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    DIY Home Decor: 43 Stylish Projects For 2023



    Decorating your home is no small feat, especially if you’re doing it on a budget. I know this for a fact, as I have completed all of these DIY home decor projects and ideas to update my home and saved a lot of money along the way.

    Now is the time to get over the idea that dropping big bucks on designer catalog furnishings, decor and accessories is the only way to decorate your home. You have another option – turning to DIY projects that will have you inexpensively sprucing up your home in style this year.

    When you use your own two hands, you can paint, install a floor, or build a coffee table or headboard to fit your needs while saving money at the same time.

    This list of 43 DIY decor ideas can be referred to all through the year when you need easy budget-friendly, DIY home decorating inspiration. Not only are these home decor ideas inexpensive, all of them can be easily customized to coordinate with your home’s style and decor.

    There are a variety of DIY home decor items here from wall decor to furniture painting and more. All the supplies used to make and decorate with can be found at thrift and craft stores, hardware stores and home improvement stores such as Home Depot and Lowes.

    If your ready to start a DIY home decor project to create the surroundings you always wanted, start with one of the DIY home decor ideas listed below. I’d love for you to pick your favorite DIY decorating ideas and let me know what it is.

    42 DIY Home Decor Projects

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    Pottery Barn Table Lamp Knock-Off
    If you are looking for DIY table lamp ideas I have shared a few and recently made over another table lamp from the thrift store. I like upcycling them as they are an inexpensive way to update home decor at a fraction of the cost of buying a trendy new table lamp from a decorating

    Designer Inspired Two Tier End Table Makeover
    Refresh a wood end table, a two tier end table or accent table by painting it and then adding a wrapping technique to create a two-tone woven appearance. It will create a high-end Serena & Lily designer look at an affordable price.

    How to Paint a Rusted Faux Finish on a Brass Chandelier
    How to makeover a brass chandelier using craft store acrylic paint and supplies. Of all the projects I have been working on in my dining room, this brass chandelier makeover excites me the most.

    Ottoman Slipcover with Removable Pom Pom Trim
    Step-by-step tutorial showing how to make a pom pom trimmed ottoman slipcover. The fun and flirty pom pom trim is attached with velcro so it can be removed before washing the slipcover.

    Quick and Easy No Sew Box Style Window Valance
    How to make a no sew box style window valance using foam and fabric. No power tools needed. The valance is quick and easy to make.

    One Yard, No Sew Window Treatment –3 Ways
    How to use only one yard of decorator fabric to make a no sew window treatment or shades that can be styled three different ways. 

    Ceiling Fan Painting – Make it Fun!
    This colorful fan is perfect for a nursery or kids room. It looks very cool when the fan whirls around, so do the colors. The stripes can be added easily with acrylic craft paint and painter’s tape.

    Painted Glass Vase for Springtime Decorating
    A painted glass vase is nothing new, but when you turn things upside down, you can transform a plain glass vase into something that resembles a kiln-fired ceramic vase. Its artwork for a table top.

    How to Paint Upholstered Furniture
    Writing a blog about affordable home decor has never been more fun for me than writing this post. I learned how to paint upholstery and had to share the chair I painted with you. It was a complete success!

    How To Easily Create a Grid Gallery Wall
    How to easily measure and hang a grid gallery wall of photos or art on a wall. No complicated calculations or laser level needed to create an eye catching display on any blank wall in your home.

    Vertical Plank Wall Paneling
    How to cover brick or a plain wall with vertical shiplap or planking. I thought about just painting the wall, but wanted something that had more of a cottage feel to it. Installing budget-friendly DIY vertical shiplap or vertical plank wall paneling was the answer.

    Large No Sew Accent Pillow To Make
    How to make a removable cover for throw pillows that doesn’t require a zipper. It can be made using fabric yardage, a dishtowel or any type of fabric.

    DIY Map Wallpaper in My Laundry Room
    Affordable and creative options to using wallpaper in a room on a small budget. This tutorial for map wallpaper is a simple project with beautiful effects.

