How to Repurpose an Urn into a Side Table

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How to instantly transform a classic garden urn into a side table.

Post updated: 09/01/2020

This black urn sits in a corner of my living room. I have had it forever. It is one of those classic items that always is in style. It has made it through many of my decorating furnishing purges over the years.

Over the summer I placed a fern in it.

In the fall at my previous house I used it outside. I placed leaves and a pumpkin on the urn. In the spring and summer – I filled it with flowers.

Now I am going to show you how to repurpose an urn into a useful piece of furniture that can work either inside or outside your home. I could have titled this post – My 2-Timing Urn. 🙂

I love to find new uses for all kinds of objects.

Many years ago when I started to experiment with transforming the urn into a small side table, I tried adding a round piece of glass on the urn. It looked nice, but the glass just sat on top and was not secure or safe.

I then tried placing a round silver tray on the top of the urn. The tray was the type where the center section of the tray is lower that the rim. This made it secure in the urn, but it looked like an ash tray you would see at a bus station. Not the look I was after. 🙂

I like to shop my house… so I kept looking through all the rooms and found this cake stand in my china closet.

I placed it inside the urn…

…Presto-O-Change-O!   It worked.

It looked good and was secure in the urn.

The stand part of the cake stand keeps it from moving back and forth in the urn.

The repurposed urn makes a sweet little side table that is perfect for a glass of wine or a cup of tea.

Or the perfect small table to hold flowers from your garden.

And the best part of this little table. It can be as temporary as you want or need it to be. In less than a minute I can remove the cake stand and place the fern back in.

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