!
    Having a tool box filled with basic tools will make everything you do on moving day much easier. Trust me! If you bring one, you will be the most popular person in the dorm as everyone will want to borrow your screwdriver, hammer or glue gun. 

    On move-in day a toolbox gets packed in the car last so that everything from a screwdriver to fabric glue is ready to whip the room into shape as it gets placed in the room or at least done on move-in day. You will find the contents of my toolbox in this post:

    Pick the Bedding First
    When decorating a dorm room, the first decorative element you need is to pick the bedding. The bed is so important – it serves as a sofa for friends to sit on and a place to relax, do school work, eat, and sleep.

    Look for a comforter that you can put a colorful duvet on that will hide stains and will be easy to wash when needed.  The room’s color scheme or half the room’s color scheme can be based off the color of the comforter/bedspread.
    Get Creative With Fabric

    When decorating a dorm room on a budget, there are many inexpensive fabric options to choose from.
    Fabric added to the room in the way of window treatments, chair covers, wall hangings, and art will add a lot of style and color to the room.
    If you want to add some color to the plain walls,  buy some fabric yardage and hang it on the wall using the Command Brand mounting strips across the top of the fabric and along the ceiling line. Two or three of the strips is all that will be needed.   Let the fabric hang freely. It will look like wallpaper.
    How to Hang Art on Top of Hung On the Wall Fabric: Use Command Brand mounting hooks on the wall under the fabric. Once hook is placed, cut a small slice in the fabric where the hook is so that the hook can fit through the slit. Hang your photos or art on the exposed hook.
    Other Fabric Options to Consider:

    Colorful Sheets: Head to the thrift store or stores like HomeGoods and TJMaxx to find colorful or patterned sheets that can be used t cover a window or an open closet.
    Use Command Brand Hooks To Style Window Treatments:

    Most of the Command Brand hooks are pretty self explanatory, but the utensil hooks – have a moveable hook and are perfect for tying drapery panels to the wall with twist ties. I did this in my daughter’s apartment bedroom one year.  I used colorful ribbons to hide the twist ties. 
    Everything on the wall was hung using the Command Strips.
    Loft the Beds
    Photo: Dorm to Die For
    Lofting the bed gives the room double the space. I found this photo over at Dorm to Die For.  At the college my oldest attended, all the beds were loft-able. 
    Create a Clothes Closet Under a Lofted Bed
    To make the space under a lofted bed into a place to hang clothes, attach a tension rod along the front side of the bed to hang a curtain on a tension rod.
    Use “U” clamps to attach a closet rod or curtain rod to the underside of the box spring. When the curtain is closed, clothes will be out of sight. 
    You can also use the space under a lofted bed for a desk and or chest of drawers.
    Make a Lofted Bed Organizer

    Hang a flat handled basket on the bed in a color to coordinate with the room.
    Tie it to the bed rail along the top of a lofted bed for easy access to a phone and charger, book, tissues, etc. This way you won’t have to jump down from the bed.

    Create Extra Seating

    Space is at a premium in a dorm room so it is nice to have a few extra seating options for when friends are hanging out with you.
    These storage and seat-in-one ottomans made from milk cartons serves double-duty.

    Create a Bedside Table

    Make lids for square baskets. It is easy to do with cardboard from boxes and fabric.
    Stack the baskets on top of each other to create an easy to reach storage spot as well as create a little bedside table

    Decorating a Dorm Room Essentials to Pack
    Buy these dorm room essentials ahead of time so you won’t have to run to Walmart 5 times on move-in day.  You can find most of the items needed in this list at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, IKEA, Target, and Walmart.
    1. Command Brand Strips Hooks & Hangers

    The biggest innovation in dorm room or rental decorating since I went to college is 3M Command Strips – Hello! Wonderful. They are amazing and can be used for so many things.  Spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the walls, doors, sides of a desk, bed frames, chairs – you name it and you can hang just about anything easily.
    When it is time to move out – they are a cinch to remove and leave no damage. 3M even has replacement tapes and tabs so you can use the hooks and hangers again the following year.

    2. Clip-On Light, Floor Lamp & Backrest Pillow
    My oldest didn’t understand why she needed these when she was a freshman. It didn’t take her a long time to figure out why – comfort and task lighting while studying on the bed.

