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    How to Fall in Love with Your Room (+ Our New Living Room Arrangement Using What We Have)

    It’s that time of year when we all want our living spaces to be cozy, welcoming and comfortable. We want to love our homes. But as you look around your room, do you ever have a nagging feeling that something is “off” but you don’t know exactly what it is? I definitely have! Perhaps you’ve considered getting rid of everything you have so you can start over with new things you love. I’ll admit that thought has crossed my mind a time or two.
    Sources: Plaid Arm Chair // Waffle Weave Blanket on back // Jute + Cotton Rug // Round Black Art (my art is birds which is sold out, but this is the same style with butterflies!)
    I’m a fan of using what you have when possible and not always buying new things.
    But sometimes it’s hard to figure out where to put the furniture you have, or how to combine what you have in a new way or a new room. And how to determine when you just need something new!
    Did you know years ago I wrote a book called But Where Do I Put the Couch? with KariAnne Wood from Thistlewood Farms? Seems like I should be an expert on answering that age old question of where a couch should go in a room, but as is often the case with design, the best answer is often found through trial, error and experimentation rather than in a universal set of rules to to follow.
    I think we need to give ourselves freedom to try new things, to break the rules and just arrange furniture in a way that is best for the room! This way your room will be better designed for you and make more sense.
    Source: Brown Gingham Pillow on Wingback Chair // Jute + Cotton Rug with this rug pad // Blue and White Floral Ginger Jar // Clam Shell (similar) and other sources // No link for those toys on the floor, ha!
    I am happy to say I stand by my advice in the book (which is not just about where to put the couch, by the way! It’s so much more than that! It answers 101 actual decorating questions from readers like you! Read all about it here).
    But even if we know the rules, break the rules or both, we can still feel stuck. I get stuck, too.
    Case in point.
    I was so excited when our renovation was nearly complete because I finally got to arrange furniture and get settled. But my enthusiasm soon turned to a slump. I just wasn’t feeling like the living room was coming together.
    It wasn’t the backdrops at all. I was grateful for this newly refreshed space and love our paint colors and new flooring. Love the new feel and layout of our main floor. I still planned to get blinds in the living room, and I knew we’d get those soon.
    Sources: Wicker Trunk // Jute + Cotton Rug // Leather Sofa Armchair Version (loveseat no longer sold) // Pleated Lampshade // Blue and White Stamped Pillow on Sofa // Dining Room Details
    While I was stumped at how to solve the furniture arrangement, a little voice in my head told me to STOP DROP AND ROLL.
    Catchy, yes? You’re welcome. A little lesson we all learned in kindergarten.
    This time though, there was no fire to put out.
    Just a little crisis in my head, but nothing STOP DROP AND ROLL can’t handle!
    STOP scrolling for more ideas that just overwhelm or confuse you.
    DROP the idea that shopping is the only way to solve problems.
    Get out of your head so you can get ROLLING!
    Sources: Blue and White Flower Pot // Plaid Arm Chair // Waffle Weave Blanket on back // Jute + Cotton Rug // Lidded Rattan Basket Under Table // Lidded Basket on Right // Round Black Art // Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Even though I felt stumped — like I already tried every combination or arrangement, I told myself I needed to get up and try again. If I didn’t like it, no problem, I could just move it all right back. If nothing else, it could give me clarity on what it was I needed so I could make a better decision.
    It was time to STOP DROP AND ROLL!
    I turned on my Fall Puttering Playlist, got my comfy tennies on, and started moving the furniture all around the room. I tried every possibility, even the ones I was pretty sure I wouldn’t love. But you never know until you try!
    Several arrangements later…it suddenly clicked! This felt right. Cozy, inviting, and pleasant for conversation. Funny enough, this is the arrangement I tried FIRST! I promptly dismissed it previously because when I tried it before, the dining room was still under construction.
    Sources: Wicker Trunk // Jute + Cotton Rug
    Here’s another handy tip. Don’t judge a room when it is under construction (or in a mess as the case might be). I can often look past a mess but this time, I made a quick judgement that was incorrect. I thought it was too crowded, but I am so glad I gave the arrangement another chance once the mess was picked up.
    There is plenty of room to get around, and the couch there gives each room a cozier feeling! It works! Best of all, I was so happy I was able to use what I already had! All I had to do was try and try again.
    Stop drop and roll.
    Sources: Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Once I fell in love with how the room felt with the furniture this way, it gave me ideas of things I had in other rooms that could serve a new purpose in this space. Our ottomans seemed too big and there were just too many legs in the room with four more on an ottoman (although I might try again, or maybe just get a new one someday). But I brought down a basket trunk I had up in the Snug and much to my surprise, it worked just fine in front of the couch!
    We love how the room feels now. I’m so glad I didn’t give up!
    If you’ve followed along here for awhile, you’ll recognize that many of these pieces are ones I’ve had for years and years and have used in many different ways in several homes!
    If you’re not feeling the love for your home, maybe it’s not your home or your furniture!
    Maybe you just need to STOP DROP AND ROLL!
    Source: Jute + Cotton Rug
    Hope this inspires you today! If you try a new arrangement in your home, I’d love to see! Tag me on Instagram @theinspiredroom. In my HomeBody Gathering Place membership group I share in depth on decorating and creating a sanctuary through custom mini-courses and workshops.
    Join the waitlist HERE ( to join us when we open HomeBody Gathering Place again!
    Find more inspiration and encouragement for your home in my books, including Love the Home You Have, The Inspired Room, and Simply Home. Find all my books here.

