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    Whimsical Decorating Style

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    I love rooms that are designed with a sense of playfulness and light-heartedness, or when they have something quirky in them, even if it is subtle! A whimsical style can make a house feel like a happy home! Whimsy offers character and personality, while eliminating pretentiousness, stuffiness or seriousness that is sometimes a part of the design world. I think we sometimes lose our sense of childhood wonder when we grow older, so while some might long for a more serious or “grown up home” others want to retain a sense of youthfulness and amusement and express that through their home.
    Sometimes you can immediately spot something fanciful in a room, but other times it can be a delightful surprise to discover whimsical elements that are incorporated more subtly into a room.
    Whimsical decor might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but I think it is fun! We’ve incorporated a sense of whimsy in one way or another to all of our homes over the years, whether it was through splashes of happy colors, patterns or accessories. Today I wanted to share a few examples from our past few homes and talk about our decorating plans for our current home!
    Map Source
    Some of our OG blogging community might remember my DIY Map Wallpaper in this little hall. It was a spur of the moment idea, but I think often that is how some of the most charming whimsical designs come together. If you overthink too much you might chicken out :).

    I fell in love with these curtains years ago and have kept them with me every move since. If this colorful pattern isn’t whimsical, I don’t know what is! I haven’t found the right place for them in our new home, but rest assured they will appear somewhere. Probably in an upstairs bedroom or hallway.
    (I got these curtains HERE years ago, they have several similar here. I’ll share a few at the end of this post with other whimsical decor!).

    Another fun way to add whimsy to your decor is to bring a sense of childlike fun to your home. For example, I adore animals. We always have charming animal figurines, lamps, drawer pulls and art around our home. While we don’t have kids at home any more, that doesn’t mean we have to have an overly serious adult style house. We still are kids at heart :). However, we use restraint in how much whimsy we bring into a room and choose whimsical pieces that have a bit of class — we want it to complement our overall style.
    Artwork Source
    I also love to tell a story with our decor. Since I adore animals, I enjoy picturing the entire scene where animals might live, such as a meadow or enchanted garden or any type of fairytale setting. That visual image in my mind or on a mood board makes it extra fun to choose additional accessories that help create that scene.
    I feel like this whimsical artwork I got recently is how I view life. 🙂
    I also LOVE living by the sea. I’ve always enjoyed bringing in coastal art and decor wherever we’ve lived. It fuels my imagination as I picture the setting of a quaint home on the shores of the sea. Now we truly do live on the shores of the sea, but I still love to use my imagination for how I want our home to feel.

    Scalloped patterns always feel subtly whimsical to me. This scalloped rattan tray and blue and white scalloped trim pitcher (an antique I found recently) are fun new touches of whimsy in our home! The whale tail wood spreaders (similar here) peeking out of the pitcher make me smile, too.
    We’re just finishing up a remodel of our current home so we haven’t decorated yet, but I can’t wait to bring in my whimsical decorating style. We intentionally chose traditional elements as a timeless backdrop for the ever evolving seasons and things we love. Some of the whimsical elements might be so subtle that no one else will notice or know the story of what they are looking at, but the important thing in decorating isn’t what other people think or see, it’s what your home FEELS like to you!
    Fabric source – click here
    We can’t wait to start decorating with accessories and fabrics! In fact, we already bought our first “whimsical style-setting” fabric which features all of the colors we’ll use! Shades of blues, greens, golds, whites and a soft blush pink. Soon I’ll be able to bring in our other accessories and have fun styling each season.
    Do you enjoy whimsical decorating? What are the things you love?

    Whimsical Decor:

    Sources: Meadow Print // Whale Platter // Neutral Floral Rug // Bunny Wallpaper // Scallop Pillow (color options) // Animal Dessert Plates // Accent Chair // Blue Table Lamp Set of 2 // Star Light Sconce (shade options) // Scallop Rattan Tray // Polka Dot Basket (color options) // Spiral Candle

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    2 Mood Boards for Our Home (with a touch of whimsy!):

    Sources for above left mood board /// Sources for above right mood board
    More Whimsical Decor (click images below for details):

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    How to Decorate Your Home for Spring (24 Simple Ideas)

    Want inspiration for how to decorate your home for spring? Today’s post has lots of ideas to make your home oh-so-springy with staple spring accessories (that you might already have!). You’ll find lots of helpful tips and advice featuring pretty and practical ideas (many of which I’ve used in my own home over the years), plus a spring mood board!
    Spring decor basics (a few ideas!): vessels, blooms, botanicals, throw pillows, spring mugs, light layers, candles, artwork, plants (real or faux), books, trays, baskets
    Espresso Machine
    1. Adds Sprigs of Spring Flowers in a Vase
    Snip some flowers from your yard, or divide a bouquet into smaller bud vases. You can even use dried florals, like lavender. They last a long time so you get a lot of bang for your buck!
    Patterned throw on back of sofa
    2. Layer in Lightweight Throw Blankets
    Change up your decor with a lightweight throw blanket! These mudcloth throw blankets are absolutely perfect for tossing over furniture as an added layer of texture, pattern, and color. They’re reversible, lightweight, soft, and machine washable! I shared about these last summer and still really love them, I got them in several patterns (grey/taupe and white Swiss cross, a blue and white geometric, a blue and white Swiss cross blanket, and this floral one. Read more about these blankets and see more photos here.