    If lofting a bed, the clip-on light can easily be clipped onto the bed frame or even mounted on the wall with Command Brand strips.

    This style floor lamp with adjustable arms works well in a dorm.  Each light can be directed where needed – on the ceiling for ambient lighting, on the bed for task lighting = double duty.

    3. Power Strips & Extension Cords

    There are never enough outlets in a dorm room for all the electronics you use.  One or tow power strips and long extension cords are needed.  Throw in a few 3-prong adapters, too.

    4. Over-the-Door Hangers & Organizers

    These types of hangers are perfect for hanging not only over doors, but they work over the bed rails as well.
    Use two or more so you will have plenty of storage. They are great for bath towels, handbags, coats, and hats.

    Hanging TIP: If you place an over-the-door hanger over a door and the door doesn’t close – get a pair of pliers and bend the top section that goes over the door to mold it to fit – works every time.
    5. Closet Organizers

    Some rooms have nice closets, others have only an armoire.  Making use of a variety of closet organizers will increase the storage.

    Closet Organizer DIY: Use shower curtain rings on a hanger to hold scarves or belts.
    6. Stackable Storage

    Stack, stack, and stack some more.  Easy accessible stackable storage is the best way to hold stuff – from books, toiletries, food, etc.
    IKEA makes small shelf units and these may work well in one room, but not the next year in a different room.
    I have found that classic milk crates are the best. The reason – versatility.  They can be stacked and used in many different ways. One year they may be used in a closet, the next – across the shelf on the desk or dresser to hold food and/or dishes.

    Stacking Organizing Idea: Cut a square from dollar store foam boards to fit inside milk crates. This gives the crate bottom a level surface to place items on so they won’t fall through.

    7. Tension Rods & Cafe Clips

    Tension rods and cafe clips can be used on windows, under lofted beds, and in closets.
    Photos: BH&G and Martha Stewart
    As long as the window is inset you will be able to create easy no-sew treatments using a tension rod and café clips. 
    Photo Above: On the left are two scarves that are folded over along the top edge of the scarf and simply clipped on.
    On the right, use fabric glue to make finished edges on fabric that is cut to fit the size of the window, then clip on the rings and hang.
    Don’t forget that shower rod tension rods found in the bath department are much wider in diameter and when two are placed about a foot parallel to each other a pine or mdf board can be placed on them to create a knock down portable shelf for a closet.
    8. Bed Risers

    If the bed doesn’t loft, then use bed risers. Buy the extra tall ones so that you can get as much extra space as possible.  They even come with electrical sockets now – smart as there are never enough outlets.

    9. Rolling Storage & Bins

    This style of rolling cart with drawers can hold extra toiletries, school supplies, and/or clothes.  They move around the room easily when needed which is a big plus.
    Use the rolling drawers as an end table to hold a clock, phone or lamp. 
    10. An Area Rug
    Check stores like Target, Walmart and HomeGoods for an affordable area rug. A 5 x 7 usually will fit. It will make the room feel cozier and decorated.

    If you have gotten to the end of this post, then you now have a few more creative ideas on how to decorate a dorm room on the cheap, but these ideas are really only a starting off point.
    Once you get on campus you will see just how creative and resourceful students can get when it comes to making a dorm feel like home sweet home.

    More Budget Decor Ideas for Dorm Rooms:



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    Protein balls, Energy balls, Bliss Balls, Power Balls or Bites. No matter what you call them… this plant-based treat is so good and much better for you than candy or junk food when you want something sweet. Leading an active life – one with a lot of DIY decorating – painting, ladder climbing, moving furniture,… Read More More

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    Storage Cabinets for Linens and Things

    After yesterday’s post about linen closet organization ideas, I got inspired to hunt for some freestanding cabinets that would work well for linens, bathroom storage, and so much more. Enjoy!
    Gray Cabinet
    Rustic Wood Linen Cabinet
    White Wash Wood Linen Cabinet
    Classic Linen Closet
    Shutter Door Armoire
    Two Door Accent Cabinet
    Natural Wood Curved Armoire
    Reclaimed Wood Accent Cabinet
    White Armoire
    Farmhouse Armoire
    White Wood Linen Tower
    Reclaimed Wood Floor Storage
    Cane Wood Two Door Armoire
    Glass Door Floor Storage Cabinet
    Freestanding Bathroom Linen Cabinet with Shutter Doors
    Tall Wood Linen Cabinet Shelf
    Get inspired by linen cabinet organization inspiration here!
    Click the thumbnails below for more cabinets I love:

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    Linen Closet Organization Ideas

    House & Home / Designer Sam Sacks
    We have a very small linen closet. Actually, it’s a tiny linen cabinet! It’s really too small for our needs so I have to get creative by utilizing storage in other areas of our home, too.
    Today let’s get inspired by these wonderful ideas for linen storage and organization!