    Jute + Cotton Rug – with this rug pad
    Plaid Arm Chair
    Blue and White Geometric Blanket (reversible)
    Waffle Weave Blanket on back of chair
    Round Black Art (my art is birds which is sold out, but this is the same style with butterflies)
    Blue and White Flower Pot
    Lidded Rattan Basket Under Table
    Lidded Woven Basket by fireplace
    Wicker Trunk
    Leather Sofa Armchair Version (loveseat no longer sold)
    Pleated Lampshade
    Blue and White Stamped Pillow on Sofa
    Brown Gingham Pillow
    Wingback Chair
    Blue and White Floral Ginger Jar
    Clam Shell (similar) and other sources
    Dining Room Details
    My Battery Operated Candles
    Blue paint color: Beach Glass Benjamin Moore
    White paint color: Classic Light Buff Sherwin Williams
    Find more sources from my home and more decor I love in my shops! More

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    My New Rattan Serving Cart (how I’ll use it in my kitchen + why I’m so excited about it!)

    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!) // Brass Ceiling Light // (see more sources at end of post)
    A few weeks ago I had an epiphany that led me to (unexpectedly but excitedly) buy a rattan serving cart! I am SO thrilled with it! The truth is I didn’t plan to add ANY furniture (except our dining table and chairs) when we designed our kitchen and dining room.
    Sometimes you don’t really know how a room will come together until:
    1) you start trying various arrangements, or2) you’re in it (not just looking at it on paper)
    That is how this rattan serving cart ended up in this special spot in our home! It was meant to be. Today I’ll share more about this serendipitous addition to our kitchen and dining area, why it works well for us, how we’ll use it and what this added piece brings to design-wise our space!
    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    While I love free standing furniture for storage and adding character to a room, as we were designing our kitchen and dining room we realized it really wouldn’t make sense to incorporate furniture (other than the table and chairs). We didn’t have many walls to work with (all of the three main rooms are smallish and open/connected to each other, plus two of the walls are filled with French doors), so we chose to use the available wall space in the dining room and kitchen for built-ins.
    This decisions and arrangement really helped us to maximize floor space, as well as improve storage and function in an “open” layout, and I can’t wait to share more of the details and the whole renovation in the reveal!
    Sources: Blue and White Ginger Jar // Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    As I mentioned, the rattan cart wasn’t in the original design plan. Yet it serendipitously turned out to be the perfect piece for our room and looks so charming with the island, too! I love when a room comes together organically. I always expect a space evolve as we live in it, but that means you don’t always get to know in advance exactly how that will happen. You have to TRUST it will come together in time! And often if I’m patient, slowly but surely room will reveal to me what it wants :).
    A few months ago I did an inspiration blog post on rattan bar carts, never imagining at the time that we would ever have room for one ourselves!
    I knew I loved the look and had seen so many ways to use rattan carts (plus my mom had a rattan cart in her home for YEARS!), so there was no question I would love one in my home. Yet it wasn’t until I was finally standing in my new dining room one day, observing the space we had available that I could imagine how a small cart would be perfect. It would not only work space-wise with the table and chairs in place, but feels like a “meant-to-be” design decision!
    Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    To be certain we would like it there, we brought in a similar cart (the one we got this summer for the porch). It wasn’t the right size (just a wee bit too big, but every inch counts), but it confirmed that we would love a similar piece in that spot. Now if we could find just the right size, color and shape we’d be set!
    I was so excited because I immediately found a rattan serving cart that checked all of the boxes, so I ordered it on the spot (and bonus I had a $50 credit and it was on sale!). MEANT TO BE!
    It is really is a wonderful addition to our kitchen/dining area in so many ways. Not too big, not too small. I love how it brings a subtle shift and connection in the function from the “kitchen side” to the “dining area.” It also brings together and adds to all of our warm toned textures, from the cutting boards and the wood flooring to the metal fixtures over the island. I also love the way it contrasts with the natural stones and soft creamy cabinets. It feels just right, so warm, homey and inviting, like I planned for it to be there all along.
    I think many times, that’s the best way to design a room. It can turn out even BETTER when you don’t plan every detail to begin with! It is fun when you find that unexpected piece, or there is an element of surprise with how it came together, or when you simply have the joy of watching it evolve and become your own over time.
    Similar Wood Handle Flatware
    This is what I hoped for in our kitchen. I wanted the overall design to feel welcoming, classic and timeless, as if it always been here in our family. Yet in order to feel like it’s truly always been with us and will be for years to come, it would naturally evolve because we would enjoy it and live in it.
    While it’s a new kitchen and a new serving cart, every day it’s feeling more and more like a family home we’ve always loved and always will.
    So how will we use the rattan cart and what is on it now?
    Blue Rug // Rattan Serving Cart (on sale!)
    I can’t wait to use this rattan cart in different ways and of course, share it with you each season. Besides looking really cute, it is so handy to hold things we may need day to day, like a stack of cloth napkins, our favorite little trays and various trivets, some coasters, a small wood cutting board, a vase for flowers and wood flatware that not only looks so pretty on display but it handy to grab from the table. Plus it is fun to be able to lean art (which we did on the lower shelf!) or set potted plants, display seasonal decor or foliage, or even to set up with dishes or desserts to serve at family gathering! We can also move the cart around to other places as needed.
    Happy start to the fall nesting season, friends! We’re enjoying getting more settled and comfortable in our home every day. It’s the ideal season for all things cozy, so stay tuned as I’ll have so much to share with you! Thank you for being here!

