How To Create a Layered Mirror Gallery Wall

If you enjoy decorating your home, I am sure you have seen gallery walls in interior decorating magazines, on Instagram and Pinterest. Where a collection of framed art, photos or mirrors in varying sizes are grouped on a wall in a variety of ways to create decorative interest to a room or space.

In this DIY home decor post, I have created a twist on a classic gallery wall by layering framed mirrors, each in a different frame style. It creates even more of a dramatic effect on a wall.

Creating a layered gallery wall in your home is inexpensive and easy – a wall decor project that you can get done with a little planning and a free afternoon.

It is created using wood blocks that you can easily make with scrap wood. When these blocks are attached to a wall it makes the framed mirrors or framed art or photos come out from the wall.

Layered mirror gallery wall done with a thrifted mirror collection

I didn’t use specially made gallery wall mirrors, instead I used inexpensive framed mirrors on the wall space above the dresser in my guest room that sits across from a large window.

The mirror reflections bring in bright and natural light into the room as well as let my guests see themselves when needed.

A gallery wall using unique mirrors can be created on a full wall or even at eye level above a sofa or console table. Creating one in a hallway, along a staircase or in an entryway will add a touch of visual interest on a blank wall.

After creating the layered mirror gallery wall, I gave the brown dresser under it a new look.  You can find out how I did this in How to Update a Hand-Me-Down Dresser.

How to Choose Mirrors for a Gallery Wall

I had a few mirror frames sitting down in my basement and I got the smaller ones at the thrift store.  I even found a few at the dollar stores that added to my group of decorative mirrors.

Mix a thick golden frame with smaller modern black and white frames or consider using vintage mirrors to create an unexpected statement. Or use all antique mirrors or similar mirrors in one color to fit the color scheme or interior design of the room to create your mirror wall.

Time needed: 4 hours.

This gallery wall of mirrors is not hard to create. Follow these steps to create your own mirror gallery wall in your home.

supplies needed:

  1. Gather a Collection of Mirrors

    Figure out how much space on the wall you want to cover.

    When creating layered mirror gallery walls, gather a curated collection of enough mirrors to cover this space. Lay them on a floor or work surface to figure out the placement for the grouping. You may need to add or remove one or two frames to get the best fit.

  2.  How to Arrange a Mirror Gallery Wall

    Trace each mirror on newspaper or brown kraft paper to make a template for each frame. Number each tracing and frame so you know what frame goes with each tracing,. Cut each tracing out.

    Use painter’s tape to attach the tracings to the wall in a layout you like where some of the smaller frames will be layered on top of the larger frames.

  3. How to Hang The Frames in Layers

    To create the layered effect for the framed mirrors, you need to create two layers.  The first layer of frames are mounted the usual way right on the wall.

    The next layer of frames will be mounted on wood blocks.  To make these blocks, I used some scrap wood and cut it into blocks, each about 2″ x 2″.

    NOTE: The blocks need to be as thick as your frames so when you place a frame on a block it lays above or level with the wall mounted frames.

  4. Paint the Sides of Blocks

    To keep the mirror galley wall looking nice and neat, paint the sides of each block the same color as the wall.  Since the wall I created my gallery on is next to the entrance door to the room, I wanted the blocks to blend in as you might see them from a side view.

  5. Attach Blocks to Wall

    Drill a hole in the center of each block so you can screw the blocks onto the wall.

    The block becomes the wall for the frames that are going to be raised away from the wall to create the layered effect.  I added a nail and hung a framed mirror on it.

  6. Place the Largest Mirrors First

    Start by hanging the largest mirrors on the wall first and then work to each side. Next place the second layer of mirrors on the blocks.

  7. Tips for Hanging the Mirrors on the Blocks

    When it comes to hanging overlapping frames to create the gallery wall, the trick lies with the placing of the blocks:  The frames on blocks have to be centered on a block as this is where the hangers are on the back of each frame.

    Line the top of the block up with the top center of the frame where the hanger is.

    Note that some hangers on the back of frames are right on top, others are lower. Keep this in mind when placing the blocks on the wall. You should not see the block when the frame is hanging.

  8. Create Two Layers or More

    I only created two layers for my mirror gallery wall, but you could add a 3rd level by using thicker blocks that will hold frames on top of ones already on thinner blocks.

Closer view of the layer effect of the mirrors.

More Mirror Hanging Tips:

In case you need some help hanging heavy mirrors or frames on your walls, here are the easiest ways I have found to hang them.

If you don’t have mirrors, you can also create a layered gallery wall of empty frames for an eclectic look. Learn how to do this:


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