    How to Install Nucore Flooring
    How to install scratch resistant Nucore luxury vinyl plank flooring in any room with tips on how to easily cut vinyl plank flooring to fit perfectly around doorways.

    Painting Kitchen Countertops To Look Like Carrara Marble
    Painting kitchen countertops to look like Carrara marble can be done successfully. The painted results can last for years. This post will give you the knowledge and the confidence on how to paint kitchen countertops step-by-step.

    How to Make a Floor to Ceiling Plate Rack on a Wall
    A floor to ceiling plate rack wall that looks built-in doubles as a place for decorative storage as well as a way to enhance an awkward wall that is hard to decorate. Making a wall plate rack for your home is easy to customize to fit a wall of any size.

    Fitness Room: Before & After
    Want to create a workout space in your house to create a home gym or fitness room?  In this post, I am sharing how I transformed an unused bedroom into a bright and spacious fitness room or home gym.

    DIY: Carpet to Hardwood Staircase Makeover
    How to remove carpet from a staircase and refinish the wood with stain and paint. Re-doing my staircase is something I wanted to do the minute I moved into my house – that was 17 years ago. I have always yearned for hardwood steps and white painted risers. Now I have them and you can too.

    Driftwood Sculpture Table Top Stand DIY
    If you like a modern look for your decor, learn how to make your own version of modern art using a piece of reclaimed wood. Capture the organic beauty of nature and mount it to make a driftwood sculpture table top stand or petrified wood slab or slice.

    How To Paint a Rug on a Hardwood Floor
    How to paint a colorful rug on a floor looks harder then it really is. With a little planning and following these instructions, you can transform a plain floor to one that has plenty of color to make a big impact.

    How to Paint a Concrete Fireplace Hearth to Look Like Stone
    If the fireplace hearth in your home is made of grey concrete that doesn’t coordinate with the mantel or room’s color scheme, did you know you can paint it? You can paint anything when you know the right way to do it.

    DIY Clothespin Picture Frame
    If you like to do DIY crafts for your home, then you will enjoy making this textured photo frame to decorate your home using ordinary wood clothespins.

    DIY Wooden Candle Holders: The Easiest Project Ever
    Turn up the cozy ambiance in your home this season by adding the soft glow of candlelight to your spaces with this easy to make set of DIY wooden candle holders. While you make one or a set for yourself, make a few more as they make a great gift to give family and friends.

    Wood Tabletop Faux Painted to Look Like Zinc
    How to faux paint any surface to look like zinc. Have you ever tried painting a faux finish on a surface like a table top or a piece of furniture? Have you thought of trying, but thought it too hard to accomplish? I want to change that mindset.

    How to Repurpose an Urn into a Side Table
    How to instantly transform a classic garden urn into a side table. This black urn sits in a corner of my living room. I have had it forever. It is one of those classic items that always is in style.

    How To Make A Curtain Rod and Finials with a Tennis Ball
    Here is a budget friendly window treatment that is easy to complete. Learn one way to make a curtain rod using PVC pipe along with two different ways to make decorative finials for the curtain rod.

    How to Paint Furniture With Chalk Paint: The Step By Step Guide
    Looking to find out what the best way to paint furniture is?  It is chalk paint for so many reasons. Did you know that when you learn how to paint with chalk paint, you can create many different painted finishes from sleek, clean and modern to antiqued or a distressed look.

    How to Make Lids For Storage Baskets
    How to make lids for square or rectangular baskets using fabric, decorative paper and cardboard. Once these pretty lids are placed on a basket, you can stack baskets for better storage and organization.

    Simple DIY Headboard for the Guest Room
    DIY custom headboard ideas on a budget – no wood or power tools needed. Learn how to make this DIY headboard for any size bed in your home.

    How to Make a No Sew Chair Cushion Cover
    Update and transform worn out seating or a porch swing by making a colorful no sew cushion for it that can be made in minutes.

    Furniture Makeover: Spray Painting Wood Chairs
    What is the best spray paint to paint wood kitchen chairs and how many cans are needed for complete coverage for one chair?

