What to Put in Candle Holders Besides Candles

Get doable decorating inspiration with ideas using candlesticks without candles in new and decorative ways for every room in your house.

Candlestick holders are one of the best “use what you have” decorating staples that we own. Most of use have more that one and keep them stored behind closed doors in our home decor storage stashes in wait to use for their intended purpose.

Wherever you store your candle holders, it is time to get all of them out, even if they are mismatched candle holders.

They can all be used with and without candles and for more than just placing candles in for a dining table centerpiece.

When I feel my decor starts to look stale and needs a refresh, instead of buying something new on a whim, I enjoy the process of “using what I have” in new and different ways to give the decorative items new energy.

My Living Room Candles

You may remember that I used a collection of mismatched candle holders as mantle candles when decorating for Christmas.

When the candlesticks were grouped together in an arrangement that accented the various heights, they had just the right impact on the mantel.

I really like this collection of the classic brass candle holders I bought at a church rummage sale a few years ago.

When I first bought them, I spray painted them silver.

Then this past holiday, I used Citrastrip on them to get them back to their original brass finish, then I aged the brass to give them a more vintage look.

A few weeks ago when I was putting the holiday decorations away, I found a new place for the brass candle holders in my living room.

By simply moving them off the mantel and onto the sofa table mixed in with greenery and a stack of books I painted white gave them a new appeal.

After doing this got me to thinking about all the ways you can use candlesticks without candles around your house.

“Simply changing a decorative item’s location in your home will give it a new look without spending a dime.”

Change Your Candlestick Arrangements

Decorating with candlesticks never has to be done in the same way. Each one by itself is static and looks the same, but when you create different arrangements and gropings with many of them, you can create new looks easily without spending a dime.

Create Candle Tray Decor

When placing candlesticks on a dining table when entertaining, instead of using the traditional arrangement of two, one on either side of a floral centerpiece, make the candles and holders themselves the centerpiece.

  • Place all of the candles on a tray, even if they are mismatched. They can be all tapers, votive, or pillar style or a mix of all types. When grouped together with the taller ones in the center they create more impact on the table and will add more ambiance for your gathering. No floral arrangement needed.

Arrange a trio of candles on a rectangular tray to place on an entry table. When you tire of it in this way – use the candles outside and the tray to hold perfume on your vanity table.

Decorating Tip: Always remember that there is never only one way to use any item in your home. Experiment by using them in different ways to come up with unique one-of-a-kind decor. You may end up liking the item even better used in a new way.

Decorating Ideas Using Candlesticks Without Candles

Here are a few of my favorite ways to repurpose candle holders beyond using them to hold a candle.

Here are a few candle holders I own. All are nice just on their own.

To create something new with them, I also gathered a basket, bowl, and a variety of dessert size plates I had, along with the round piece of marble.

When a candle holder is paired with one of these items, look what you can create:

The two unrelated items became a decorative pedestal that holds my jewelry on my bedroom dresser – no candle needed.

It looks like something I bought at HomeGoods, but it is just a white plate from my kitchen and a wicker candle holder I bought at a thrift store.

For this pedestal plate, I used the clear formula of Liquid Nails to attach a glass plate to a silver candlestick holder. Adding a paper doily creates a festive plate for an edible treat.

You can even add a glass dome if you happen to have one in your decor stash.

More proof that a candle holder can be used without a candle.

For this fruit basket, I used hot glue to attach the basket to the pillar candle holder. 

If you want to make any of these pedestal plates temporary, use Glue Dots that you can buy in the craft store.

For instant decor – use a glue dot if needed to place a pumpkin, Christmas ornament or anything you like on top of a candle holder.

Doing this makes the item more interesting and decorative.

How to Glue a Candle Holder to a Plate or Basket to Create a Pedestal Plate

When gluing a candle holder and a plate/basket together, place the plate upside down and then place the candle holder face down on top.  This way you will be able to see clearly and center the candle holder on the plate.

Use either clear Liquid Nails…

… or hot glue.

Let the glue dry and then turn the stand right side up and it will be ready to use.

Homemade Candle Holder Ideas

While on the topic of candles and holders, here are are few DIY candleholders that you can easily make.

Don’t throw away tin cans. Clean them and wrap fabric around them held on my raffia or ribbon. Place a pillar style candle on the can.

Drill holes into a slice of tree trunk.

This type of candle holder looks best with tall taper candles.

Turn wood scraps into modern block style candlestick holders. Stain or paint to coordinate with your decor.

Clean glass jars to use to hold candles. Use them empty, filled with food-colored dyed water or un-popped popcorn.

For a super simple candle holder – use the screw top from a glass jar. This one is from a jar of pickles.

I hope that seeing all of these what to put in candle holders besides candles decorative ideas will have you coming up with your own creative ideas using candlestick holders you already own in new ways.

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