    3. Spring Doormat
    A fresh spring doormat can lift your spirits as you enter your home. You can even layer in a pretty patterned rug underneath.
    Related Sources: Plaid Rug // Homebody doormat is from this shop–I don’t see the homebody design available anymore but here is a similar one! // Amazon Doormats // Amazon Outdoor Rugs

    4. Display Tulips in a Basket
    Treat yourself to a grocery store bouquet but instead of a vase, try setting the vase or a jar in a narrow basket! It adds a fun texture.
    Related Sources: Baskets // Kitchen Details

    5. A Simple Spring Mantel
    Style your mantel or a shelf with a few simple spring accessories like birds, flowers and books!
    Related Sources: White Faux Tulips (look and feel so realistic!) // Seagrass Vessel // Rattan Mirror
    White Slipcovers
    6. Spring Clean Furniture
    Vacuum or spot clean (according to manufacturer instructions) your upholstered furniture. Dust wood pieces. Wash or dry clean slipcovers. I love furniture with washable slipcovers, so we got these affordable white washable slipcovers for our IKEA Ektorp chairs. We also have this sofa with a slipcover, too. Read more about these slipcovers here.

    7. Style Your Coffee Table
    Set out a book that inspires you (binding color, topic or cover photo!), display spring objects like shells into a pretty bowl, or add any botanical element like a plant or flowers. Use a large rectangular or round basket to corral items or create a firm surface on an ottoman.
    Related Sources and Posts: Coffee Table Book – Island Whimsy: Designing a Paradise By the Sea // More Favorite Design Books // Similar Blue and White Centerpiece Bowl // Similar Basket Tray // Rug Source (machine washable) // How to Decorate a Coffee Table in Any Season

    8. Make A Teacup Garden
    Plant violas in wide mouth tea of coffee mugs! Water sparingly to keep moist without making them soggy. Bonus, you can use the flowers as garnish for food, too!
    Related Sources: Mugs are from here // Rattan lampshade

    9. Freshen Your Bedding
    Say good-bye to winter layers, drab colors and refresh your bed! Wash all bedding, curtains and vacuum rugs, too! Swap out the bedding fresh patterns, lighter, airier shams and blankets! I love this white waffle weave blanket (seen above).
    Related Sources: Similar Block Print Quilt // Blue and White Striped Sheets // Pom Pom Striped Tassel Curtains // Similar Pillow Shams // Wood Bead Chandelier

    10. Spring Door Basket
    Make a spring door basket with branches or other botanical elements. Hang the basket from a hook on the door or a ribbon secured to the top of the door.
    Related Sources and Posts: Similar Door Basket // Similar Faux White Spring Flower Stems // See more photos of our spring entry here
    Bunny Salad Plates // Blue and White Floral Dinner Plates // Woven Charger // Napkins // Bunny Napkin Rings // Appetizer Plate // Bamboo Detail Flatware // Blue Vintage Etched Goblets (color options) // Linen Round Tablecloth // White Bunny Mini Candy Bowl // Famille Rose Egg (tiered treat dish)
    11. Set a Spring Table
    Have fun styling a spring table with a mix of dishes, linens and accessories. Find table setting tips and all of the sources here.

    12. Update a Lampshade
    Lampshades can be gently vacuumed to dust them or even covered with fabric or a new look! Or start fresh! See more pleated lampshades in my home, more inspiration photos and sources here.
    Related Posts and Sources: Pleated Lampshade // Similar Lamp // Tulips // See more of my bedroom here

    12. Spring Statement Pillows
    Make a spring style statement with color and pattern!
    Related Sources: Hydrangea Pillow // Floral Pillow // Faux Hydrangeas (in door basket) // Ceiling Lantern (color options)

    13. Spring Mugs
    Put away your winter mugs and swap for your favorite spring looks! Find some of my favorite mugs here.