    Rattan serving cart (on sale!)
    Striped blue and white cloth napkins
    Round rattan trays
    Blue and white ginger jar (see more of my blue and white favorites on Amazon here)
    Similar wood handle flatware
    Woven charger placemats (see more woven chargers and other entertaining supplies in this folder of my Amazon shop)
    Blue rug
    Brass ceiling light (see our kitchen design mood board here for more sources)
    Black and white pattern crock is an old kitchen canister, out of stock but find similar in this Kitchen Jars & Canisters folder
    Cabinet color: Classic Light Buff Sherwin Williams
    Flooring: real European White Oak hardwood, engineered. I unfortunately don’t have a link to them — they were purchased through a local store and have no brand name I can find online.
    See our most recent renovation update here.

    Rattan Bar Carts inspiration rooms
    My flea market find rattan shelf (still have this, now in our guest room!)
    My rattan daybed (this is now in our Snug which has been recently rearranged after getting new floors, I’ll share that soon!)
    Inspiration: Rattan and Bamboo Accent Furniture
    My “Rattan Love” Pinterest board with inspiration photos
    My outdoor serving cart (+ simple gathering inspiration)

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    Small Space Hacks: Collapsible Laundry Bags (7 Ways They Can Simplify Your Life)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    If you have a small home or laundry space like me, you will LOVE today’s tip! In a small space, you really don’t have room for bulky items like laundry baskets. And our laundry room isn’t even a room, it is a very small closet so there is absolutely no room for traditional laundry baskets.
    I discovered these collapsible bags when we moved in and we’ve enjoyed them ever since (and use them for more than just laundry!). They have enough shape to stand up straight so you can fill them with laundry, but are squishable so you can squeeze them into a very tight slim spot. We keep ours in the tiny spot between the stackable washer / dryer and the wall.
    Collapsible Laundry Bag
    On the other side we have two super slim racks stacked that works great for our laundry detergent and iron and all the little items that you need to have on hand.
    Isn’t this star laundry bag cute? I just got this one and love it. I will share more styles and patterns below as well as tips for using them to simplify your life!
    With limited space available, you really have to think carefully about your organization and what is necessary for practical use or in daily routines for your family. But as I see it, a small space is far from a limitation in a home. It can actually be so helpful to have limited space because it is what will make you have to think twice about what you actually need!
    Our family has lived in very large homes before and while there are definite advantages to having more room to spread out, the amount of clutter and excess you begin to accumulate isn’t always an advantage or desirable.
    Below is a photo of the other side of our tiny laundry closet where we have these stackable shelves (this 4 tier and a 3 tier stacked together) that work great for our small sized detergents, iron and other laundry items!
    We also have this really great collapsible drying rack that can easily fold and tuck into a narrow spot and be pulled out when you need it.
    Sources for Slim Carts: This 4 tier and a this 3 tier cart stacked together
    Ideas for how to use collapsible laundry baskets to simplify life:

    Reusable grocery bag or farmer’s market tote
    Use in the car to corral items
    Use them to carry your laundry to a room where you fold everything
    Leave them in car empty ready for anything, or pre packed with common items you use on the go (picnic blanket, etc)
    Leave in car (or in the closet) as a donation bag that you add to slowly and donate when full
    Tuck into a closet or corner of the room for tossing used kitchen towels, if you’re laundry room is far from kitchen!
    Use them in a closet to organize clothes or seasonal items

    Click here for all above sources
    Take care of your home and it will take care of you!
    Efficiency in taking care of a home is something I’m passionate about helping others with because it wasn’t something I was naturally good at :). I have always loved decorating, but struggled with cleaning routines. I really had to apply myself to learning how to take care of my home and to find joy in those less-pretty and more mundane every day tasks. Now I love it!
    I’ve been sharing my daily homekeeping routines and tips in our HomeBody Gathering Place this month. We’ve had some good discussions with our community about what is needed to find more joy in taking care of our homes!
    We’re all about creating sanctuaries in the HGP! All year round we share about everything home: from how to decorate and find your style, to how create an atmosphere that inspires us, to embracing daily routines and getting into seasonal rhythms that help us stay on top of what needs to be done so our home runs efficiently and we feel our best in it!
    We’d love to have your join us in the HGP! It is a special community. BUT– there is only A FEW DAYS LEFT to join us before we close our doors to new members until the new year.
    If you love all things home and / or would like to make improvements or regular progress in your own home (and would like to be surrounded by the encouragement of like minded friends!) I hope you’ll hop in the HomeBody Gathering Place! Come enjoy the fall and holiday season with us!

