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    Coastal Grandmother Decorating with Amazon Finds (Mood Boards)

    A few days ago I shared about “Coastal Grandmother Style”. No beach house or grandchildren required, ha! Coastal Grandmother was recently coined on TikTok as a style that is all about romanticizing your life. It embraces the easy breezy coastal decorating vibes of homes portrayed in the Nancy Meyers’ movies we all fell in love with for their sets. I think we all love the home in the movie Something’s Gotta Give!
    Decorate in Coastal Grandmother Style
    Many of us here relate to this style or have been living the “coastal grandmother” lifestyle for years (even if we didn’t know what to call it, aren’t to grandma status, or even if the beach house has only been in our dreams).
    If you want to decorate your home to have a similar coastal feel, I rounded up some decor finds on Amazon that I think fit right in.
    You’ll find my “Coastal Grandmother Decorating Style” idea list in my Amazon Storefront HERE, and three mood boards below!
    Do you like these mood boards? I love them and find them so inspiring.
    All sources for the mood boards are linked below (everything is from Amazon!).

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

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    Gold Wall Sconce with Linen Shade (Set of 2) – I have these in my home and use these rechargeable light bulbs (see details here)
    Wooden Sailboat
    Sailboat Nautical Gold Framed Artwork
    Rattan Table Lamp
    Faux Potted Plant
    Coastal Blues: Guide to Decorating with the Colors of the Sea and Sky (see my video and post about favorite coffee table design books and finding your style HERE)
    Slipcovered White Sofa
    Blue Ticking Pattern Pillows Set of 2
    Blue and White Floral Porcelain Ginger Jar Pot
    Ivory and Blue Striped Cotton Rug
    White Spindle Accent Chair
    Deep Wicker Storage Trunk

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

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    A Boat, A Whale, and A Walrus Cookbook
    Blue and White Chinoiserie Table Lamp with Gold
    Ship Painting with Gold Frame
    White Adirondack Chair – Weather Resistant
    Blue Modish Glass Bottle
    Nautical Rope Knot Door Stop
    Blue Faux Hydrangeas
    Wooden Model Sailboat
    Blue Herringbone Faux Cashmere Throw Blanket
    Cast Iron Whale Wall Hooks – Set of 3 (I have these!)
    Blue and White Decorative Flower Pots – Set of 3

    Sources for above (click the images and links below for details):

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    Rattan Table Lamp with Shade
    Blue Recycled Glass Carafe Bottle
    Coastal Ship Gold Framed Wall Art
    Black Wall Sconces with Shades – Set of 2
    Blue and White Striped Tassel Pillow
    Blue Tufted Upholstered Arm Chair
    Wood / Cane Round Accent Side Table
    Natural Fiber Jute/Sisal Area Rug with Gray Trim
    Rattan Rectangular Storage Lidded Basket
    A Lovely Life: Savoring Simple Joys in Every Season (my new book which unbeknownst to me, aligns perfectly with this “Coastal Grandmother” trend! A Lovely Life book is about savoring the simple pleasures of home (like a Coastal Grandmother…ha!).
    Blue and White Porcelain Ceramic Mugs – Set of 4 (I have these!)
    Wool and Cashmere Throw Blanket with Tassels (blue, other color options available)
    Brass Whale Paperweight
    See more in my “Coastal Grandmother Style” idea list in my Amazon Storefront HERE! More

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    Inspired By: Scalloped Patterns in Decor and Furniture

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    I love to play with various textures, shapes and patterns in a room as they add a lot of interest! The scallop has been having a moment in the design world, but of course it’s a classic shape so don’t be hesitant to bring it into your home. The possibilities are endless for how to incorporate them, these days you’ll find scallops on furniture, accessories, dishes, wallpaper, napkins, lampshades, mirror, trim or backsplashes, fabric and linens and more.
    Here are some whimsical scalloped design pieces we found online and some inspiration photos below to show you the fun they add to a space!

    Sources for above:
    Scalloped wall mirror
    Scalloped pillow sham (color options and comes as duvet as well)
    Rattan scalloped pendant light
    Scalloped basket
    Scalloped seagrass tapered hand-woven lamp shade
    Navy pillow with scallop pattern and tassels
    Scalloped teak wood round serving board
    Scalloped edge planter
    Round scalloped bone picture frame
    Scallop woven side table
    Scallop wooden plant stand
    Brass sconce with scalloped shade (also has a woven shade option, and comes as table lamp)
    Wicker weave photo frames with scallop edge (set of 2)
    Capiz shell scalloped hurricane
    Round marble petal shaped scalloped tray
    Framed green artwork with scallop waves
    White scalloped bone and wood picture frame
    Tall scalloped woven basket (great price!)
    Scallop edge jute rug (also has a navy trim color option)
    Scallop woven tray
    Woven scallop baskets (set of 2)
    More inspiration for scallop design:

    More scallop decor (click images below for details) More

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    Dining Room Mood Boards: Simple Swaps

    I always love how just a small change can transform the whole look and feel of a room!
    We made 3 mood boards (in a similar style of our dining room) below. In each mood board, we swapped out only the dining tables and rugs! Which look is your favorite?