    14. Rearrange A Shelf
    Swap out dishes, accessories, books for spring colors and style!

    15. Change Your Curtains
    Take down heavy or winter fabrics and replace with lighter, airier, and fresher colors and patterns
    Related Sources: Similar Curtains // Woven Shade on Door // Rug (machine washable) // Similar Tufted Ottomans

    16. Hang Plates on the Wall
    Plates can add style to your walls! See how we hung these plates here.
    Related Sources: Blue and White Plates // Striped Banqeutte Bench (fabric options)

    17. Spring Bunnies
    Hippity hoppity! Easter bunnies make adorable spring accessories and centerpieces.
    Related Post: Bunny Accessories and Easter Decor

    18. Swap Your Rug
    Fastest way to update your style for spring? Add a pretty rug or runner to the kitchen! These are washable rugs so they’re perfect for messy areas and pets, too.
    Related Sources: Rug // Blue Pan // Kitchen Details

    19. Add Spring Style to Your Brunch Table
    Make spring FUN for the whole family by baking something yummy with spring cookie and pie crust cutters! This strawberry crisp was so delicious and simple to make (an so adorable with those Easter shapes!).
    Related Post and Sources: Simple Strawberry Crisp Recipe // Bunny, Egg, and Chick Easter Pie Crust Cutters // Alphabet Cookie Cutters

    20. Faux Tulips
    If you love tulips but want them to last longer and to be able to use them all season, invest in some faux! These ones look and feel SO realistic! I have them in light pink, coral, and white.

    21. Fun Taper Candles
    Candles don’t have to be limited to winter decor, look for fun colors and shapes for spring! These twisty taper candles are so fun (they come in multiple colors), and there are even battery operated twisty taper candles like these!
    Similar Botanical Framed Art // Similar Floral Botanicals
    22. Change Your Art
    Hang botanicals, seascapes, landscapes, whatever your favorite spring scenes are!

    23. Add Charming Vintage Pieces
    Spring is for yard sales and antique shopping! Pick up vintage pieces that not only add character to your home but give you simple options for display and creativity, too! I love this fisherman’s basket I found at a thrift shop (here’s a similar one on Etsy).

    24. Collect Spring Statement Pieces
    I don’t have a lot of seasonal specific pieces (I don’t have room to store much) but I do think having a few statement pieces you can bring out (or even use year round) can be so fun to show your personality!
    Related Sources: Brass Bunny Candle Holder // Faux tulips in light pink and coral,
    Sources: Green Stoneware Vases // Rattan Bar Cart // Cement Bunny Planter (I have this!) // Windowpane Pillow // Sailboat Watercolor Art // Bird Art Print // Green Woven Plaid Pillow with Tassel Zipper // Blue and White Floral Lamp // Faux Ranunculus Flowers
    Find more spring decorating inspiration posts on The Inspired Room here! More

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    Collections that Add Soul to a Home: Sunday Strolls + Scrolls

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Do you have any collections in your home? Collections are one of my favorite ways to add soul to a home. Today you’ll find some lovely inspiration from some of my favorite finds around the internet.
    No matter what your design style is (or if you’re a maximalist, minimalist, or somewhere in between), you can enjoy the process of collecting things you love and displaying them in a way that makes you happy!
    “By inviting in things you love, you’ll feel more deeply connected to your home in a way that will inspire your life”. – from my book Make Room for What You Love
    If you love the idea of having more collections and personal details in your home but aren’t sure what you like, study inspiration photos and design books to learn what you love (these are some of my favorite design books). Take note of the colors, shapes, textures, patterns, and styles that catch your eye!
    Pay attention to how they are paired together and where collections are displayed, so that you will have ideas you like for styling, too.
    When you know what you like, then you will know what to look for and be quicker to spot it secondhand, in stores or online. It’s an exciting process to hunt and gather treasures for your home over time!
    Ideas for collections: seashells, books, blue and white, ironstone, copper or brass pieces, books, artwork from travels, vintage stamps or stationery, glassware, ornaments, quilts, antique baskets….
    The more you decorate in a way that speaks to you, the more soul your home will have!
    We’ll be talking about meaningful ways to decorate to bring more soul to our sanctuary in our new member community HomeBody Gathering Place (learn more and join us HERE by February 28th 11:59 PM PST to get in our spring session before the doors close).
    Enjoy the inspiration below!
    Sunday Strolls + Scrolls is a series inspired by the interiors and exterior spaces I fell in love with while scrolling the internet. I particularly enjoy finding spaces and ideas that reflect a sense of sanctuary! I hope this series will feel as relaxing and enjoyable to you as a leisurely walk down a charming street, a peaceful stroll through a garden or finally getting to peek inside a lovely neighborhood home during a Sunday open house. 

    More Inspiration:
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    Enjoy the home inspiration in all past Sunday Strolls and Scrolls posts here! More

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    A Cottage Bedroom Mood Board

