Easy Way to Cover Box Springs

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Easy Way to Cover Box Springs

Easy Way to Cover Box Springs

For several years, I have been staring at my box springs peeking out under our mattress. I always tried to act like it was fine, but honestly it was driving me crazy.

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to stop thinking about something and just go for it! And now that it is done, I am not sure why I waited so long. The project was so easy, and I don’t have to see my box springs peaking through any more.

Covering your box springs it is easy AND inexpensive! To begin, you will need:

  • Fabric (I would suggest inexpensive white broadcloth)
  • Staple gun (Arrow Fastener’s T50 Staple Gun is perfect for this project)
  • Iron (Iron the fabric before the project to remove any wrinkles)

Easy Way to Cover Box Springs

  1. Cut fabric to size and iron.

    I used a little over 2 yards for one long side of our king-sized bed. I was lucky because the box springs are not visible at the base of our bed. If your box springs are visible from the base of your bed, you will have to wrap three sides of your box springs. You can either buy enough fabric to do this (which really isn’t as much as you would expect) or sew pieces together.

    Fold the fabric over once (basically how it comes off the bolt) to help with coverage.

  2. Place the fabric on the box springs.

    Keep the folded side along the top of the box springs. I did not have to wrap the bottom of our box springs since the bed frame hides it, but you may need to depending on your bed frame.

  3. Staple the fabric to the box springs beginning in the middle.

    Make sure to adhere the fabric to the wood brace supports in the box springs. They are very easy to see.

  4. Continue stapling out towards the top and then the end of the bed. Wrap the end of the fabric at the ends.

    Carefully wrap the ends so they look neat and tidy. Staple to keep in place.

And that is it! I was able to slide our mattress onto the DIY box spring cover without any problems. And my bed looks so much more refined without the box springs visible.

This project was made so easy thanks to the Arrow Fastener T50 staple gun. Arrow Fastener products are must-have items for all your DIY projects. They have a full line of manual, electric, and cordless versions of staples guns, rivet tools, glue guns, nail guns, grommets, and hammer tackers.

Arrow Fastener is a brand that exists to empower people like me and you to tackle and complete simple home project quickly and with pride!

With the new year, what projects do you want to cross off your list? Whether you are reupholstering furniture or creativing home decor, check out Arrow Fastener’s suite of tools to tackle that DIY project.

I am so happy with the result of my project!

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