    How to Repurpose a Sideboard into a Sink Vanity
    How to take sideboard or dresser and repurpose it into a bathroom sink vanity that looks like a vanity out of the Pottery Barn catalog.

    How to Make a Fake Transom Above a Door
    Step-by-step photo tutorial showing how to make a fake transom above a door in your home.

    Dining Room Chair Makeover – Part 2
    Learn how to give new life to stained, dark wood dining room chairs to white or any color. This chair makeover post is the second of two. Recently I showed you how I changed the color of the rush seats on my set of wood ladder back chairs. 

    Gallery Glass Front Door Sidelights DIY
    How to create the look of beveled glass on any window in your home for around $20. It is an easy, inexpensive and a fun project that adds a decorative element that can last a very long time.

    How to Make a Fake Topiary
    How to make a faux topiary that looks like a real one that will last for many years, even if you don’t have a green thumb.

    High Gloss Rolling Doors for My Studioffice
    How to transform thrift store bi-fold doors into rolling doors that will visually separate a room where a swing out door won’t work.

    Making a Fixer Upper Oversized Farmhouse Wall Clock
    Are a fan of the oversized wall clock that is actually a clock face in the Fixer Upper home of Chip and Joanna Gaines? I am. I love it and came up with a way to make my own large farmhouse wall clock to resemble it.

    Create Faux Wallpaper Using Paint and a Stencil
    How to use an all-over wall stencil to create the look of wallpaper.  I call it faux wallpaper. Wallpaper can be pretty pricey even for a relatively small space, an all-over stencil costs a lot less.

    How to Install Armstrong WoodHaven Planks to Cover a Popcorn Ceiling
    Learn how to cover a popcorn ceiling using classic Armstrong® WoodHaven Ceiling Planks with Easy Up® tracks and clips. No need to scrape the ceiling first! The pre-finished planks can be installed right over popcorn ceilings.

    Faux Woodgrain Finish on My Front Doors
    A front door makeover showing how to paint a faux woodgrain finish or faux bois effect on entry doors using paint and liquid glazing medium.

    Outdoor Tuna Can Lantern DIY
    How to make outdoor lanterns to attractively light up your outdoor patio or living space using a tuna can and a few basic items.

    Wood Slat Wall DIY for a Home’s Exterior
    If you’re looking to spruce up the exterior of your home or even the interior, have you considered making a wood slat wall to create a point of interest where there is none.

    More DIY Decorating Ideas

    If you would like to see more decorating project ideas, don’t miss browsing through my DIY Decorating category where you will find dozens of more doable and stylish ideas.



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    How To Create a Layered Mirror Gallery Wall




    If you enjoy decorating your home, I am sure you have seen gallery walls in interior decorating magazines, on Instagram and Pinterest. Where a collection of framed art, photos or mirrors in varying sizes are grouped on a wall in a variety of ways to create decorative interest to a room or space.
    In this DIY home decor post, I have created a twist on a classic gallery wall by layering framed mirrors, each in a different frame style. It creates even more of a dramatic effect on a wall.
    Creating a layered gallery wall in your home is inexpensive and easy – a wall decor project that you can get done with a little planning and a free afternoon.
    It is created using wood blocks that you can easily make with scrap wood. When these blocks are attached to a wall it makes the framed mirrors or framed art or photos come out from the wall.
    Table of Contents
    DIY Layered Mirror Gallery Wall

    Layered mirror gallery wall done with a thrifted mirror collection
    I didn’t use specially made gallery wall mirrors, instead I used inexpensive framed mirrors on the wall space above the dresser in my guest room that sits across from a large window.
    The mirror reflections bring in bright and natural light into the room as well as let my guests see themselves when needed.
    A gallery wall using unique mirrors can be created on a full wall or even at eye level above a sofa or console table. Creating one in a hallway, along a staircase or in an entryway will add a touch of visual interest on a blank wall.