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Pleated Lampshade // Similar Lamp // Tulips // Find a ‘get the look’ mood board with more sources at the end of this post!
    We’ve been working on our bedroom in simple ways since last year (just after we moved in!). We’ll be changing out the carpet for wood floors soon, so that will be a more significant project. But mostly I find it fun to make little changes that start to make a room our own.
    So far we’ve added plug-in wall sconces, buffalo check curtains, and art along with our furniture. I’m always evolving spaces and finding new pairings of old and new, but that is how I keep it feeling fresh and personal.
    A couple of weeks ago I shared that I had been switching out a few lampshades in my house for patterned shades. I love the cottage look! Recently I updated another lamp with a patterned shade in my bedroom. You might remember that I bought the lamp originally at Walmart. It’s currently unavailable but if you are looking for a similar lamp, I found this floral lamp on Amazon that reminds me of it!
    Pleated lampshade // Similar Lamp
    The lampshade that came on the lamp was a fun teal color but it was feeling a bit bold for the mood I was after. I love the subtle leaf pattern on this soft blue patterned shade, it makes such a pretty pairing with the botanical bird lamp!
    Putting a new lampshade on my original lamp helped it to blend in more with its surroundings, yet it still makes a really fun statement! Style is often just personal preference, if you wanted the lampshade to POP rather than blend in, you certainly could do that!
    Most of what is in this room were things we already had, and the wall color was already there as well (Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore). The accessories we’ve added help to tie the whole look together and make it feel more “finished” even though we’re always updating it in some small way.
    Don’t be afraid to use what you have and then add new pieces to freshen things up! If you like an eclectic cottage look as much as I do, nothing really has to match perfectly. The goal isn’t to make everything match, but you can make some things go together even in a less obvious but intentional way.
    Buffalo check curtains (chambray color) // Similar Lamp // Pleated Lampshade // Rattan planter basket
    Once you know the mood you’re after, you really can tie a room together with just a few elements. Decorating this way will definitely save you money over time (because you aren’t always buying new furniture) and you can update a room for a new look or season with just a few new pairings, changes or additions.
    For example in our room the bit of brass on the curtain rods ties in to the brass on the bottom of the lamp and the wall frames as well as the mirror. We have a few brass accessories on the shelves. Does every accessory need to have brass on it? No! But as you repeat some elements or colors around the room, your eye ties them together and the rest of the room feels pulled together and intentional.
    It might seem hard to pull random pieces together, but it will become more intuitive as you do it! Decorating is one of the many homey topics that we’d love to talk about in our new HomeBody Gathering Place! We’ll be opening the doors soon for a limited time, I hope you’ll join us (click HERE for information on this new community!).
    Hope today’s mood board inspires you to try some new pairings in your home!

    Gold metal bamboo style wall mirror
    Sisal patterned rug
    Faux Fern
    Pink tulips // Coral tulips
    Rattan planter basket
    Bird art – I have mine in these gold Amazon frames
    Buffalo check curtains (mine are the chambray color)
    Floral chinoiserie lamp
    Block print pleated lampshade
    Gold framed seascape painting
    Navy 6 drawer dresser (similar to mine)

    Looking for more decorating ideas and advice? Check out these “Style Tip” posts! More

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    How to Pick Decorative Pillows That Go Together (5 tips on style, pillow inserts and saving money!)

    One of my favorite decorating accessories for my home is PILLOWS! But how do you get decorative pillows that go together and make them all look pretty in your home? Today I am going to share some of my own “designer secrets” that will not only help you select decorative pillows that will go together and look lovely, but that can also save you money, frustration and space. These tips will also help you simplify decorating and create a more cohesive look in your home in any season.
    Most people struggle with pillows! Too many? They don’t look right? Not enough? Storage, style, sizes, pairings, mix and match, inserts, there is so much to think about and learn. But I’m here to share a few of my secrets today. I hope they’ll encourage you!
    Sources: Wildflower Pillow // Striped Pillow // Rug // Gold Floor Lamp
    The right pillows and pairings don’t have to be perfectly styled to look pretty.
    This is one of my best discoveries. This might ruffle the feathered inserts of some designers, but I will share my tips so that your pillows do not have to be perfectly styled to look pretty. They are known by many as “throw pillows” for a reason. My dogs throw my pillows on the floor. Every day. All day. Perhaps your spouse or children do, too. Ha!
    If I expected pillows to stay perfectly arranged, fluffed and styled at all times I would be forever frustrated. Pillow perfection is not reality at our home. But that does not stop me from wanting pretty pillows.
    I want to enjoy my home, laugh at my dogs and have pretty pillows. It’s a fact, they will likely be smooshed (the pillows, not the dogs). The pillows will not always be set up in the right order (according to designer rules). They probably will be tipped over or on the floor much of the day. But they can still look pretty if you incorporate a few of my secret tips which I will share today.

