What to Put in Your Flower Vase This Winter

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Don’t know what type or color of flowers to use in a vase or table centerpiece during the winter months? Consider adding the simplicity of winter white flowers mixed with green foliage clipped from your yard into a favorite vase.

Doing so can create a cheery, yet coordinated accent in any room in your home against the cold or snowy landscape outside.

I created a winter white floral arrangement specifically to place on my kitchen counter and it is not just to look pretty or to enhance the serenity of winter. 

There is another more important reason I placed the arrangement in this corner that I have been keeping a secret for many years. Keep reading to find out the reason.

I collect white ceramic vases. I use and display them in all the rooms in my home. This one is my favorite. I bought it at HomeGoods years ago. It is a classic and will never go out of style.

I like the height, shape and the fact that the opening is not too wide so I don’t need a ton of flowers to make it look filled. The spout and curved edges around the top helps to make any flower, real or faux I use in the vase, drape over the top in a visually pleasing way.

But the #1 reason why I love this vase is because it is the perfect size and color to hide an ugly element in my kitchen.

Now my secret that I never have shown or written about before is out.

When we updated the kitchen and got a new double wall oven, the new oven had different wiring than the previous one from the early 1970’s. The installers told us they couldn’t rewire the new ovens through the existing electrical panel behind the wall ovens. :-(. They would have to rip the wall out and more.

Instead they brought the electrical wiring through the upper cabinet and into the outlet on the backsplash. At the time, I was quite upset. Over time though, I have come to terms with it, knowing that someday we will gut the kitchen.

The saying… “first world problems” – I think of the exposed cord as one of those.

I don’t stress about it anymore, instead I just hide it with the white pitcher filled with seasonal flowers so it is less noticeable.

I change the floral arrangement in the vase seasonally. Fall flowers in the fall, yellow tulips in the spring and real flowers from my yard all summer long.

Choosing what to place in the pitcher after Christmas always takes a bit more thought as I don’t want the arrangement to look like holiday greenery while at the same time, not wanting it to look too spring-like.

I found that white flowers and greenery always works. I arrange the mix differently every year.

In my kitchen, the height between the countertop and the bottom of the upper cabinets is 20-inches.

When filling the vase when the season changes, I sometimes make the arrangements in the vase lower and less full, it all depends on the flowers and cuttings. As long as the outlet and most of the cord is hidden, I am happy.

Design Tips for Arranging Winter White Flowers

For my winter floral arrangement, I chose to use faux white hydrangeas. I like the way their large, showy blooms look when mixed with real cuttings from evergreens from my yard.

1. Experiment with Different White Flower Varieties

Don’t be afraid to mix and match different types of white flowers to create a visually interesting arrangement. Combining flowers with different shapes, sizes, and textures can add depth and dimension to your winter floral arrangement.

If you have them, consider adding smaller white flowers or fillers like baby’s breath to fill in any gaps or spaces in your arrangement. This will help create a fuller and more cohesive look.

2. Create Contrast

To enhance white flowers so they stand out in a winter floral arrangement, incorporating winter greens like pine branches, eucalyptus, holly or any stem that still has green leaves in your yard adds a touch of freshness and texture to the arrangement while evoking the feeling of the winter season creating a lush and wintery look.

Each type of greenery you choose will bring its own unique charm to the arrangement, so don’t hesitate to try clippings from your yard and see what you can come up with as a filler to create a nice contrast against the white flowers.

3. Play with Heights

Vary the height of the flowers and greens in your vase. Higher stems in the center and shorter stems around the edge of the vase creates a visually appealing look.

Where To Display Your Winter Arrangement

A winter white floral arrangement can be displayed in any room in various and creative ways.

1. Dining Table Centerpiece: Place your winter white floral arrangement in the center of your dining table to create a cheery ambiance.

2. Mantel – Adorn your mantel with a winter white floral arrangement to add an eye-pleasing display in your living room.

For this winter white look, I only added greenery in a trio of my white pitchers. Paired with candles and rustic wood slices adds a cozy and festive winter look.

3. Entryway – Welcome guests into your home with a large winter white floral arrangement placed in the entryway. This will create a stunning focal point and set the tone for the rest of the decor in your home.

Step-by-Step DIY: Winter White Floral Arrangement

1. Gather Your Materials – Start by gathering all the necessary materials, including a container or vase, gardening snips, white flowers and greens of your choice.

2. Prepare the Vase – Fill your vase with water and if you have it, add floral preservative to help prolong the life of the greenery clipped from your yard.

3. Trim the Stems – Trim the stems of your flowers and greenery to the height you want for the vase. Cut each stem at an angle, removing any excess leaves or thorns on the bottom sections of the stems.

Doing this will ensure that the flowers can absorb water properly and stay fresh for longer. If you are using faux flowers, just cut the stem to the desired length.

4. Add the White Flowers – When adding large blooms like hydrangeas to your vase, odd numbers often look better when flower arranging. Depending on the size of your vase, start with 3 or 5 flowers at first, then add more as needed.

Place the flowers at different angles and heights to create a visually interesting composition.

5. Add the Greens – Next arrange the winter greens in your vase creating a contrast with the white flowers. Place the greens at varying heights to add depth and dimension to your arrangement.

6. Fill in the Gaps – If you have them, use smaller white flowers or fillers like baby’s breath to fill in any gaps or spaces in your arrangement. This will help create a fuller and more cohesive look.

7. Trim and Adjust – Step back and take a look at your arrangement from different angles. Trim any stems that are too long or adjust the placement of the flowers and greens as needed until you like what you see.

Caring For a Winter White Floral Arrangement

To ensure that your arrangement stays fresh for as long as possible, here are some tips to help you maintain your arrangement:

1. Change the Water Regularly – Every few days, change the water in your container or vase to prevent bacteria from forming and to keep the flowers hydrated.

2. Trim the Stems – Trim the stems of your white flowers (if real) and greenery every few days to ensure they can continue to absorb water effectively.

3. Avoid Direct Sunlight and Heat – Keep your floral arrangement away from direct sunlight, as this can cause the flowers to wilt prematurely. Also, avoid placing them near heat sources such as heaters or fireplaces.

With a little care, your winter white floral arrangement will continue to brighten your home until the first signs of spring arrive.

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