    Organized linen closet – BHG

    Simply Beautiful By Angela

    Linens in wood antique armoire – Ella Claire

    Linen closet with wallpaper – Sincerely Marie Designs

    Wallpaper linen closet – Home and Fabulous

    White Linen Cabinet Source

    Blesser House

    Bathroom Linen Armoire – Click here to tour this dreamy shingled beach house (above)

    Liz Marie Blog

    Wood Linen Cabinet Armoire – Julie Blanner

    Sarah Joy Blog
    Update: Looking for sources for freestanding cabinets? Click HERE for a roundup!

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    Kitchen Canisters + Sources

    Kitchen canisters are not only handy for storing everyday items, they bring a streamlined look and personality to your counters, shelves and pantry!
    People often ask me where I get my black and white ceramic canisters. I love them! Sadly my exact pattern has been out of stock for awhile, but I found lots of similar sources for you today.
    Things we keep in our kitchen canisters: our vitamin D and C powder, tea bags, coffee beans and pods, snacks, nuts, sugar, flour, etc.
    Don’t limit yourself to using canisters only in the kitchen, they are equally handy in the bathroom for hair ties, bobby pins, cotton swabs, etc!
    Enjoy the inspiration below and find lots of sources at the end!

    Black and white 3 pieces canister set
    Blue and white bamboo lid ceramic canister
    Stoneware coffee canister
    Patterned stoneware canister with wood lid
    6 piece patterned canister set
    Textured kitchen canister
    Black kitchen canister
    White textured ceramic canister with wood lid – set of 2
    Small matte white canister with cork lid
    Small glass canister with cork top set of 2
    Gray white and wood kitchen canister
    Blue and white 3 piece kitchen canister set
    Green kitchen canister set 3 piece
    Gray textured canister set

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    Find lots of organizing inspiration in my book Simple Organizing, and in my book Make Room for What You Love!

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    Working From Home: Creative File Storage Idea


    Work from home idea for creative file storage and desk organization made by repurposing two unrelated items to make a mobile hanging file folder organizer.

    I have been working from home for the last 11 years and have tried and used many pieces of furniture, office supples, file storage and desk accessories to make my work from home life productive while in a decorative style.

    I am lucky to have a room in my home that I made into a work place just for me. I call it my studioffice where I can do both the messy creative and crafty projects using paints as well as a pretty desk where I can take care of running my own business from the comfort of my home.

    When we moved to the lake I noticed that when I wasn’t creating projects in my studioffice and was using my computer, I would head out to the kitchen table where the view of the lake is better.

    When I did this I also took along a few files of posts I was working on as well as other things related to running a blog.
    By dinnertime on many days, the table was filled with all my paperwork that I would pile up when it was time to serve dinner.
    This was not a good thing as the papers became disorganized and not good for my production.
    To keep myself better organized when I worked at the kitchen table, I outfitted a basket file with all that I needed and placed it on a chair. This was better, but still not ideal.
    I had to come up with a better solution to keep me organized when I worked from the kitchen.

    Fast forward to cleaning out my craft room – studioffice last week. It was quite a mess after all the holiday projects I worked on in December. I took a hard look at everything in the room and realized I never sit on this white leather office chair.
    I love the styling of this chair, it is very chic and feminine, but whenever I sit on it, my lower back goes out on me. 🙁 Does this happen to anyone else when sitting in certain chairs?

    I have another office chair that I made over a few years ago using pink and white cowhide fabric that I use that is fine for my back.