    A Cute & Organized ‘Laundry Room’ in a Closet
    Pretty Laundry Room Inspiration
    Linen Closet Organization Ideas
    No Linen Closet? No Worries! 3 Reasons These Shallow Underbed Storage Bags Can Help!
    Find all laundry and linen inspiration posts on The Inspired Room HERE.
    Find organization posts on The Inspired Room HERE.
    See more laundry and linen storage solutions in my Amazon shop HERE. More

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    Getting Organized in the Kitchen

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    It seems like it’s been many weeks since I’ve updated you on our kitchen.
    If you wondered if you missed the reveal, don’t worry. You didn’t! The kitchen is essentially done but I’m still waiting on the final finishing touches to be complete. I hope those last bits will happen in the next couple of weeks so we can wind this up and then I’ll be able to do a proper reveal post!
    Meanwhile the work has continued around our home, so this renovation hasn’t been at a standstill at all! In fact, a lot has happened and we’re SO CLOSE to being done. I’ll get some pics and share more about the latest updates soon.
    I can’t wait to take photos and share all about our kitchen! We just love it. We’ve been cooking in our kitchen now for about three weeks and we are very happy with the appliances, function and layout of the room. Designing this kitchen to fit within the space we had was a challenge (as it almost always is when you’re remodeling). We definitely went round and round with what would be best for the space and for how we wanted to use our home. But we are happy that we made the decisions we did. It’s a very comfortable kitchen to work in. I will share more more about each decision and all the features in the coming weeks and months.
    The first thing we were excited to do (besides begin to cook with Beatrix, who I’m happy to report is as lovely to cook with as she is beautiful!) was to start organizing our kitchen tools and pantry items into all of the new drawers and cabinets. We haven’t been able to use our dedicated pantry in the mudroom yet because it had to be painted first but that will be fun to organize that when we’re able.
    We are still figuring out where we want everything in the kitchen, but I bought some new organizers for the kitchen as well as a few new tools I wanted to use here, so I thought I would share those today. I’ll give a more complete tour once I get everything in place.
    Wood Cutting Board
    I love the warmth and function of cutting boards in a kitchen, so I got a couple of fresh new ones we will use all the time here. I really like the big thick ones with the grooves on them, so I got two of these. I also find small ones to be handy and easy to grab for small tasks like cutting an apple, so I like this board as well (plus a handle is always nice!).

    I wasn’t sure we would need any special organizers for spices as I’ve always found it just as easy for me to lay them flat in the drawer. But, I decided to give these risers a try. I actually love how they tilt the jar up slightly and they are clear so they look nice in the drawer. They make me feel like I’m organized, so that’s a plus ha. I was worried the spices wouldn’t fit with risers in this shallow drawer but these work perfectly.
    You can get some spice racks that come with clear jars and labels like these f you really want to switch out the containers to all be uniform, but I don’t mind the mix and just use the jars the spices come in!
    Spice Drawer Organizer

    I’ve never had an electric kettle but I really wanted one for this house. We know we’ll have family here often so it’ll be so nice to have a kettle that can be used away from the main cooking zone. Part of getting organized is thinking through where people go and what they need to do in a space so you can make the experience comfortable. I want to think through what would be practical and where we put things they will use.
    We’ll set up a dedicated coffee and tea area where people can help themselves any time. We may even keep a kettle in a guest room for their use there! You can get my exact one on Amazon, and a similar style in various colors at Williams-Sonoma.

    Recently our old toaster died so we began a search for a new one. I fell in love with this style and love the color! After asking followers on social media for their toaster recommendations, we got rave reviews on this toaster! I wanted it to be attractive enough to leave on the counter, so I think this one will be perfect.

    You can’t have a new kitchen and hang up old towels :), am I right? Also, how long do new towels look new? Don’t answer that. Ha! This was a set of three towels that we’ll use for day to day (they have other color options here). I have some others which will be my ‘pretty but don’t use to clean your spaghetti sauce spills’ towels hahah, but I like having every day towels that go with my decor, too. I feel more organized and hospitable when we don’t have a drawer full of ugly ratty stained hand or dish towels. When we have those, they go into the rag area and become perfect for those very messy spills :).

    I decided to retire my old counter top knife block because it no longer fit our knives. This time I wanted a knife block that fits in a drawer so we could tuck it away. This one fits perfectly, I love it!

    I’m still filling our new baggie containers and kitchen wrap organizers, but I can tell I’ll really like these a lot. The wrap container set came with labels even for wax and parchment.

    While we did add some custom features in our kitchen, we didn’t add any built in dividers because I knew we could do that affordably and simply with these bamboo ones. I got these long ones and also this set that came with 5 in various sizes. I love that you can mix and match the sizes that fit your items even as your needs change, so you aren’t stuck with a system for life.
    I have a few other new items we are using as well as some built in cabinet features we really like. I am still organizing and getting set up so I’ll save those to share for a future post!

    Speaking of organizing, did you see I have a new book coming out this month called Simply Home? It’s a two-in-one book, combining two of my original paperback books into one hardback! You can read more about it here and pre-order here.

    11 Things I Bought for Our Kitchen (Decor and Organization)
    The Tiny Cottage Empty Home Tour
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    Browse kitchen inspiration posts on The Inspired Room More

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    11 Things I Bought for Our Kitchen (Decor and Organization)

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    We’re still waiting on some of the final finishing details in our kitchen (so if you spot anything that doesn’t look finished, don’t worry!). I’ve been trying to finalize some paint colors for the painters so I’ve been working on that, but meanwhile, I couldn’t wait to pull out a few things I’ve stashed away for our kitchen! I’ll share a few of them today!
    The good news is we will probably be able to “move in” to the kitchen this week, even though there will still be some details to finish as well as projects still going on around the house (such as our deck, living room / mudroom / entry / stairwell paint, new wood stair treads and flooring upstairs, plus the Tiny Cottage!).
    If you’ve missed any my last remodel update you can see that here.
    I’m guessing we’re a few weeks out from the contractors being officially “done” and then of course, more fun parts will begin for me! I can’t wait to decorate and put plants in our garden :). I’ve been collecting some vintage dishes that I can’t wait to display in the kitchen and have even bought a few plants for the backyard.
    Today I’ll share some of the items I brought in last week and I’ll share the vintage items once I get them in the kitchen.
    Blue Hobnail Glasses /// Sage Hobnail Glasses (or here are similar hobnail glasses on Amazon!)
    1. Hobnail Drinking Glasses
    We needed new drinking glasses and I couldn’t resist these beauties! I’ve always loved hobnail design and the colors were perfect. They look like seaglass! I decided to get a combination of the blue and the sage colors. There are also similar glasses HERE on Amazon with great reviews!