    Round Rattan Mirror
    White Oval Extending Dining Table
    Wicker Dining Chair
    Blue and White Patterned Rug
    Ship Art
    Banquette Dining Bench
    Whitewashed Wood Bead Chandelier
    Rattan Bookshelf
    Black Star Candle Holder Sconce
    Aqua Taper Candle
    Blue and White Chinoiserie Vase
    Blue and White Striped Tassel Pillows

    Round Rattan Mirror
    Wood Oval Dining Table
    Wicker Dining Chair
    Pink Patterned Rug
    Ship Art
    Banquette Dining Bench
    Whitewashed Wood Bead Chandelier
    Rattan Bookshelf
    Black Star Candle Holder Sconce
    Aqua Taper Candle
    Blue and White Chinoiserie Vase
    Blue and White Striped Tassel Pillows

    Round Rattan Mirror
    Black Dining Table
    Wicker Dining Chair
    Blue / Multicolored Patterned Rug
    Ship Art
    Banquette Dining Bench
    Whitewashed Wood Bead Chandelier
    Rattan Bookshelf
    Black Star Candle Holder Sconce
    Aqua Taper Candle
    Blue and White Chinoiserie Vase
    Blue and White Striped Tassel Pillows

    Fun, huh? Which look is your favorite? I hope this inspires you today to think about simple swaps you could make in your home! You can ‘shop your home’ for something you already have, or mix in a new piece you love to create your own unique style and space! More

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    4 Important First Steps to Take When Designing A Room

    Do you ever feel overwhelmed with where to start when designing a room? If you want to give a room a refresh, here are the first four steps I usually take to get started, to organize my thoughts, needs and style preferences so I can move forward with a plan!
    1. Assess the Space
    First I look at the space I have. What do I like about it? What do I not like? Do I like the colors, the arrangement, the furniture? Most importantly, how does it feel to be in here? Consider the current mood and what you’d like to change about it. Are there any cluttered spots that need to be addressed? Are there certain corners or particular angles that don’t inspire you? Do any initial ideas come to mind? I don’t have to solve it all…I just use this time to observe what’s working and what isn’t. You can write down your observations in a notebook if you’d like!
    2. Gather Inspiration
    Next I begin to gather inspiration! I start by looking for anything and everything that inspires me. I don’t worry too much yet about the practicality of the idea or the why behind my inspiration…I’ll get to that next! If an image, idea or art or piece of furniture speaks to me in any way, I save it. If I use books I flag them with little sticky notes (I shared my favorite home design books HERE). If it’s online inspiration, I will pin them to a Pinterest board, or if it’s on Instagram I use the little flag button on the bottom right to save them to a specific folder.
    3. Observe and Find Takeaway Tips
    Now that I have some inspiration saved, I try to analyze my photos and take note of what elements I like (I’ve done several posts about this called Takeaway Tips, see all here!). Sometimes I find I will save an inspiration photo but don’t know why it was that I gravitated toward it. Look closely and observe what specifically you like. Maybe you saved a photo of a kitchen that looks nothing like the style of your home. Upon observation, you note that it is a bright white kitchen with colorful cookbooks on built-in shelves. The takeaway from that might be that you feel inspired by bright white spaces with pops of color on open shelves.
    4. Look for the Patterns
    Next I look for patterns in the inspiration photos I chose. It could be literal patterns (like stripes or plaid!) but I’m mostly looking for color schemes, furniture elements or room styles that I seemed to choose repetitively. Did I save lots of photos with moody dark walls? Do I seem to love the look of a room full of antiques? Do I like the streamlined look of built-ins? I also refer back to the takeaway tips, because that can help refine the specific elements I want to incorporate. I might have saved several photos of white rooms, but once I look for patterns I realize what I really was inspired by was the architecture of white paneling, or maybe I really like the way vintage wood furniture looks against the white walls, for example.
    Also I find it helpful to ask myself honestly if any of the patterns are mostly driven by current trends, rather than what I actually like for my own home. I might save a lot of moody earthy toned rooms, but it’s helpful to remind myself that while I might love them in photos that doesn’t mean they will be the right choice for my home. It’s OK to discover that you love a certain look in photos and yet not choose it for your home.
    After completing those four steps….I start to feel much more equipped to begin making the specific plans and design decisions for my own space!
    In my next post I’ll share some of the inspiration photos I’ve started to gather as I brainstorm ideas for my new kitchen remodel!
    I’ll also give you an update on my bedroom and plans for that for “A Lovely January”. If you missed the details about that challenge, you can catch up and join us here.
    More inspiration on The Inspired Room:
    How to Find Your Style (+ My Favorite Home Design Books) – VIDEO
    How to Get Inspired and Find Your Decor Style
    How to Decorate with Inspiration Room (Takeaway Tips)
    More Takeaway Tips Posts

