Decorating for Spring in My Kitchen

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Now that we are well into spring, I have gotten around to showing you how I added a few old and new decorative items to my kitchen to infuse new springtime energy into the room.

You know I like to decorate with white, not only because it is cheery and bright, but also so I can accent a room with seasonal pops of color and not worry that the colors won’t coordinate.

For spring this is easy to do since spring is blooming with so many vibrant and happy colors. I chose to decorate using my favorite colors… blue, pink, purple and green in the kitchen.

Bye-bye fall and winter accent colors. See ya again in the fall.

Spring Decor for the Dining Table

Let’s start with the dining table. My kitchen is small with the meal prep and dining areas separated by a peninsula counter.

I have had this kitchen table for years. The original top was smaller. Since we don’t have a dining room in the house with a large table we needed a larger kitchen table.

My husband and I made a larger round kitchen table top to replace the old one. We placed it on the original metal base. The larger wood plank top makes a huge difference on the amount of serving dishes and items we can place on the table and how many people can fit around it.

After adding the new blue and white area rug in the living room last week I wanted to carry the blue color to the table. I found a blue and white cotton throw for $10!

I love it not only for the price, but it is reversible so when I want to see a new color – presto-chango!

I always like to have a throw blanket by the table since I work here most of the time on my computer and like to feel comfy cozy, even in the summer when the AC is on.

Here is what the throw looks like up close. It is very nicely made and quite the deal.

I created the centerpiece for the table by removing faux blossoms from their stems and placed them around a large candle in a wood bowl.

Decorating the Open Shelves in the Kitchen

Next up is how I styled the open shelves I created in the kitchen when we first moved into the house. When standing in front of the cabinet doors, they swung out too far which made you have to back up. Not good for the user experience and daily function, so I removed them.

I have always kept the plates and bowls we use everyday on the lower shelves and part of my collection of white pitchers on the upper shelves.

This spring, after cleaning out my kitchen cabinets and discarding items we no longer need or use, I had empty cabinets to fill so I moved the everyday dishes to the closed cabinets which left the open shelves empty.

Now I am decorating the shelves as if they were a china hutch or cabinet where I display decorative items – no stacks of plates or bowls anymore. I used a few white ceramic pitchers and blue and white plates that I collect.

I have gathered the collection of blue and white plates and pitchers over the last 30 years. The pieces are from Walmart, HomeGoods, TJMaxx and thrift stores.

To add instant sunniness, I added a dash of yellow in the way of bunch of wildflowers.

Open Kitchen Shelf Styling Tips

  • Start with a blank slate. Set everything aside and clean the shelves.
  • Leave space between items so the shelves don’t look cluttered.
  • Instead of lining up all of your objects in a row, try creating depth. You can do this by placing some items deeper into the shelves and other closer to the front.
  • If using cookbooks, stack them horizontally and vertically. Place items on the stacked books for added interest.
  • After you have the items on the shelves, take a step back to make sure if you have distributed color throughout the shelves. For instance, make sure if you have a blue item on the upper right side top shelf, that there is another item on a lower shelf that is blue and on the left side. Doing this helps everything look cohesive.
  • Stand back and edit and move as well as remove items as needed until you like what you see.

Simple Spring Decorating Ideas for Kitchen Counters

I like to add pink, purple, or yellow flowers to low vases on the counter. Seeing the vivid colors against the white makes me so happy.

Even when I don’t have a big bunch of flowers, I often clip a smaller amount and use and place in a small glass under the window by the sink. They look especially nice in the morning when the sun shines into this side of the kitchen.

When I don’t have flowers to place by the sink, a pot of herbs is my second choice.

I bought my first waffle weave dishtowel a few years ago and will never use another type. Their texture adds interest which I like to see.

I have found blue, green and yellow at HomeGoods. For other colors, check out the all the waffle weave dish towel colors Etsy sells.

Display Spring Color in Unexpected Ways

And lastly, adding spring color to any room doesn’t only mean it has to be a decorative item. I displayed the spring issue of my favorite decorating magazine on the step stool I keep handy in the kitchen.

Why hide all the pretty spring colors on the cover when they can add to the springtime vibe I created in the kitchen.

More Springtime Decorating Ideas

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