Valspar Bistro White Paint: View Real Room Photos

Bistro White by Valspar (7006-4) is one of the best white paint colors to consider when decorating a home.

It is one of my favorite white paint colors for interior walls and trim in almost every room of my house.

Valspar Bistro White: RGB, LRV and Undertone

The reasons I like Bistro White over other popular decorator shades of white paint is the paint color, Bistro White has a warm quality to it, but has no yellow undertone.

It is truly white and has a nice light reflectance value. It lacks blue undertones which can make a room feel cooler.

Many warm whites – can look too beige. Ultra whites can look grey, especially in a north facing room. Bistro white falls right in between.

Finding The Right Shade of White Paint

I like white walls in my home and have used many shades of it – even white paint right off a store shelf labeled “White”. I don’t recommend using this though.

At first glance – white paint can look all the same, but when you hold up what you may think is a white paint chip against a white piece of paper you can see a strong undertone that makes the paint look more beige or blue.

For most paint brands ready-made off the shelf white paint that is simply labeled – white – almost always has a blue tinge to it.

For a true white paint, it is best to get it mixed at the paint counter using a color from all the white paint chips on display in the store. Look for paint colors with names like Pure White and True White.

Valspar Bistro White in Entry

Valspar Bistro White is one of these true whites. It looks good in natural light during the day.

And just as nice in the evening. The shade will change a bit depending on the warm/cool factor of the lightbulbs used in the room. The far wall and trim are Bistro White.

Examples of Valspar Bistro White Paint in Real Rooms

In the following photos you can see how I used this perfect white color in many rooms in both my previous and current home.

Bathroom Board and Batten & Trim

I first used Bistro White in the hall bath in my previous home. It is on the board and batten, doors and trim in the perfect sheen – semi-gloss.

Fitness Room

When I was turning a bedroom that was no longer being used in my previous home into a fitness room. The previous color was lime green so a primer was needed for coverage so no green undertone would show through.

I rolled on the walls in an eggshell finish and brushed it in semi-gloss on the doors and trim for durability.

The color gave the room cheery energy – just what was needed for workout motivation.

Dining Room Walls

After trying many moody dark colors in my dining room, it was not until I painted the walls in Bistro White that the room finally came together in a way I loved.

The color transformed a dark dining room into a bright and pretty one where I used pops of fresh and vibrant color accents.

Living Room and Kitchen Walls

When we moved to live on Lake Murray in SC, I made the mistake of having the paint color mixed at a local paint dealership that did not sell Valspar.

Valspar is a Lowe’s Home Improvement specific paint brand and is available at all their stores nationwide, but I didn’t live close to the store anymore.

I was told at the local paint store, that their computer could match any formula of Valspar paint colors, so they could make the color for me.

I was happy with this until I got home and started rolling the paint on the walls and realized it was not Bistro White – it had too much beige in it.

Lesson learned. I wasted money not buying the Valspar brand with their exact tint formula.

The next day, I set out for a 45 minute trip to Lowes to get true Bistro White made up in Valspar’s Signature line of paint. It is an acrylic latex, interior paint designed for “ultimate hiding.”

I also used Bistro White on the vertical planking surrounding my living room fireplace.

Craft Room Walls

Bistro White in eggshell on walls. Sherwin Williams Pure White in semi-gloss on Trim.

Entry Walls

Freshly painted Bistro White in a satin finish on the walls in a foyer. Semi-gloss on trim.

  • GATHER PAINT CHIPS – Every computer monitor will read white paint colors viewed online in images differently. It is always best to bring a variety of white paint chips home that vary in hue from warm to cool.
  • TAPE TO WALL – Tape the paint chips to all four walls in the room, not just on one, as each wall gets different light. Group the warm white colors together and the cooler ones separate. Make sure you like how the white looks on all the walls during all times of the day – morning, noon, and night.
  • PURCHASE – When you have edited the colors and decided on the right white color, buy a sample jar or a few paint samples of the paint in the sheen you want so you can paint it on the wall or a poster board to make sure it will look good in the room.  Once you see the actual paint on the wall and like it – then that is when you should buy it and start to create decorating magic with a roller or brush.

My Other Go-To White Paint Color

When I can’t get to Lowes to buy Valspar paint, my other go-to white paint is Pure White by Sherwin Williams.

You can see it here on my kitchen cabinets: Pure White (7005) Sherwin Williams. It is a pristine white.

I also used SW Pure White on my staircase makeover and hallway.

Another reason why I like Valspar is as a manufacturer of paint – their paints are more affordable.

Both of these white paints are not too yellow and not too blue and go with any color which makes them the perfect white paint to use when decorating your home.

What are your go-to white paint colors for your home?

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