    A different approach to decorating for a lived in home
    There are many people who offer advice on home decorating. Even if they are considered an expert, that doesn’t mean what they say a space should look like is going to inspire you or even be right for you or your home. For my personal taste, I prefer a more casual “we actually live here” look.
    A more laid back style feels the most inviting to me. So with that said, some decorating rules I read online or in books don’t inspire me. I don’t want my home to feel so stiff or overly styled, so I have to take a different approach to decorating.
    I offer my own decorating tips simply to be of help to those who feel as I do. If you feel your home is meant to be a haven in the world, and want it to be a pretty and inspiring place where people and pets are comfortable, you are probably in the right place. Your style might be different than mine, but I hope the encouragement you find here will inspire you in your own lived in and loved home.
    Whether I follow known decorating rules or break them, make decorating mistakes or inspire an idea, my lived in home has always felt pretty, welcoming and cozy to our family. That’s who you are designing your home for, the people (and any pets) who live there. Perfection isn’t necessary and in fact, it can be a hindrance in so many ways.
    Source: Wildflower Pillow
    A signature style that is pretty and practical
    If you’re like me and have home that is comfy and lived in, you’ll see my tips for creating your own signature style with pillows that still look pretty when they are smooshed, not fluffed to perfection, or even when they are on the floor, too. 🙂
    Recently I bought a fresh new collection of pillow covers to add to our home. I thought it would be fun to show you what I got and how they look together in different pairings. You don’t have to have these exact pillows to learn from this post. I’ll share my tips to make your pillows look pretty together and in your room, regardless of your style of sofa or pillows.
    For inspiration I’m mostly showing them on our leather sofa. Many people are flustered if they have a leather sofa because they don’t think pretty pillows work as well on them. I hope you’ll find through my tips why that doesn’t have to be the case! I’m a big fan of using what you have and pulling together a look that is both pretty and practical for your family.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Windowpane pattern pillow cover // Navy plaid pillow cover // Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover
    Here are my tips for choosing decorative pillows that go together, saving money, avoiding mistakes and finding your signature style for your spaces.
    1) Choose your signature color palette for your home (or a room).
    I think my home decorating secret for a signature palette is a good one for so many reasons, if you can make it work. Let me explain why it’s helpful when it comes to pillows (I’ll share more on this topic in an upcoming resource, if you’d like to be notified when it’s available, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be updated when it’s available HERE).
    When you have one base palette for your home, you will be able to swap, mix and match many of your pillows and accessories any room all year round.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Windowpane pattern pillow cover
    Your investment in pillows will go further and your need for seasonal storage goes down! If you have a cohesive palette you can then more easily shop your home for a fresh combination of pillows to update the look of any room (rather than having a full set of pillows that only work in one room or one season).
    A signature base color palette can feel fresh in any season by simple swapping textures of some of the pillows, or adding in a few pillows in your palette that you’ve chosen for a specific season. You can also play up one color or combination of colors in your palette more prominently in different rooms or seasons.
    Your home might naturally look best with a certain color palette, so go with what makes sense for your home! A signature palette doesn’t have to feel boring or redundant at all. There are so many ways to keep your spaces feeling fresh and up-to-date without redecorating everything all the time.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover // Wildflower Pillow
    2) Find a base set of decorative pillow covers that all go together.
    Let’s start with the basics. You’ll want to find pillow covers. I’m talking about decorative covers that usually have zippers and are used over the inserts (which we’ll talk about in another step). You can buy a large set for your home all at once, get a few to start with, or one and have a plan to add to your base set over time!
    I am sharing examples of some I have, and you can find more ideas and inspiration for pillow covers that might look good together here in this post!
    Have fun with your mix of colors and patterns, as long as you like how they look together and in your home. Ideally don’t mix very modern with very traditional patterns, it will feel better to go in one direction. Here’s a helpful guideline: I prefer to stick to mostly classic patterns like stripes, plaids, and traditional florals or fun botanicals.
    Sources: Wildflower Pillow // Similar blue stripe pillow cover // Similar Tufted Ottomans // Leather sofa is out of stock but here is the chair version
    I also like to mix in a couple of unique pillow covers such as a star pattern, polka dots, a traditional geometric or even a seasonal specific one, just to keep the style fresh. Vary the sizes of the patterns and don’t use too many. Make sure some patterns are bigger and some smaller so they aren’t in competition with each other.
    Here’s another tip, consider buying a set of two or even three matching pillow covers to make a cohesive style statement. Place them on the ends of a sofa, on a bed, or a bench. They can make your space feel more cohesive! Or even use them around the room, on two or three chairs to bring the room together. But sometimes I decide to use mismatched pillows and various sizes everywhere. This is up to you and just a personal or style preference, in my opinion.
    If you have a patterned or colored sofa, of course you’ll want to select pillows in complementary patterns and colors.
    Sources: Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover // Similar blue stripe pillow cover
    3) Choose the right sizes and shapes for your pillows.
    I suggest you pick at least a couple different sizes you can pair together or use in different ways.
    Bigger square pillows look better on a larger sofa (22 x 22 to 24 x 24 inches, or larger) or a deeper bench seat or beds. Smaller (19 or 20 inches) work better on smaller scaled chairs or when paired with larger pillows. Longer rectangles look nice in the middle of a bed or even a sofa. Shorter rectangles are handy for chairs (especially those that already have a puffy back cushion), or they can can be paired in the middle of two squares on a sofa. I use small rectangle pillows, 12 x 20, for my smaller scale chairs and sofas. You can also get round pillows to add to the mix!
    Source: Windowpane pattern pillow cover // Wildflower Pillow
    4) Consider your signature pillow cover fabrics, textures and details!
    Ideally your base set of pillow covers will be in textures that work for your home and style in most seasons. Maybe your home shines in the fall or feels best in the summer. Or maybe you like a cozier heavier feel or a lighter airier vibe! But no matter the mood of your home, you can also consider having some in additional textures (linens, cotton, denim, cozy woven, velvet, knit, flannels, chenille or wool) to allow you to have a fresh mix for various seasons. Whichever fabrics you prefer, if you can find a few with tassels or fringe it can make the whole mix more fun.