    After creating the layered mirror gallery wall, I gave the brown dresser under it a new look.  You can find out how I did this in How to Update a Hand-Me-Down Dresser.
    How to Choose Mirrors for a Gallery Wall
    I had a few mirror frames sitting down in my basement and I got the smaller ones at the thrift store.  I even found a few at the dollar stores that added to my group of decorative mirrors.
    Mix a thick golden frame with smaller modern black and white frames or consider using vintage mirrors to create an unexpected statement. Or use all antique mirrors or similar mirrors in one color to fit the color scheme or interior design of the room to create your mirror wall.
    How To Make A Layered Framed Mirror Gallery Wall
    Time needed: 4 hours. This gallery wall of mirrors is not hard to create. Follow these steps to create your own mirror gallery wall in your needed: Gather a Collection of Mirrors Figure out how much space on the wall you want to cover.When creating layered mirror gallery walls, gather a curated collection of enough mirrors to cover this space. Lay them on a floor or work surface to figure out the placement for the grouping. You may need to add or remove one or two frames to get the best fit.  How to Arrange a Mirror Gallery Wall Trace each mirror on newspaper or brown kraft paper to make a template for each frame. Number each tracing and frame so you know what frame goes with each tracing,. Cut each tracing out.Use painter’s tape to attach the tracings to the wall in a layout you like where some of the smaller frames will be layered on top of the larger frames. How to Hang The Frames in Layers To create the layered effect for the framed mirrors, you need to create two layers.  The first layer of frames are mounted the usual way right on the wall. The next layer of frames will be mounted on wood blocks.  To make these blocks, I used some scrap wood and cut it into blocks, each about 2″ x 2″.NOTE: The blocks need to be as thick as your frames so when you place a frame on a block it lays above or level with the wall mounted frames. Paint the Sides of Blocks To keep the mirror galley wall looking nice and neat, paint the sides of each block the same color as the wall.  Since the wall I created my gallery on is next to the entrance door to the room, I wanted the blocks to blend in as you might see them from a side view. Attach Blocks to Wall Drill a hole in the center of each block so you can screw the blocks onto the wall.The block becomes the wall for the frames that are going to be raised away from the wall to create the layered effect.  I added a nail and hung a framed mirror on it. Place the Largest Mirrors First Start by hanging the largest mirrors on the wall first and then work to each side. Next place the second layer of mirrors on the blocks. Tips for Hanging the Mirrors on the Blocks When it comes to hanging overlapping frames to create the gallery wall, the trick lies with the placing of the blocks:  The frames on blocks have to be centered on a block as this is where the hangers are on the back of each frame.Line the top of the block up with the top center of the frame where the hanger is.Note that some hangers on the back of frames are right on top, others are lower. Keep this in mind when placing the blocks on the wall. You should not see the block when the frame is hanging. Create Two Layers or More I only created two layers for my mirror gallery wall, but you could add a 3rd level by using thicker blocks that will hold frames on top of ones already on thinner blocks.

    Closer view of the layer effect of the mirrors.
    More Mirror Hanging Tips:
    In case you need some help hanging heavy mirrors or frames on your walls, here are the easiest ways I have found to hang them.

    Variation for a Layered Gallery Wall

    If you don’t have mirrors, you can also create a layered gallery wall of empty frames for an eclectic look. Learn how to do this:





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    Creative Shelf Styling Ideas Worth Trying




    When it comes to styling shelves for our home decor, many assume that the only decorative objects to use on shelves are books, vases, plants, family photos, artwork and small decorative accessories. These are standard shelf styling items, but I know of a few more that you may not have thought of.
    To help you make the most of your shelves and bookcases, I gathered some creative shelf inspiration or shelfie ideas that are not only easy to do, but will add color and personality to your decor.
    Table of Contents

    Decorative Edge Trim For Shelves
    Adding shelf trim falls into the decorating category I call the “little details“. These details when decorating a home can make a big difference. They are not really needed, but can make something look so much better.
    This shelf styling tip is my favorite easy trick.

    Adding a decorative element on the outer edges of shelves can make a boring bookcase or shelving unit come to life.

    Using ribbon to do this is the easiest way, but consider how wood trim molding bought at the home improvement store would look across each shelf.
    Adding trim of any kind will take a plain bookcase up a few notches on the style scale.