    2. Over the Sink Roll Up Dish Drying Rack
    This is such a clever drying rack, it works with our farmhouse sink and will be handy when we want to hand wash items or just need to set something, maybe a towel or plant or anything that needs to drip dry! It rolls up and can be stashed away when not in use.
    Over the Sink Roll Up Dish Drying Rack
    Natural Wood Dish Brush // Dark Brown Wood Dish Brush
    3. Wood Dish Brushes
    I always love having wood brushes in the kitchen, I couldn’t decide which one to get so I got both a natural and dark brown.
    Natural Marble Tray
    4. Marble Tray
    We use small trays like this all the time, so I knew we’d love this one. This is marble, another I’ll share below is resin.
    Resin (marble look) Footed Tray
    5. Resin (marble look) Footed Tray
    Woven Rattan Trays
    6. Woven Rattan Trays
    We bought these woven rattan trays to be able to carry food or plates upstairs during the remodel. They are wonderful, so sturdy and just the right size. We’ll use these all the time for serving, so they will be a great addition to our kitchen.
    Plate Holder Easel Display Stand // Sailboat Plates
    7. Plate Holder Easel Display Stands
    I was looking for easel style stands to be able to display plates, platters or books. At first I thought the finish on these would be too bright, but once the plate is on it, they are really pretty! I bought a bunch more in a couple of sizes.

    8. Sailboat Appetizer Plates
    My husband bought me these darling sailboat appetizer plates locally (but we found them online here, too!). I will use them at the table but they will also be adorable for decor. We can’t wait to mix and match all of our pretty dishes to display (and use!) in this kitchen. Stay tuned for another post on that!
    Bamboo Drawer Organizer Set of 5 // Long Bamboo Drawer Organizers (stackable)
    9. Bamboo Drawer Organizers
    I found these bamboo drawer organizers that come in a variety of sizes so you can mix and match to fit your needs. I can’t wait to get our drawers organized! I got this set of 5 in different shapes, and a set of 2 long dividers that can stack (see photos below).

    Tray Organizer
    10. Tray Organizer
    These will be handy to set up cookie sheets or baking pans in a cabinet!

    11. Patterned Animal Bowls
    I love these little bowls I had shared in my recent “pretty kitchen accessories” post! We use little bowls for all kinds of things, so I knew these would get a lot of use. They come in a set of 4 with a bunny, frog, bee and squirrel (2 reddish bowls and 2 blue).
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    A Cottage Bedroom Mood Board

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Pleated Lampshade // Similar Lamp // Tulips // Find a ‘get the look’ mood board with more sources at the end of this post!
    We’ve been working on our bedroom in simple ways since last year (just after we moved in!). We’ll be changing out the carpet for wood floors soon, so that will be a more significant project. But mostly I find it fun to make little changes that start to make a room our own.
    So far we’ve added plug-in wall sconces, buffalo check curtains, and art along with our furniture. I’m always evolving spaces and finding new pairings of old and new, but that is how I keep it feeling fresh and personal.
    A couple of weeks ago I shared that I had been switching out a few lampshades in my house for patterned shades. I love the cottage look! Recently I updated another lamp with a patterned shade in my bedroom. You might remember that I bought the lamp originally at Walmart. It’s currently unavailable but if you are looking for a similar lamp, I found this floral lamp on Amazon that reminds me of it!
    Pleated lampshade // Similar Lamp
    The lampshade that came on the lamp was a fun teal color but it was feeling a bit bold for the mood I was after. I love the subtle leaf pattern on this soft blue patterned shade, it makes such a pretty pairing with the botanical bird lamp!
    Putting a new lampshade on my original lamp helped it to blend in more with its surroundings, yet it still makes a really fun statement! Style is often just personal preference, if you wanted the lampshade to POP rather than blend in, you certainly could do that!
    Most of what is in this room were things we already had, and the wall color was already there as well (Bunny Gray by Benjamin Moore). The accessories we’ve added help to tie the whole look together and make it feel more “finished” even though we’re always updating it in some small way.
    Don’t be afraid to use what you have and then add new pieces to freshen things up! If you like an eclectic cottage look as much as I do, nothing really has to match perfectly. The goal isn’t to make everything match, but you can make some things go together even in a less obvious but intentional way.
    Buffalo check curtains (chambray color) // Similar Lamp // Pleated Lampshade // Rattan planter basket
    Once you know the mood you’re after, you really can tie a room together with just a few elements. Decorating this way will definitely save you money over time (because you aren’t always buying new furniture) and you can update a room for a new look or season with just a few new pairings, changes or additions.
    For example in our room the bit of brass on the curtain rods ties in to the brass on the bottom of the lamp and the wall frames as well as the mirror. We have a few brass accessories on the shelves. Does every accessory need to have brass on it? No! But as you repeat some elements or colors around the room, your eye ties them together and the rest of the room feels pulled together and intentional.
    It might seem hard to pull random pieces together, but it will become more intuitive as you do it! Decorating is one of the many homey topics that we’d love to talk about in our new HomeBody Gathering Place! We’ll be opening the doors soon for a limited time, I hope you’ll join us (click HERE for information on this new community!).
    Hope today’s mood board inspires you to try some new pairings in your home!