    When I was taking the chair to the garage, I noticed that the wheel base was screwed on with large metal screws and easy to take apart.
    You know how much I like adding wheels to furniture. Seeing the wheels gave me an idea that I figured would not be hard to try out. I did just that I started experimenting with ways to make the basket file I use in my kitchen easily moveable around the table and out of the way when I wasn’t using it.
    I realize that many of you will never need something like what I created with an office chair and a hanging file folder organizer basket, but I decided to post about it to inspire you to ask yourself when looking at any item in your home…. ” What if?…”
    What if?… I did this or What if?… I removed that. Keeping your mind open allows you to give everything, especially stuff you are getting rid of a second look and hidden potential for a new use.
    Don’t look at the item as a whole though. Look at each separate part of the item by itself. Envision it combined with something else that may not be related to it at all.

    See if you can use parts of one item and add it to another unrelated item to come up with something new that can make your life easier, more organized or just for something decorative.
    Creative File Storage Idea

    Keeping an open mind to the possibilities and my needs allowed me to create a mobile file organizer that I can roll right up to the kitchen table when needed and then roll away at the end of the day.

    To give my mobile file holder more function, I placed a flatware caddy basket from the thrift store inside so I would have a place for pens, note pads, a stapler, scissors and other misc desk supplies that I use every day.
    For the flatware caddy basket, I used a small box to create a lift in the back of the file folder basket so the flatware caddy sat up flush with the top of the file folder basket.
    How to Repurpose an Office Chair To a Mobile Hanging File Folder Organizer

    Time needed: 2 hours.
    Creative File Folder Organizer to Use When Working From Home
    Remove Seat
    Remove the seat from the office chair. I used an Allen Wrench to remove mine.

    Measure Base
    Figure out the size you will need to make a wood box (or find a pre-made wood crate that will fit) that will go over the wheeled chair base. My base was 13″ x 19″. I made the box slightly larger than this so I could easily place in over the metal base and attach it.

    Make a Box
    I made the wood box from scrap lumber. I needed a top piece and 4 side pieces.I cut each to the size needed and used small finishing nails to make a simple, rustic looking box.

    Attach Box to Base
    Once the wood box was finished, I placed it top side face down and then centered the top of the office chair into it. I used wood screws to attach.

    Flip It Over
    Turn the whole thing over and place a file folder organizer box on top.Options: You can paint the wood or cover it with fabric to coordinate with your decor.Depending on the size of your chair base you may be able to buy a pre-made wood crate or box to use from the craft store.

    My new rolling file folder organizer may not be perfect, but it is exactly what I needed. The best part, I didn’t have to buy anything new to create it.

    For more work from home tips to help you stay organized and productive, head over to my post where I share how I store everything in my craft room/studioffice.
    If you have been working from home over the last year, you’re probably noticing that you’re inadvertently collecting supplies, and might not have a way to contain all of those random odds and ends. Whatever your home office set up is, avoiding a cluttered workspace is just as important as ever to stay productive.
    I bought the hanging file folder basket many years ago at Target. I looked for something similar to share with you. Here are a few I found:
    Chic & Stylish Hanging File Folder Organizers

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    Clever DIY Home Organization Ideas That Work For Me


    Clever and affordable home organizing ideas that will help you to keep “Your Stuff” organized once and for all.

    It’s cold, wintery and January. It is also the time many of us like to declutter and organize so we can start the new year with a well-organized home.
    Well-organized living and work spaces truly can make our lives easier every day. When we have clearly labeled containers and learn to edit what we no longer want or need and remove it from the house, it adds up to less time looking for things and more time to enjoy life.
    I like to make my own storage, organizers and labels when I can’t find a ready-made solution for my organizing needs.

    For instance when I couldn’t find a ready made scrapbook paper organizer to fit the cabinet in my studioffice, I custom made one to fit perfectly using cardboard boxes.
    If you are a long time reader you may remember it. I have made quite a few DIY organizers and thought I would share a few of them that really made a difference.

    How To Store & Organize Tablecloths
    I don’t have a dining room anymore, but when I did, this is how I stored and kept my tablecloths wrinkle-free.  

    I hung them in a closet where I had some extra rod space.
    When organizing the tablecloths, I folded them long-ways and then hung them over men’s suit hangers that I equipped with cardboard tubes from gift wrap. The round tube addition lessens creases from forming.
    How to Add Cardboard Tubes to Clothes Hangers

    1. Simply cut a gift wrap tube to the same width as the rod on the hanger. Open the rod and slide the tube on. Close the rod.