    Narrow craft store ribbon attached to the shelves in a pantry closet using decorative nail head tacks.

    The shelf edges in this linen closet were gouged and rough. Something the builder of the house just painted over.
    To hide it without having to sand and repaint. I added white grosgrain ribbon the same width as the shelf edge and attached it with tacks.
    Doing this was not necessary, but every time I opened the closet, I smiled to see something pretty instead of ugly.

    For open storage shelf styling on a budget, use dollar store baskets or cover shoeboxes with decorative paper in the way of maps or leftover wallpaper from another project.
    I used purple ribbon and white thumbtacks to add a pop of fun color to the open shelves.

    If you are crafty you can make DIY trim from paper to decorate the front edge of open shelves in holiday or any style you want.

    If you like to be organized, you can add clear plastic label clips to the front edge of shelves.
    This can done on any shelf. They will help you easily find everything at a glance and will keep the shelves organized since you will know exactly where to place them.

    Decorate Open Shelving Using Backdrops
    Open shelves, cabinets and bookcases in a living room, bedroom or home office can become one of the most decorative elements in a room.

    Instead of focusing on what to place in open shelves or bookcases, think about how adding a colorful or patterned backdrop to the back of the shelves can make the items in front of it look even better.

    I make my shelf backdrops using corrugated cardboard or dollar store foam boards and choose what I wrap them with depending on the color scheme of the room.

    There is another nice aspect of adding a shelf backdrop when using the same wallpaper or wall paint color that a bookcase is on. It can make a closed back bookcase or shelf look like it has an open back.
    This can create a focal point and make the bookshelf or shelves look really nice when viewing the wall with the bookcase as a whole.

    I have even made shelf backdrops for a medicine cabinet in my previous home to add a pop of color and pattern.
    To find out how I make the backdrops, head over to this blog post:

    Consider Neutral Shelf Decor to Add Impact

    Create instant impact on open shelves by displaying a collection of similar objects or using items all in the same color.
    Having many items on your shelves that are all the same color makes the overall impression look less cluttered and more styled.

    Office Shelf Styling Ideas

    When it comes to office bookshelf decor, sometimes you may need the shelves to be purely functional to hold printer paper, files, etc without using any decorative accessories.
    If this is the case for you, then add color to the organizers you have. Plain cardboard file holders can be covered with gift wrap to add style. Shoeboxes can become decorative boxes in which to hold smaller items.
    Store printer papers in low sided rectangular baskets. Make the most of everything with square shapes by stacking them.
    Use the top shelf for the non-functional items where they will add to the overall look of the open shelves or bookcase, but not be in the way.

    As you can see, shelf styling doesn’t always have to be about adding decorative items to the shelves.
    Take a look around your home to see if any of the shelves or bookcases could use a little detail or infusion of color.

    Shelf Filler Ideas

    Decorative Objects for Shelves
    As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.

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    Fall Mantel Decorated With Pumpkins

    How to decorate using two mirrors and a collection of pumpkins over a mantel to create a warm and inviting look when decorating your home for fall.
    Did I ever tell you what one of my favorite things about fall is – besides crisp air, falling leaves, cornstalks, football, that cozy nesting feeling, and cider.  It is PUMPKINS!!!
    I love decorating with pumpkins.  I am a classic orange pumpkin lover – no chic white ones for me.  I love the pop of color the old fashioned orange pumpkins provide in my neutral color scheme, especially when display on a fall mantel.

    I have created my own little pumpkin patch right on my mantel.
    XO I could eat them all up!  Visually as well as making pie and munching on toasted pumpkin seeds.
    How to Easily Create a Fall Mantel Decorated With Pumpkins

    I have two mirrors layered on the wall to add more interest. The larger one is hung on the wall.
    The smaller on is on the mantel and leaning against the larger mirror.

    Either one alone didn’t look right – together they make a much better style statement.

    I also like decorating with bigger pumpkins. Placing them in urns is my “go to” way to display fall pumpkins inside my house and out.
    Simple and classic – no fuss. I used book pages I shredded in my paper shredder to use as bedding in my jack-be-little pumpkin patch basket.

