Try This: Mix and Match Your Bedding

Have fun when the seasons change by swapping out sheets, comforters and blankets on your bed. Seasonal change or even when you are simply changing the sheets to wash them, are the perfect times to give your bedding a mix and match makeover with the bedding you already own.

Could your bedding use a wake up call? Do you change the bedding on your bed every season?

I do, two times a year for seasonal changes to lighten it up for the warmer months of the year or to cozy it up for the cooler seasons.

There’s no rule that says your sheets and bedding have to match in the way retailers like to sell them the “Bed in the Bag” way.

I often post about how to use the furniture and decorative accessories you already own and move them from one room to another to change the look of each room, but now… why not do the same for your bed?

If your linen closet is anything like mine, you may have quite a few bed linens stored there that over time you have simply forgotten about.

Time to get in there to see what you actually have and can use to give your bed or any bed in your home a free and fun makeover.

After taking the winter weight plush comforter and the channel stitched velvet quilt and shams off my bed, I wasn’t sure I wanted to put on the sheets and comforter I had last summer, but I didn’t want to buy anything new.

So instead, I gathered all the blue and white bedding I owned and then played around using all of it on the bed instead of only using one matching set of bedding.

These pillow shams have been folded neatly in my linen closet for the last 5 years! Time to use them again.

Mix Sheet Sets, Shams, Comforters and More

To mix patterns so they will look cohesive, there are definitely some key points to keep in mind: scale, color, and balance.

When selecting the bedding options from your collection of bedding, remember to include a mix of scales such as pairing Damask print shams with polka dots sheets and a small patterned quilt to create visual interest.

Be inventive and make up a new color story for the bed if your room color scheme is neutral. There are no rules that say you can’t mix a bunch of colors and textures to create an inviting and colorful bed in fun and unexpected pairings – no matching needed.

A Few Mix and Match Bedding Ideas to Try

Here is where you can have fun with any matching bedding set you already have. Mix it up with other sets to design a new look for your bed.

  • Find a unifying element by taking color cues from a print on one piece of bedding. This could be the main color you want to use. Then choose the rest of the bedding that coordinates with it or simply looks good together in an unexpected way.
  • If you change only one part of your bedding, change the shams. Sham covers can add a pop of color, seasonal style, or pattern. Plus, the large size makes the bed feel more comfy-cozy.
  • Is your comforter or duvet reversible? Flip it.
  • Look around your house for a decorative pillow in another room that would look good on your bed.
  • To make a print on the bed pop, pair with white sheets, comforter or spread.
  • Mix the new with old and vintage looking.

How to Style Pillows on a Bed

The Hotel Inspired

Very symmetrical – stack two bed pillows on top of each other or propped on the headboard. Lean two more pillows in front of these and then a bolster in front.

The Pillow Collector

When you love decorative pillows so much and can’t have enough of them on your bed. Then go for it and add as many as makes you happy.

Casual Ease

Photo: Pottery Barn

When you want an easy, effortless look, use an odd number of pillows. The aim to achieve ‘casual’ is to layer up bedding and accessories for an effortless look that doesn’t look like you tried too hard.

Piled and Propped

Adds a little bit of hotel inspired with a casual air.

The Karate Chop

Add a karate chop to the top of your bed pillows or poke the middle of your pillows to give them dents for a lived in look?

The Sandwich

Photo: Emily Kate Roemer Stying: Megan Hedgpeth

When you have a large number of bed pillows at your disposable and like lots of color and pattern. Prop large shams or pillows against the headboard and sandwich patterned shams in between the propped pillows and 2 standard bed pillows covered in colorful pillow cases.

The Matched Set – Reversed

Photos: PotteryBarn

If you have 4 pillow shams – 2 of one color and 2 of another, try this bed pillow placement idea. Or if you only have 2 sham-covered pillows and 2 standard pillow case covered pillows, reverse which one is in front for the other side of the bed.

The Avant-Garde Rebel

Photo: Pottery Barn

Don’t like following rules? Then this bed pillow placement idea may be just your thing.

The Minimal Zen

And finally… the warm weather look I went for that makes my husband Ed extremely happy – is using only the actual pillows we put our heads on when we sleep.

I may sneak in the two shams that I haven’t used in 5 years though. 🙂

Where Do You Put Decorative Pillows When Sleeping?

Where to put the decorative pillows when you are sleeping on the bed can become a problem if you have a lot of decorative bed pillows to take off every night.

I try keep my pillows at a minimum and do like the look of large sham covered pillows over smaller decorative ones for my king size bed.

I place them in a large basket at night that is across from my bed. Sometimes I move the basket to the opposite corner, but it is always in my room. Its only use is to place pillows in at night.

When these pillows are not in use for the season, I store them in my linen closet.

So the next time you change the sheets on your bed or are doing a seasonal change, don’t take styling the bed too seriously.

Play with your bedding and mix it up!

The bed styling that reflects your personality and style is the one that is right for you.

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