    5. Invest in good quality inserts and buy what you need for each room / piece of furniture.
    You can do this step over time, or get them all at once. Make a list of what sizes you want if you plan to add to the collection as you’re able. Keep a list of what you have or still need (put it in your phone or small notebook you carry with you) in case you see inserts or covers anywhere at a good deal. If you stick to your chosen sizes for your standard collection of pillows, you will feel free to buy new covers without having to invest in new inserts or find storage for the extras.
    It’s important to keep in mind for the best look, the general rule of thumb buy inserts one or two sizes bigger than the cover. So if you have a 20 inch cover, you’ll want a 22 inch insert. That will give it a fuller, higher quality look.

    Pillow insert quality is important because if they are are flimsy and lightweight, or not firm or fluffy, full and heavy enough your pillows will look lifeless! Plus if you have a leather sofa the lightweight cheap ones will also just slide right down or fall off. They need enough weight!
    You can decide if you prefer a fluffier pillow, like down or hypoallergenic down, or firmer style. I often choose mine based on what I think I’ll use them for the most. I like firmer pillows for the back of a bed to lean on. My favorites for sofas are the squish-able soft chubby fluffy ones, they just look so relaxed, cozy and casual, like you can grab them to take a nap! That’s the look I prefer for my home and suits my style, but you can choose what you like the best.

    Sometimes you can find inserts affordably but with a cover you don’t like. Watch for those, you can give away the cover and keep the insert, or if they don’t have zippers some of your pillow covers may be heavy enough that you can use them over the original pillow.
    I hope you found my ideas on pillow pairings and a pretty and practical signature style helpful! This is a preview of an upcoming home decorating resource, would you like to be the first to know when it is available? Sign up for my free newsletter here to be in the loop!
    Where to get decorative pillows and my pillow sources
    I got a set of my favorite pillow inserts at PB here and also have bought pillow inserts on Amazon, too. See some of my favorite pillow inserts here in my Amazon storefront.
    Here are the links to the pillow inserts I bought if you want the same sizes: 20 inch square insert // 22 inch square insert
    Here is a big round-up of decorative pillows and pairing ideas to inspire!
    Below are the pillow covers I bought more recently for our home, so feel free to buy the same ones as long as they’re available. But you can even just use this collection as inspiration for finding your own pillow covers over time!
    Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// (6 is sadly now out of stock, here is a similar one)) … You can also get 3 as a set (click here)

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    Pin this post for later so you can look for similar patterns and styles. We also keep our Amazon storefront stocked with current and seasonal styles we like (see our Amazon pillow shop HERE), so be sure to bookmark it for easy reference and you can always watch the blog for fresh ideas.

    Here is a post on lots of pretty fallish pillow collections!
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    My Secret Decorating Tip (and my blue glass lamp is in a new spot!)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Shopping for new things in a store or online can definitely be fun (especially when you’re excited about fall decorating or making your home cozier for winter!) but I think rearranging what you already have can be just as (if not more) rewarding! Do you agree?
    If you’re new to decorating, I’m glad you are here to learn. Today I’ll let you in on my favorite decorating tip…a secret decor strategy you may have always wondered about (and I’ll talk a bit about why I moved my blue lamp to this room!)
    Of course, if you’re a seasoned decorator, you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. And if you’ve been following me for years, you have watched me decorate this way over and over AND OVER AGAIN! It works and it’s fun, too. You’ve seen me decorate this way over time, through makeovers in a variety of rooms, homes, in all of the seasons.

    When you are new to decorating, you might wonder (like I did years ago) if you have to buy things all the time in order to love your home. Have you wondered how some people’s styles can look so eclectic and unique, while some look almost identical to a few others you’ve seen?
    Or maybe you’ve wondered if people have to redecorate to keep up with certain trends. Perhaps you have noticed how some people seem to pull together in room in a hurry without buying anything new. Maybe you (like I did!) wonder how others were able to afford all of that new furniture or decor!
    It might seem like it’s all a mystery, or maybe just an endless cycle of spending a fortune is required to decorate or stay in style.
    Sometimes people are able to spend a fortune on all new furniture or seasonal decor. It’s true. That’s one way to do it! But those of you who’ve been collecting their furniture or accessories over time know my style secret. Once you go this direction, it not only saves money but gives you a more unique and collected look that can stand the test of time. This secret offers you the opportunity to refresh your home every season without spending a fortune.

