Why You Should Rearrange Your Living Room Furniture

Do you remember a few weeks ago when I mentioned in one of my Style Scouting posts that I felt a decorating marathon coming on?

Many years ago, I gave the all consuming need to make a lot of decor changes in a short amount of time the title of a “decorating marathon“.

This latest decorating marathon began when I started decorating my living room for spring, even with the fireplace wall taken apart and looking pretty bad, I still wanted to freshen and lighten up the room.

I was eager to bring a new energy into the room after 2 years of keeping the comfy cozy factor of the room optimal while we were staying at home more.

Moving into the warmer months of the year, I still want to keep the room comfy, in my “white & woodsy” style, but in a more open and airy way.

So I removed all the accessories and then wanted to rearrange the furniture. My living room is small, so there are not many furniture arranging options, but I figured I had nothing to lose, so I asked Ed if he could help me move the larger pieces. He told me he had to take a business call first.

But… when in decorating marathon mode, I was too excited to see if what I was envisioning would work and was able to move the furniture on my own.

When Ed came back into the living room after finishing his call and ready to help me, he was surprised by the changes in the room simply made by rearranging the furniture.

He said “Wow – I like it.” He never gives opinions on what I do, so I know when he says something about the projects I do, he really likes what I have done.

Now that the room has a new furniture arrangement, I am starting the room’s makeover with the deconstructed fireplace. I have my paint clothes on and am ready to start working on getting it back into style.

Over the next few weeks, I will share each project in the room as I complete them. So if you enjoy seeing “use what you have decorating” and the changes that can be made using them – stay tuned.

But beware – after rearranging furniture in a room, know that it can lead to new project overload. Lots of time and effort needed, but exciting and worth it to live in a home you love.

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