    Option: If you don’t have a wood rod pants type of hanger, you can use plastic hangers.
    You just need to cut the cardboard tube lengthwise. Once it is cut, place it over the rod.

    When I make this type of tablecloth storage hanger, I duct tape over the cut to close the tube.

    2. I roll very large or oilcloth tablecloths on the long cardboard tubes that fabric yardage comes on. I make sure to always ask for these tubes when I am at the fabric store.
    Repurposing Furniture Into Hard Working Organizing Stations for Small Items

    My go-to for small storage containers/baskets is the dollar store. They have the best plastic baskets. I bought all 18 of these baskets for the same amount I would have paid for one or two at other stores like Target or The Container Store.
    When the baskets were labeled and placed in a trashed dresser with no drawers that I DIY’ed into a decorative organizer there is no question as to where like items should go. Which then makes them easy to find when needed again.

    If you like to be little crafty… you can add a lot of style to shoeboxes. If you keep the lids on, they make great stackable storage.
    For this mudroom organizer, I covered the bottoms of 3 shoeboxes using maps and stick-on metal framed label holders.
    How to Organize Misc Items in Kitchen & Desk Drawers

    I like to line my drawers with decorative paper; usually I use gift wrap or wallpaper. For this drawer I used pages from a graphic arts book.

    Then I use small baskets that I find at thrift stores to organize smaller items. This drawer acts as my kitchen desk drawer.

    I add the square or rectangular baskets in all my drawers that hold small items. So far this drawer only has two small baskets. I am always on the look out for more and will fit the baskets in the drawer to fit like puzzle pieces as I find them at the thrift store.
    You can also organize drawer like this using low-sided boxes, but I like the style of the baskets better so I will continue to search for more.
    Make Cabinet Doors Into a Message Center
    There are many organizing ideas on how to use the inside of cabinet doors to hold and organize items, but here is one to do on the outside.

    This fabric memo board got lots of use in the kitchen of my previous house. I made it with fabric and a dollar store foam board.
    These DIY home organizing ideas are only a few that I have shared here on my blog. To find more, head over to see all my Organizing posts and archives of Free Printable Labels.
    Ready-Made Storage Organizers That I Use
    As you can see I like to make most of my home organizers, but if you don’t have the time to make your own organizing containers, here are a few of the purchased organizers that I use around my house that have helped me to stay organized.

    1. The Home Edit and 3. The Complete Book of Home Organizing – are two of my favorite organizing books.
    2. Self adhesive metal frame labels are one of my favorite and easiest way to add stylish labels to bins, boxes, baskets and more.
    4. I use Small baskets like these to organize the contents of desk and kitchen drawers.
    5. This 2 tier slide out organizer keeps the stuff under my bathroom sink in its place.
    6. These Expandable Drawer Dividers work great in large drawers to create sections.
    7. This Wire Door Shelf Rack has made my small pantry store a lot more.
    8. The style of Wooden Hangers that I used to store my tablecloths.
    9. I use these Clear Fridge Food Bins in my refrigerator and my pantry. I like how I can slide them out and grab what I need and slide back in.
    10. This is my newest organizer that I use for storing rolls of Christmas Gift wrap.
    11. I use these Under shelf baskets on the shelves in my garage. They give me extra space to hold all sorts of stuff.
    For more home organizing ideas, check out these ideas from a few of my blogging friends.

    Designthusiasm | The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization
    StoneGable | Organizing Spices In Your Kitchen
    Shabbyfufu | How To Organize The Kitchen Junk Drawer – For Good!

    In My Own Style | Home Organizing Tips and Ideas
    Maison de Cinq | 5 Tips for Organizing China Cabinets

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    Making a 2 Tiered Kitchen Basket Stand


    How to take a 3 tiered metal stand and create a 2 tiered kitchen basket tray stand.

    I am going to show you what I semi-handmade over the weekend. My goal was to add a little bit of fall decor in the way of texture and organizing to my kitchen.
    I always enjoy tinkering with items such as the 3 tiered tray stand in the photo below. I like to see if I can come up with something new, using a part of it, then swapping another part out or even completely repurpose it. I would love to design a line of decor items someday that go with all the ideas in my head.