    The white ceramic urn I found for a few dollars at yard sale. The vase is from HomeGoods.
    Classic ceramic white urns are hard to find affordably online. Your best bet in finding one that isn’t plastic is a HomeGoods.
    You can also display pumpkins on candle holders like I did in this post:

    I made the fireplace screen out of a cardboard pattern cutting screen. It was super easy and hides a multitude of sins.
    You can find the tutorial here:

    A Variation on Decorating With Two Mirrors Over a Mantel

    For this mantel, I liked the look of layering mirrors on the mantel, but I only had one white framed mirror.
    So instead, I hung an empty white frame over the larger wall hung mirror – so it looks like two mirrors.
    I used clear fishing line to hang it. The top of the fishing line is attached to the top of the mirror with a thumb tack.
    So what do you think? You may have a few mirrors in other rooms of your house or in your decor stash that you can give a second life- using as is or giving the mirrors a coat of spray paint to coordinate with the room’s color scheme.
    For an even easier mirror over the mantel look, you can simply lean a larger mirror against the wall, and a smaller one in front of it. Instant Decorating at its best!!!

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    How I Decorated My Fireplace Mantel for Summer




    Today I’m joining a few of my talented blogging friends for the Summer Seasonal Simplicity Series. It is all about summer mantel decorating ideas! If you have a fireplace mantel in your home, a sideboard or even a piano where you like to decorate the top for the changing seasons, you will enjoy these 15 doable and fresh DIY summer themed mantels ideas.

    Now that we are in the summer season, it was time to change up my fireplace mantel to decorate it for summer. Last summer, I loved how I decorated my fireplace mantel and will use the large planter I made for it again someday.

    This summer I wanted to see something new and different on the white mantel that is on a stone fireplace in my living room.
    You may recall this mantel was repurposed. It was once the top to my dining room hutch that we no longer could use, so we took the top off and turned it into a mantel.
    I didn’t buy anything new to decorate the mantel this year, but shopped my house to find decorative items in other rooms to use, as well as one large thing from my attic decor stash.

    I went in search of neutral colored and green items.
    I found a planter pot, candles, a wood beaded garland, tulips, a large basket and some greenery.
    Arranging Decorative Items on the Mantel

    To arrange the items in a stylish way, I tried to arrange the items across the mantel to keep a flow going. I used items with various heights, textures, colors and shapes to create interest.
    I played around with the items until I like what I saw.
    I was happy with how it looked in the above photo, but I felt the mantel needed more punch. I went on a search again to find something that would add it.

    Up in my attic stash, I found what it needed in the way of a large glass cabinet door I had used once before on my mantel one Christmas.
    It had been painted red, so I stripped it to the bare wood and then placed it on the mantel.
    Summer Styled Fireplace Mantel

    The stripped glass mullioned cabinet door gave all the items I placed on the mantel a cohesive look.

    The beaded wood garland is usually in a large dough bowl on my sofa table. I was happy to find a new way to use it.

    We don’t use the fireplace in the summer, so the garland will not be in the way. It adds an energy that I didn’t expect.

    I was happy with my efforts and also that the mantel goes with my White & Woodsy decorating style.
    Tips on What to Do With Your Fireplace in Summer

    When I decorate the mantel for summer, I also remove the large black fireplace screen that covers the fireplace and store it in the hidden closet in the foyer.
    In its place I put a basket filled with flowers or greenery.

    Shop the Look

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Other ideas on how to decorate a fireplace when it is not going to be used for the summer are:

    More Summer Mantel Decorating Ideas
    Do you have a mantel to decorate in your home? If not, do you have a sofa table or a piano that can be decorated the same way a mantel is?
    If so, play around with items you already own or even new items to style your mantel for the summer.
    And be sure to check out how what my talented blogging friends decorated their mantels this year for summer by visiting the links under each of the images below.

