3 Reasons Why the Trane Variable Speed Heat Pump with Trane Link Won Our 2023 Home Reno Award

Upgrading your home’s HVAC system can be a big commitment. But especially these days, there are multiple payoffs: You can improve your energy efficiency — which, in turn, saves you money. And you can make maintaining a comfortable living space for yourself and your family easier than ever.

One way to achieve all of that is with the Trane Variable Speed Heat Pump with Trane Link, winner of a 2023 Good Housekeeping Home Renovation Award. This industry-leading heat pump ensures you’re always using the minimum amount of energy by taking environmental factors like temperature and humidity into account, continously speeding up or slowing down as the weather fluctuates to cool or heat the home to within half a degree of the chosen temperature. Plus, with the Trane Home app, you can use your smartphone to monitor the system, adjust your energy usage and even give technicians access to run diagnostics.

Beyond the money you save from the efficiency improvements, there are cost savings up front as well. For one thing, the Trane heat pump can be installed using your existing ductwork, so you can benefit from its technology without installing new vents. Even better, there are new federal tax incentives coming this year, as well as already operational federal and state ones, that can net you a serious break on updating your system.

Products and services selected for the Good Housekeeping Home Renovation Awards undergo months of rigorous testing to help homeowners make the best decisions for their home improvement or renovation projects. Check out the video above to hear more from Dan DiClerico, Good Housekeeping’s home improvement & outdoor director, about the efficiency, savings and comfort afforded by the Trane Variable Speed Heat Pump with Trane Link.

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