    This is exactly what I did with this white 3 tiered metal stand that I use when entertaining and for the holidays in my kitchen. It was a gift from a friend when we first moved to the lake – Thanks Gail. 🙂

    The stand comes apart easily, so playing around with it didn’t damage it one bit. I can always put it back together in a minute when Fall is over and it goes back into holiday mode.

    Using parts of the stand, I wanted to create a new Fall-inspired wicker basket stand to replace this silver wire stand I use to hold produce. I like this stand and will use it again, but my kitchen is small and I get bored seeing the same things. Changing it up, especially for the seasons, inspires me.

    I took the 3 tiered white metal stand apart to make a shorter 2 tiered kitchen basket stand so it would fit under my kitchen cabinets. I used a thrift store wicker basket as the second tier.
    I love baskets and get excited when I find a new way to use them around the house that not only looks nice but adds warm and cozy texture, while giving me the exact function I need. 🙂
    You may be thinking, “What’s that on the top – a finial?”
    The answer – yes, but not just any finial, but a custom-made one using a tiny detail from nature that I collect.
    How to Make a Tiered Kitchen Tray & Basket Stand
    I realize that you will not have the exact same items I used to make my 2 tiered fruit basket stand, but I wanted to show you what you can do with any tiered stand you may have.
    Do you have a tiered stand of any kind? Maybe one made with ceramic or china plates? These types of stands are easy to take apart and reassemble. They can be found at most thrift and antique stores. Even if you don’t like the design, color or pattern of the plates, the stand part can be repurposed to your needs.

    Time needed: 20 minutes.
    How to Make a 3 Tiered Stand into a Shorter 2 Tiered Kitchen Basket and Tray Standtools and supplies needed:Tiered stand or parts from a plate standMetal washersLarge screw and nutTwineTacky GlueHot Glue and glue gun
    Gather Your Parts and Supplies
    I took the stand apart. I only needed the pedestal, the rod, the rod covers and bottom round tray. I also used a round wicker basket into which I made a rod sized hole in the bottom with an awl.

    Create a Stopper to Secure Center Dowel
    I screwed the rod to the pedestal base and then added the largest round tray from the original stand, the larger rod cover, my wicker basket and the narrower rod cover.Doing this, the screw end of the rod was just short of the top of the second rod cover.To make the stand secure, I had to find a nut that fit the threads at the end of the rod. Then I was able to insert the screw into the top half of the nut.Once the nut was on the rod, the screw that I had on hand to fit into the nut was a little too long, even when tightened. I didn’t want to see the screw threads so I added washers to cover the threaded section of the screw. Once the screw on the top was tightened, the entire assembly was secure, creating a very stable stand.

    Hiding the Washer to Create a Finial
    To hide the washers, I brushed tacky glue to the sides of the washers and wrapped twine around them. I placed the ends of the twine in the channel on the top of the screw.

    Secure Twine
    To secure this, I used a dot of hot glue. (Note: If you want to take the stand apart some day, don’t put glue where screw meets the washers.)

    Attach Top Section of an Acorn
    Using another dot of hot glue, I attached the top section of an acorn.

    All Done

    My Semi-Handmade Countertop Fruit Basket

    I love, love, love my DIY’ed tray and basket stand. It is exactly what I envisioned. Best of all, I did it in my own style and it didn’t cost me anything to make since I used items I already had.

    When making the finial top, I didn’t have twine. So I applied a retail display trick (where we had to be super resourceful when creating displays for the store). Did you know that removing strands from burlap, which I did have – gives you pieces of twine. 🙂
    Do you have a tiered stand in your home that you are not using? Can you redesign it to fit a new need or for the season? Maybe use two baskets if you have them. That is what is so nice about DIY’ing – you get to be a designer.
    On another note…. I know my bananas are spotty, but I let them get that way. I freeze the spotted bananas and use this Frozen Fruit and Banana Whip Maker to make Banana Berry Whips or Chocolate Nice Cream. It makes it easy to make a variety of plant-based alternatives to ice cream. So I always have bananas getting spotty in my countertop fruit basket.
    If you like to see baskets or tiered stands on your kitchen countertop, here are a few I found:
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