    Gold metal bamboo style wall mirror
    Sisal patterned rug
    Faux Fern
    Pink tulips // Coral tulips
    Rattan planter basket
    Bird art – I have mine in these gold Amazon frames
    Buffalo check curtains (mine are the chambray color)
    Floral chinoiserie lamp
    Block print pleated lampshade
    Gold framed seascape painting
    Navy 6 drawer dresser (similar to mine)

    Looking for more decorating ideas and advice? Check out these “Style Tip” posts! More

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    How to Pick Decorative Pillows That Go Together (5 tips on style, pillow inserts and saving money!)

    One of my favorite decorating accessories for my home is PILLOWS! But how do you get decorative pillows that go together and make them all look pretty in your home? Today I am going to share some of my own “designer secrets” that will not only help you select decorative pillows that will go together and look lovely, but that can also save you money, frustration and space. These tips will also help you simplify decorating and create a more cohesive look in your home in any season.
    Most people struggle with pillows! Too many? They don’t look right? Not enough? Storage, style, sizes, pairings, mix and match, inserts, there is so much to think about and learn. But I’m here to share a few of my secrets today. I hope they’ll encourage you!
    Sources: Wildflower Pillow // Striped Pillow // Rug // Gold Floor Lamp
    The right pillows and pairings don’t have to be perfectly styled to look pretty.
    This is one of my best discoveries. This might ruffle the feathered inserts of some designers, but I will share my tips so that your pillows do not have to be perfectly styled to look pretty. They are known by many as “throw pillows” for a reason. My dogs throw my pillows on the floor. Every day. All day. Perhaps your spouse or children do, too. Ha!
    If I expected pillows to stay perfectly arranged, fluffed and styled at all times I would be forever frustrated. Pillow perfection is not reality at our home. But that does not stop me from wanting pretty pillows.
    I want to enjoy my home, laugh at my dogs and have pretty pillows. It’s a fact, they will likely be smooshed (the pillows, not the dogs). The pillows will not always be set up in the right order (according to designer rules). They probably will be tipped over or on the floor much of the day. But they can still look pretty if you incorporate a few of my secret tips which I will share today.