    The Happy Housie // A Pretty Life // Modern Glam // Cassie Bustamante

    Rambling Renovators // In My Own Style // Finding Silver Pennies // Dans le Lakehouse

    Craftberry Bush // Maison de Pax // She Gave it a Go // Hallstrom Home

    Deeply Southern Home // My Sweet Savannah // Willow Street Interiors



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    One Last Decorating Detail to Update


    When it comes to making your house truly your home – every little decorating detail matters.
    I have pretty much transformed every surface in my house over the 5 years since we moved to the lake. I still had one small detail to update though. It was not a big deal in the grand scheme of updating and decorating a house, but for me getting this last detail updated by adding my own style was a very big deal.
    It is the last part of the house where the previous owner’s tastes still exists and it has taken me 5 years to get it done…. talk about procrastination!!!
    Before gearing up to decorate the house for fall, I thought I would finally get this detail updated.

    I am 5’5″ tall and only see the bottom shelf when I open my kitchen cabinets above the stove where the previous owner had blue and white shell motif Contact Brand adhesive shelf liner. Shell motifs were a thing in the house – both bathrooms also had shells as a decorating theme. 🙂

    When I made over the kitchen, I tried ripping up the adhesive Contact shelf lining paper, but only got a small section removed as it was not going to budge. At the time, I figured I would cover it eventually. 5 years is a very long eventually. 🙂
    There is never a time like the present to get something done, especially now that I am spending more time at home.
    To get the cabinet’s bottom shelf covered in something more to my liking, I went to my gift wrap stash and found the black and white plaid that I used to line the drawers earlier this year. That gift wrap also seemed like the right solution to line the cabinets.

    It took all of 10 minutes. 🙂
    This gift wrap is not like ordinary paper gift wrap. It has a vinyl component to it which makes it wipeable.
    You can find wipeable gift wrap at HomeGoods, TJMaxx, and Marshalls in many different patterns and colors. In my previous house, I used it to make a runner for my kitchen table.

    So nice now to see color and pattern that fits my personal decorating style.
    How to Line Cabinet Shelves with Gift Wrap
    supplies needed:
    Wipeable gift wrap or any decorative paper – sold at HomeGoods, Marshalls, and TJMaxx
    Iron-On vinyl or Clear Contact paper if using regular gift wrap or paper
    Tape measure
    Optional: glue stick

    Use a tape measure to figure out the depth and length of the cabinet interior.
    Cut the gift wrap to size with scissors.
    Place gift wrap into cabinet.
    If you want the gift wrap to stick, after placing it in the cabinet, lift the corners and add a few swipes of a glue stick on the underside of the paper.

    When I painted the kitchen cabinets, I didn’t paint the insides or the inner lip where the cabinet doors sit when they are closed. Keeping the lip paint free allows the doors to close all the way, with ease.
    Don’t Have Wipeable Gift Wrap?
    If you can’t find wipeable gift wrap or a color or pattern you like to line your cabinets, then the next best thing to use is any gift wrap you like which can be covered with clear Contact paper or iron-on vinyl as I did when I lined my kitchen drawers.
    Or line your cabinets using the real thing – shelf-lining paper. Here are a few stylish options:
    Stylish Shelf Liner Options

    Black and White Plaid Gift Wrap (similar to mine)
    Gripping Shelf Liner Non-Adhesive
    Contact Brand Cork Self-Adhesive Liner
    Wood Grain Shelf Liner
    Clear Contact Brand Shelf Liner
    Lining cabinet shelves is a small detail that may not seem worth the time, but adding your own style to even the smallest detail in your home does contribute to making a cohesive look throughout a room and entire home, even when behind closed doors.

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    Wicker Basket Side Table for My Living Room

    How I instantly made a unique side table to go next to one of the chairs in my living room. This DIY side table idea could not have been easier to make. In fact, it was assembled in an instant with no power tools needed. Side Table BEFORE This is a photo of the corner […] More

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    Easy DIY Decorating Ideas Using Ribbon

    How to Ideas to Decorate Every Room In Your Home Using Ribbon When decorating your home, sometimes you don’t need to buy new items. All you need to do is embellish a piece of existing furnishings with ribbon to give it a new look. Decorating with ribbon is not only fast, easy and affordable – […] More