See the Viral Plant Hack From TikTok That’s Going to Help All of Your Greenery Thrive

Houseplants create a calming aesthetic, and inject personality into living spaces. The only downside is that even the easiest plants need the right conditions to thrive, but that can be hard when you live in an apartment or a particularly dark space. That’s why we were so excited when we saw a new TikTok from Samantha Herman, also known as @houseplusplant on TikTok.

Samantha created a DIY grow tower for her plants from three inexpensive supplies: a corner shower caddy, grow lights and zip ties. After building the shower caddy according to its directions, she uses zip ties to secure a grow light onto the bottom of all four shelves. She places the final result, a stylish black shelf tower, in the corner of a room and displays a potted plant on each level. There’s even space below for larger plants to rest.

Plant tip: When decorating with houseplants, making the most of vertical space is crucial!

“I believe all people should be able to have healthy, thriving plants — finding a way to bring light to areas that may be lacking at a reasonable cost is beneficial to every plant parent,” says Hermann, who advises anyone attempting this DIY project to take their time. “It’s simple, but to keep it neat looking, you’ll need to do some cord management.”

TikTok users seem to love that this grow tower is renter-friendly. The non-slip rubber mats on the upper and lower ends of the shower caddy are intended to protect floors and ceilings from damage. Plus, the entire structure is easy to adjust or move, so there’s no need to give the tower a dedicated home. “The benefit of a grow tower is being able to grow plants anywhere, and in limited space,” says Hermann.

Try the Plant Hack at Home

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“The nice thing about this tower is you don’t have to look for low-light tolerant plants,” says Hermann. “The lights are full spectrum grow lights, so any plant will benefit and grow well in this tower. If you’re a new plant parent, try a few of our favorite hard-to-kill houseplants, like jade plants, money trees or pothos.

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