    A different approach to decorating for a lived in home
    There are many people who offer advice on home decorating. Even if they are considered an expert, that doesn’t mean what they say a space should look like is going to inspire you or even be right for you or your home. For my personal taste, I prefer a more casual “we actually live here” look.
    A more laid back style feels the most inviting to me. So with that said, some decorating rules I read online or in books don’t inspire me. I don’t want my home to feel so stiff or overly styled, so I have to take a different approach to decorating.
    I offer my own decorating tips simply to be of help to those who feel as I do. If you feel your home is meant to be a haven in the world, and want it to be a pretty and inspiring place where people and pets are comfortable, you are probably in the right place. Your style might be different than mine, but I hope the encouragement you find here will inspire you in your own lived in and loved home.
    Whether I follow known decorating rules or break them, make decorating mistakes or inspire an idea, my lived in home has always felt pretty, welcoming and cozy to our family. That’s who you are designing your home for, the people (and any pets) who live there. Perfection isn’t necessary and in fact, it can be a hindrance in so many ways.
    Source: Wildflower Pillow
    A signature style that is pretty and practical
    If you’re like me and have home that is comfy and lived in, you’ll see my tips for creating your own signature style with pillows that still look pretty when they are smooshed, not fluffed to perfection, or even when they are on the floor, too. 🙂
    Recently I bought a fresh new collection of pillow covers to add to our home. I thought it would be fun to show you what I got and how they look together in different pairings. You don’t have to have these exact pillows to learn from this post. I’ll share my tips to make your pillows look pretty together and in your room, regardless of your style of sofa or pillows.
    For inspiration I’m mostly showing them on our leather sofa. Many people are flustered if they have a leather sofa because they don’t think pretty pillows work as well on them. I hope you’ll find through my tips why that doesn’t have to be the case! I’m a big fan of using what you have and pulling together a look that is both pretty and practical for your family.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Windowpane pattern pillow cover // Navy plaid pillow cover // Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover
    Here are my tips for choosing decorative pillows that go together, saving money, avoiding mistakes and finding your signature style for your spaces.
    1) Choose your signature color palette for your home (or a room).
    I think my home decorating secret for a signature palette is a good one for so many reasons, if you can make it work. Let me explain why it’s helpful when it comes to pillows (I’ll share more on this topic in an upcoming resource, if you’d like to be notified when it’s available, make sure to sign up for my newsletter to be updated when it’s available HERE).
    When you have one base palette for your home, you will be able to swap, mix and match many of your pillows and accessories any room all year round.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Windowpane pattern pillow cover
    Your investment in pillows will go further and your need for seasonal storage goes down! If you have a cohesive palette you can then more easily shop your home for a fresh combination of pillows to update the look of any room (rather than having a full set of pillows that only work in one room or one season).
    A signature base color palette can feel fresh in any season by simple swapping textures of some of the pillows, or adding in a few pillows in your palette that you’ve chosen for a specific season. You can also play up one color or combination of colors in your palette more prominently in different rooms or seasons.
    Your home might naturally look best with a certain color palette, so go with what makes sense for your home! A signature palette doesn’t have to feel boring or redundant at all. There are so many ways to keep your spaces feeling fresh and up-to-date without redecorating everything all the time.
    Sources: Fall floral pillow cover // Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover // Wildflower Pillow
    2) Find a base set of decorative pillow covers that all go together.
    Let’s start with the basics. You’ll want to find pillow covers. I’m talking about decorative covers that usually have zippers and are used over the inserts (which we’ll talk about in another step). You can buy a large set for your home all at once, get a few to start with, or one and have a plan to add to your base set over time!
    I am sharing examples of some I have, and you can find more ideas and inspiration for pillow covers that might look good together here in this post!
    Have fun with your mix of colors and patterns, as long as you like how they look together and in your home. Ideally don’t mix very modern with very traditional patterns, it will feel better to go in one direction. Here’s a helpful guideline: I prefer to stick to mostly classic patterns like stripes, plaids, and traditional florals or fun botanicals.
    Sources: Wildflower Pillow // Similar blue stripe pillow cover // Similar Tufted Ottomans // Leather sofa is out of stock but here is the chair version
    I also like to mix in a couple of unique pillow covers such as a star pattern, polka dots, a traditional geometric or even a seasonal specific one, just to keep the style fresh. Vary the sizes of the patterns and don’t use too many. Make sure some patterns are bigger and some smaller so they aren’t in competition with each other.
    Here’s another tip, consider buying a set of two or even three matching pillow covers to make a cohesive style statement. Place them on the ends of a sofa, on a bed, or a bench. They can make your space feel more cohesive! Or even use them around the room, on two or three chairs to bring the room together. But sometimes I decide to use mismatched pillows and various sizes everywhere. This is up to you and just a personal or style preference, in my opinion.
    If you have a patterned or colored sofa, of course you’ll want to select pillows in complementary patterns and colors.
    Sources: Blue hand blocked floral pillow cover // Similar blue stripe pillow cover
    3) Choose the right sizes and shapes for your pillows.
    I suggest you pick at least a couple different sizes you can pair together or use in different ways.
    Bigger square pillows look better on a larger sofa (22 x 22 to 24 x 24 inches, or larger) or a deeper bench seat or beds. Smaller (19 or 20 inches) work better on smaller scaled chairs or when paired with larger pillows. Longer rectangles look nice in the middle of a bed or even a sofa. Shorter rectangles are handy for chairs (especially those that already have a puffy back cushion), or they can can be paired in the middle of two squares on a sofa. I use small rectangle pillows, 12 x 20, for my smaller scale chairs and sofas. You can also get round pillows to add to the mix!
    Source: Windowpane pattern pillow cover // Wildflower Pillow
    4) Consider your signature pillow cover fabrics, textures and details!
    Ideally your base set of pillow covers will be in textures that work for your home and style in most seasons. Maybe your home shines in the fall or feels best in the summer. Or maybe you like a cozier heavier feel or a lighter airier vibe! But no matter the mood of your home, you can also consider having some in additional textures (linens, cotton, denim, cozy woven, velvet, knit, flannels, chenille or wool) to allow you to have a fresh mix for various seasons. Whichever fabrics you prefer, if you can find a few with tassels or fringe it can make the whole mix more fun.

    5. Invest in good quality inserts and buy what you need for each room / piece of furniture.
    You can do this step over time, or get them all at once. Make a list of what sizes you want if you plan to add to the collection as you’re able. Keep a list of what you have or still need (put it in your phone or small notebook you carry with you) in case you see inserts or covers anywhere at a good deal. If you stick to your chosen sizes for your standard collection of pillows, you will feel free to buy new covers without having to invest in new inserts or find storage for the extras.
    It’s important to keep in mind for the best look, the general rule of thumb buy inserts one or two sizes bigger than the cover. So if you have a 20 inch cover, you’ll want a 22 inch insert. That will give it a fuller, higher quality look.

    Pillow insert quality is important because if they are are flimsy and lightweight, or not firm or fluffy, full and heavy enough your pillows will look lifeless! Plus if you have a leather sofa the lightweight cheap ones will also just slide right down or fall off. They need enough weight!
    You can decide if you prefer a fluffier pillow, like down or hypoallergenic down, or firmer style. I often choose mine based on what I think I’ll use them for the most. I like firmer pillows for the back of a bed to lean on. My favorites for sofas are the squish-able soft chubby fluffy ones, they just look so relaxed, cozy and casual, like you can grab them to take a nap! That’s the look I prefer for my home and suits my style, but you can choose what you like the best.

    Sometimes you can find inserts affordably but with a cover you don’t like. Watch for those, you can give away the cover and keep the insert, or if they don’t have zippers some of your pillow covers may be heavy enough that you can use them over the original pillow.
    I hope you found my ideas on pillow pairings and a pretty and practical signature style helpful! This is a preview of an upcoming home decorating resource, would you like to be the first to know when it is available? Sign up for my free newsletter here to be in the loop!
    Where to get decorative pillows and my pillow sources
    I got a set of my favorite pillow inserts at PB here and also have bought pillow inserts on Amazon, too. See some of my favorite pillow inserts here in my Amazon storefront.
    Here are the links to the pillow inserts I bought if you want the same sizes: 20 inch square insert // 22 inch square insert
    Here is a big round-up of decorative pillows and pairing ideas to inspire!
    Below are the pillow covers I bought more recently for our home, so feel free to buy the same ones as long as they’re available. But you can even just use this collection as inspiration for finding your own pillow covers over time!
    Sources: 1 /// 2 /// 3 /// 4 /// 5 /// (6 is sadly now out of stock, here is a similar one)) … You can also get 3 as a set (click here)

    Turn on your JavaScript to view content

    Pin this post for later so you can look for similar patterns and styles. We also keep our Amazon storefront stocked with current and seasonal styles we like (see our Amazon pillow shop HERE), so be sure to bookmark it for easy reference and you can always watch the blog for fresh ideas.

