How to Crochet a Daisy Square Blanket

You can use simple daisy squares — a modern take on the granny square — to create a cozy blanket that will keep you warm all winter long. Once you’ve created all the squares you need, just assemble!

Stitch Club Daisy Square Blanket Pattern

What You’ll Need:

• Medium #4 Yarn

• Crochet Hook 5mm US H-8

• Crochet Hook Set

• Extended Crochet Hook Set

• Snips

• Tapestry Needles

• Project Tote

To start, follow our easy daisy square pattern, created by GH Design Director Mariana Tuma — or follow along with her step-by-step instructions in the video above. Once you have the number of squares you need to create your choice of a stroller-, baby- or throw-size blanket (80, 170, 252) download and print the full Daisy Square Blanket pattern tutorial to complete the project.

Mariana Tuma
Mariana is the Design Director of Good Housekeeping.

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