    My secret decorating tip is to collect pieces you love over time. When you decorate this way, it’s fun to update a room even without buying new things because YOU LOVE WHAT YOU HAVE. When you chose wisely to begin with, your look doesn’t go out of style. You get to go shopping in your own home and quite often you’ll find just the right piece to complete a space or decorate for the new season.
    And when you don’t have what you need but you have the funds to add to your collection or you find something special enough to buy, you can do that, too! Every time you add a new piece (or several) to what you’ve have collected over the years, you get a fresh updated new look and can quickly pull your home together in any season.
    This is precisely what I’ve been doing in our new home, just like I have repeatedly in every home we’ve lived in. Sure, I might buy a new accessory, a rug, or even furniture if the budget allows and right item is discovered. But I also love when I do NOT have to buy something new. I enjoy mixing and matching and rearranging what I have until the room feels right to me.
    If I stumble upon something somewhere that I love (or if what I have just does not work well in a new space), then hooray, I thoroughly enjoy adding the new item.
    Source: Reversible Blanket on Back of Sofa
    As you can see, I moved my blue glass lamp here from my upstairs office. I loved it upstairs (I love it in every room to be honest!), but I wanted a round lamp in this corner. I felt l like it needed a larger round lamp as a statement piece, but something that wouldn’t block the light from the window.
    For a week or two I had a beautiful tiffany style lamp sitting there that we’ve had for several decades (and is apparently back in vogue!). We love it, but after living with it in that spot for awhile, I decided I’d like it better in the other corner. (Even if you’re a seasoned decorator, a lot of times decorating involves moving items around until you love them where they are!) So off I went to shop for something in my home that would work.
    Turns out, the blue glass lamp was just right! It’s weighty enough to fill some of the space there, but airy enough to allow light and color from the outside window flows through the glass. I do miss this lamp upstairs, but I only have one so this spot took priority!
    I bought that lamp on sale a few years ago for my last living room because it just felt like ME. Remember the blue glass lamp I made myself? I feel like blue glass lamps will always work somewhere in my home. Around the same time as the blue lamp was added, I bought this blue rug and now here they are, paired together again.
    Buying new things over time expands your options and updates your current look. Pairing things you have collected over time, or with any new item you choose to get, is what creates your unique STYLE!
    Do you like to decorate this way, too?
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    10 Tufted Ottomans (Instead of Coffee Tables!)

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    Sources for above (many of these have other color options, click links for details): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10
    Tufted ottomans can work really well in place of a coffee table! I love ours and have used it for years, so today I’m sharing 10 tufted ottomans and answering some FAQ I get about tufted ottomans!

    Coffee tables have their strengths and drawbacks, but there are so many reasons why you might prefer an ottoman. I shared five reasons to consider using ottomans in your home in a recent post. You’ll also find a few of my thoughts style, comfort and practicality of ottomans.
    Today let’s talk a little bit about tufted ottomans. I’ll share a few FAQ about tufted ottomans, a style tip for furniture that you might not know about and 10 classic and lovely tufted ottomans!
    Sources: Rug (machine washable) // Similar Teal Tufted Ottoman // Similar Curtains // Basement Apartment Tour
    Are tufted ottomans trendy?
    Tufted ottomans are classic in style, so they aren’t considered trendy! They do feel slightly sophisticated due to the tufting but can easily work in a casual space. To ensure a tufted ottoman that will be in style for years, I’d avoid trendy patterns or fabrics that are more likely to feel dated or clash with current styles.

    Do crumbs get stuck in the tufts of a tufted ottoman?
    They can, but I haven’t found it to be an issue to keep them clean. We don’t eat directly on the ottoman, but with a large tray that protects the ottoman, you’ll avoid most crumbs from falling in. You can also use a pretty scarf or seasonal throw for added protection as needed. If you have kids, the easiest way to keep messes out may be to have them eat them elsewhere. But most adults should be able to use a plate to catch crumbs. If you love the look of a tufted ottoman, don’t let the fear of crumbs deter you. There are practical solutions and easy remedies.