    Here is a post on lots of pretty fallish pillow collections!
    ^ Pin this for later! ^ More

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    No Linen Closet? No Worries! 3 Reasons These Shallow Underbed Storage Bags Can Help!

    This Post May Contain Affiliate Links. Please Read Our Disclosure Policy here

    Shallow underbed storage bags
    Our new shallow underbed storage bags are perfect for storing linens, seasonal items and more. Perhaps you are in need of a similar storage solution in your home! I know some people have the luxury of a dedicated linen closet in their home, but we don’t! We do have closets, just not one we are able to dedicate to linens. Our main bed sheets fit in our room in a dresser, but I needed a more creative option for guest linens so I decided to look for shallow underbed storage so we could tuck them into small spaces such as beneath our rattan daybed.
    Do you forget what items you store under the bed? Here’s a solution!
    Honestly, I haven’t always preferred underbed storage as I used to forget what I put there! But I found a solution for that, so I’ll share it today along with the shallow underbed storage bags I found, how we use them and three reasons why they work so well for us.
    One of the organizing principles I use (and shared in my book Make Room for What You Love) is that it’s usually a bit easier to to remember where you put things if you 1) know you will use them (and not just clutter storage!) 2) you group items together that are in a related category and 3) put them in a spot that makes some sort of sense to you.
    So for example, if I put camping gear and Christmas serving platters under the guest bed, I probably won’t remember where either of them are there months later. It wouldn’t really make sense to me that they are stored together or in that spot, so it would be easier for me to forget. However, if under the bed is the only place you have for both of those items, or if you are prone to forget things you thought for sure you’d remember (as I am, ha!) you can use some system like a seasonal storage chart posted in your closet or a planner.
    Sources: Rattan Daybed // Rug // Navy Plaid Pillow Cover // Similar Turquoise Animal Otomi Pillow
    Three reasons I like these shallow underbed storage bags
    Besides being a helpful solution for storing our guest linens, these shallow underbed storage bags work well for us for several other reasons.

    The bags have fabric fronts. Even if you can see them under the bed, they don’t look as unsightly like some containers do. Our double guest bed has a dust ruffle, but this one doesn’t. The fabric fronts help keep it looking tidier!
    Secondly, the bags are shallow enough to fit under our low daybed. Our daybed is fairly close to the ground but also has a lot of supports and leg underneath it. These tuck in perfectly to a very small space.
    The third reason I really like these storage bags is they have solid side panels, which I find makes them easier to slide in and out. I have some other zippered bags which work for organizing in closets or storage rooms, but they don’t hold their shape when you squish them under the bed. They also have handles which are convenient.

    Related Posts: Ottomans: 5 Stylish and Practical Reasons To Have Them in Your Home // 10 Tufted Ottomans (Instead of a Coffee Table)
    What fits in the bags under the bed?
    We were able to fit two of the shallow underbed storage bags under our daybed. One is for winter twin bedding. Besides the rattan twin bed we have two REI sleeping cots that we put sheets on as well as a sofa that can be used as a bed, so we needed several sets of twin sheets. The other bag is for the more spring and summer cotton sheets and blankets. Since the available space under the daybed is so limited, we use it for sheets and thin blankets rather than bulkier items.
    We put two more of these zippered bags under a double guest bed for that bed’s linens and blankets as well. We could fit at least two more bags but alas, there are also slim guitars, ha! Random place for guitars perhaps, but it’s our only option at this point. (My husband doesn’t play these particular guitars often but they have to be in the house where it’s more temperature controlled, so they can’t be in a garage and we don’t have room in the closets.)
    Read on for where I store the bulkier bedding (such as mattress pads!)

    Where I store bulkier bedding like mattress pads
    The extra fluffy mattress pads we use for the cots and beds do not fit as well under beds as the sheets do, so instead we use our lidded rattan trunks. These are the trunks we have, but last I looked the price had increased significantly. If that is still the case when you read this, I have some other options to check out in my Amazon Basket Shop. Alternatives if you don’t have closet space would be dressers, lidded benches at the foot of the bed, or storage ottomans (find some storage ottomans in our Amazon Small Space Shop).
    Double duty for maximizing small spaces
    If you have a smaller home or less storage, you have to be a little more creative with what you store as well as how you use the available space. For example, we like having the daybed in here because while it’s my office, the daybed doubles as a couch for watching TV (with lots of pillows for back support) and as a spot for our college son or guests to sleep on as needed.
    In a smaller home, it’s ideal when furniture can be double duty. Although perhaps I should say the daybed is triple duty, since it’s also become a handy storage spot for guest linens thanks to our new shallow underbed storage bags! A smaller home can be a challenge for organization, but I think getting creative with the space is a fun challenge.
    I hope this post was helpful!
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