    Find decor advice in my books The Inspired Room, Simple Decorating, and But Where Do I Put the Couch + Answers to 100 Other Home Decorating Questions.
    Check out my “How to Decorate” page to find decor inspiration room by room.
    You can also follow my new Instagram @theinspiredroomstyle for style advice and our thoughtfully curated selection of timeless furniture and charming accessories! More

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    Introducing: The Inspired Room Style

    I am a big fan of creating your own authentic style. Rather than just going with what is trendy or popular or what someone else says is in style, I have always stayed true to what I love. While I no longer do personal design consultations like I did before I started blogging, I have spent the past fourteen and a half years teaching others how to use what you have, to collect things you love over time, and to surround yourself with pieces that tell your stories in order to create a truly meaningful home.
    I’ve been asked for years if I would consider doing decorating courses or hosting private education groups, but right now I teach through my books, this blog, and social media. I also have a fun new way to help ya’ll with your homes. Introducing The Inspired Room Style! It’s a brand new Instagram destination where we are offering our thoughtfully curated selection of timeless furniture and charming accessories so you can create your own “inspired style.”

    The Inspired Room Style is a completely free design service that is so simple to use! You’ll be able to scroll through our favorite daily finds in Instagram stories, click to shop any item that interests you, as well as browse the categorized highlights to inspire and help you find just what you’re looking for! 
    Tip: be sure to watch our daily stories at @theinspiredroomstyle because now and then my daughters and I will post one-of-a-kind finds or items you can buy from our own homes, too!
    We’ll also occasionally post simple design tips for how to create your own unique and authentic Inspired Style! It’s going to be so much fun to share this new resource with you and we hope you love it as much as we do.
    If you’re ever looking for inspiration for your style, or even want something new or vintage to add to your home, I hope you’ll find this resource helpful.
    Follow @theinspiredroomstyle for more!
    Happy decorating! More

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    Inspired By: A Cozy Island Home on Martha’s Vineyard

    Photos in this post: New England Home
    Before I begin to decorate or remodel a home, I first try to picture how I want it to feel to be there in every season. Now that we have our new home, I’ve been spending lots of time daydreaming about our life here (as I’m packing up our old house to move our belongings in, that is haha)…
    For fall and winter, I visualize our home feeling like the most inviting charming bed and breakfast hotel in a seaside town. A place where you’d come in from a day of adventuring to get warm by the fire. You’d be able to curl up in a comfy spot to spend the evening in a cozy chair reading a book, listening to music or having lively conversations over hot spiced cider and hors d’oeuvres. 
    I already love calling our new house our home, and I know I’ll have so much fun making it our own. As I’ve been looking for inspiration, I found this amazing guest house on Martha’s Vineyard in New England Home (where all the photos in this post are from) and it got my creative wheels turning for cozy ideas. This home also gives me lots of fall feelings and ideas…hope you are inspired by it, too!
    I’ve shared many times here on The Inspired Room that I like to observe interior design from many different sources and styles. This practice helps me to begin to think of my own style in fresh ways and inspires me to create more interesting spaces.
    Enjoy the photos in this post! Below each photo I share a few design elements that stood out to me. I call this the observation game (I’ve been sharing posts like this from the beginning of The Inspired Room back in 2007!). If you observe and study good classic design, it will inspire you for years to come!

    Observations: Grasscloth wallpaper, green painted doors, substantial statement lighting that also adds contrast, an interesting pattern mix, a cozy sisal rug, botanical artwork, lots of texture, paneled ceiling and wood beam

    Observations: inviting wood dining table, mint green vase, candle-style lantern for mood lighting, rustic tray

    Observations: soft blue/green painted paneled ceilings, fun teal chairs, nautical stripes, cozy lamp in corner, black lights, walls of windows/doors

    Observations: simple mantel styling, cozy fireplace, texture and pattern combinations

    Observations: island paint color in a soft minty blue, warm wood floors, green Dutch oven on display, casual woven baskets, interesting architecture, covered range hood, covered dishwasher, mostly clear counters, dramatic greenery

    Observations: rich wood furniture, simple linen window treatments, cozy conversation area, simple coffee table styling with stacked books

    Observations: matching navy twin beds, footed nightstand, simple greenery, fun blue and white patterned bedding, botanicals throughout home, coastal striped rug

    Observations: interesting wallpaper, unique but simple black light, cute reading chair with side table and brass pharmacy lamp, plaid rug, four poster bed, blue and white bedding, little round mirror, substantial lamp, wood secretary desk, simple curtains with black rods

    Observations: charming rocking chairs on the porch, shingled exterior, beautiful glass French doors, black pendant light

    See more of this lovely guest home here: New England Home
    Do you dream about how you want your home to feel before you start decorating? 🥰 Tell me about your home over in our free community Facebook group or in my Instagram comments! What do you envision your home feeling like? I’d love to know!  More