    How do you clean a tufted ottoman?
    You’ll have to check with the manufacturer and research how to clean the fabric you have, but as far as those wayward crumbs, they can be vacuumed out. The easiest way I’ve found is a vacuum hose with a narrow attachment.
    What if you don’t like the legs or finish on an ottoman?
    I don’t think many people realize this, but you can sometimes replace the legs on some ottomans (and chairs and sofas, too!). You aren’t always stuck with a style of legs you don’t like. Well, humans are, but that’s a different post :). Sometimes higher end furniture will offer the option for different finishes or legs, so be sure to check on that before you purchase. As far as a DIY option, I changed the legs on my leather ottoman years ago. I was immediately happier with the shape and finish! I plan to do the same on some other pieces of furniture I have.
    So if you love an ottoman, but not its legs, check to see if they can be removed. Some legs can be unscrewed and if so, they are likely to be easy to replace! You can order replacements to update the look to suit your preferences and even elevate the style.
    Studio Apartment Tour
    Where can you find classic and beautiful tufted ottomans?
    I’m often asked about where to find my tufted ottoman. Below you’ll find 10 tufted ottomans (and the source for each). I think they are beautiful, classic and so versatile so select one that fits with your style, space and the needs of your family. My exact teal tufted ottoman is unfortunately no longer available to my knowledge but I shared a similar tufted ottoman here and more below!
    How do you find affordable tufted ottomans?
    Here at The Inspired Room, we do our best to find and share reasonably priced decor and furnishings for the home. We refer readers to a number of online sources where we (and our followers) have had success shopping! Of course, everyone has a unique budget, desire for quality on different pieces, or even various ideas of what is affordable. We make decisions for what to share based on what we personally would find reasonable, affordable or worth it to us to invest in if we had the budget. We share what we would feel good about ordering for ourselves and endeavor to share a variety of price points whenever possible.
    We love to share what we (my daughters or my husband and I) personally have in our homes, or things that seem to be of similar quality or price points. We do read a lot of reviews, and have years of experience offering recommendations and sources! But these are just suggestions if we haven’t personally owned the items. There are many high end furniture stores you can check if you want the best of the best, but we don’t like to break the bank when it comes to decorating a home.
    So as far as affordable ottomans, we’ve rounded up sources for a few ottomans at various price points that we like the looks of online! Hopefully you find one you love.
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    We love to offer ideas and often find sources for classic and affordable pieces. Sometimes I find really amazing deals on things I love or recommend, but they don’t always last long! If you would like tips for what to get and to be alerted to some great deals, be sure to subscribe to my emails so you don’t miss out!
    Tufted Square Ottoman
    Small Tufted Storage Ottoman as Coffee Table
    Linen Square Tufted Ottoman
    Tufted Ottoman (also has neutral color options)
    Sources for above (many of these have other color options, click links for details): 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

    Find more decorating sources and home design mood boards here. More

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    Ottomans: 5 Stylish and Practical Reasons To Have Them in Your Home

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    Sources: Similar Ottoman // Blue Glass Lamp // Rattan Daybed // Rug // Plaid Pillow // Similar Turquoise Animal Otomi Pillow
    Today let’s talk about 5 Stylish and Practical Reasons To Have Ottomans in Your Home!
    Ottomans are Versatile
    I love using my ottomans in my home because they are so versatile. An ottoman is used as place to put your feet up, an extra seat, and they are handy in place of a coffee table, too!
    We have had a leather ottoman in our home for over twenty years (and have moved it with us to five of our homes now!). I’ve used my teal ottoman in so many types of rooms and several homes as well, it always seems to work somewhere! Right now it’s in our upstairs room we use for guests and my office. Everyone loves it. We can pull it up to the daybed or sofa for the ultimate comfort while relaxing or watching TV, or use a tray on it for serving snacks!
    Sources: Similar Leather Ottoman // Wall Candle Sconces // Battery Taper Candles
    Ottomans are Classic Furniture Pieces
    You may wonder if certain styles of ottomans are in style. If you choose an unusual shape or certain trendy fabrics they can feel dated, so I’d stick to classic shapes and fabrics. Leather (or faux leather) and tufted ottomans are both classic home furnishing staples. They don’t really go out of style!
    I think the addition of tufting on an ottoman adds a little more sophistication and flair to a room, but they don’t have to feel fussy or too formal. I certainly use them in casual rooms. That’s what I love about classic pieces, they are a good investment if you want a style that can endure for decades and beyond.

    Ottomans Add Softness to the Room
    Ottomans come in lots of pretty fabrics and textures. Those fabrics and the padding will add softness that will enhance the coziness of a room. One wonderful thing about ottomans is that they comfy for your legs and feet (and won’t hurt if you or your littles run into them!). The softness of an ottoman means they can easily double as seating, much like a bench but without the discomfort of a hard surface. I also love to tuck small ottomans around a room, too, for these reasons!

    Ottomans are Simple to Use as a Coffee Table
    Tufting tends to give them a slightly more firm surface than some ottoman styles, but with any ottoman you will still want to have a tray or solid surface you can use on top. That way they are also functional as a coffee table for decor, or serving food or drinks. Of course, there is a risk of spilling on the ottoman if you use them as a coffee table, so take that into consideration.
    Some fabrics will easily wipe off or repel spills, but a large tray (perhaps try a tray with sides!) will also help minimize that risk. Like I said, I’ve had my ottomans for a very long time with kids of all ages (my youngest was a year old when we got our leather ottoman!). We’ve also had many dogs (and one who especially loves the ottoman!) and these ottomans have held up well to daily use.

    Ottomans can be fun to style, too!
    If you’re hesitant to try an ottoman in place of a coffee table because you feel it would limited your decor options, I don’t think that has to be a deterrent. You can use blankets, trays, baskets, books and other decor elements to style them for every season. I’ll show some simple ways to style ottomans for fall in an upcoming post (so stay tuned for that along with my simple decorating formula!).
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