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    How to Make Dalmatian Spotted Window Blinds

    How to re-style inexpensive mini blinds into a window treatment for kid’s rooms that they will love. Post Updated: 08/17/2019 How to Make Dalmatian Spotted Window Blinds I created these blinds for a kid’s room. They are easy to make using a sheet of black contact paper or a sticky back vinyl sheet. When the […] More

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    Decor With a Good Story

    Decorating to create a meaningful home. Some of my favorite items I decorate my house with are new, trendy and colorful. These items update my surroundings to keep it looking fresh, which I like to see. But it is not the only type of decor I like to have in my house. I like another […] More

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    Budget Decorating: The Forgotten Secrets #2

    Skirted tables are one decor item that not only adds color and pattern to a room, but they can be changed easily seasonally while providing hidden storage. In this post I am sharing a few that I think will inspire you to think about how one would fit into your decor and storage needs. This […] More