Designer Decorating Secret: Realistic Faux Plants

A room always seems to feel more fresh and alive to me when there’s a plant in the room. Better yet, when there are several plants! I bet if you study photos of rooms you like, you’ll notice how many of them have at least one plant. Using faux plants in a room or a mix of real and faux is often a designer secret for more lush and beautiful spaces.

But plants are not just a designer trick for staging or beautiful photos, I think plants make a house feel more “homey.” While I always recommend trying real plants whenever possible for their health benefits and natural beauty, there are certainly times and spaces where faux might be the way to go.

I recently bought a couple of faux plants for our basement! Our lower level gets a good amount of natural light so plants can be quite happy down there, but sometimes I forget to water them. Faux plants were a great solution. I love this artificial potted jade plant, and these artificial potted moss plants. They need hardly any care, can be moved around anywhere, they always look green even when I neglect them. They make this room feel happier and more welcoming, and that makes me happier, too!

Jack likes them too. 😉

PS. If you missed the full tour of our cozy cottage basement, click here!

More Sources:

Navy paint color: Hale Navy Benjamin Moore

White brick paint: Simply White Benjamin Moore

Flooring Details

Faux jade potted plant.

Faux potted moss.

Neva Sofa from Sixpenny in Jasmine Rice. Read more about our sofa here.

Blue and white patterned rug

Similar coffee table.

Similar leather pouf.

Our Leather Sofa

Similar blue and white pillows.

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