Working From Home: Creative File Storage Idea

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I have been working from home for the last 11 years and have tried and used many pieces of furniture, office supples, file storage and desk accessories to make my work from home life productive while in a decorative style.

I am lucky to have a room in my home that I made into a work place just for me. I call it my studioffice where I can do both the messy creative and crafty projects using paints as well as a pretty desk where I can take care of running my own business from the comfort of my home.

When we moved to the lake I noticed that when I wasn’t creating projects in my studioffice and was using my computer, I would head out to the kitchen table where the view of the lake is better.

When I did this I also took along a few files of posts I was working on as well as other things related to running a blog.

By dinnertime on many days, the table was filled with all my paperwork that I would pile up when it was time to serve dinner.

This was not a good thing as the papers became disorganized and not good for my production.

To keep myself better organized when I worked at the kitchen table, I outfitted a basket file with all that I needed and placed it on a chair. This was better, but still not ideal.

I had to come up with a better solution to keep me organized when I worked from the kitchen.

Fast forward to cleaning out my craft room – studioffice last week. It was quite a mess after all the holiday projects I worked on in December. I took a hard look at everything in the room and realized I never sit on this white leather office chair.

I love the styling of this chair, it is very chic and feminine, but whenever I sit on it, my lower back goes out on me. 🙁 Does this happen to anyone else when sitting in certain chairs?

I have another office chair that I made over a few years ago using pink and white cowhide fabric that I use that is fine for my back.

When I was taking the chair to the garage, I noticed that the wheel base was screwed on with large metal screws and easy to take apart.

You know how much I like adding wheels to furniture. Seeing the wheels gave me an idea that I figured would not be hard to try out. I did just that I started experimenting with ways to make the basket file I use in my kitchen easily moveable around the table and out of the way when I wasn’t using it.

I realize that many of you will never need something like what I created with an office chair and a hanging file folder organizer basket, but I decided to post about it to inspire you to ask yourself when looking at any item in your home…. ” What if?…”

What if?… I did this or What if?… I removed that. Keeping your mind open allows you to give everything, especially stuff you are getting rid of a second look and hidden potential for a new use.

Don’t look at the item as a whole though. Look at each separate part of the item by itself. Envision it combined with something else that may not be related to it at all.

See if you can use parts of one item and add it to another unrelated item to come up with something new that can make your life easier, more organized or just for something decorative.

Creative File Storage Idea

Keeping an open mind to the possibilities and my needs allowed me to create a mobile file organizer that I can roll right up to the kitchen table when needed and then roll away at the end of the day.

To give my mobile file holder more function, I placed a flatware caddy basket from the thrift store inside so I would have a place for pens, note pads, a stapler, scissors and other misc desk supplies that I use every day.

For the flatware caddy basket, I used a small box to create a lift in the back of the file folder basket so the flatware caddy sat up flush with the top of the file folder basket.

How to Repurpose an Office Chair To a Mobile Hanging File Folder Organizer

Time needed: 2 hours.

Creative File Folder Organizer to Use When Working From Home

  1. Remove Seat

    Remove the seat from the office chair. I used an Allen Wrench to remove mine.

  2. Measure Base

    Figure out the size you will need to make a wood box (or find a pre-made wood crate that will fit) that will go over the wheeled chair base. My base was 13″ x 19″. I made the box slightly larger than this so I could easily place in over the metal base and attach it.

  3. Make a Box

    I made the wood box from scrap lumber. I needed a top piece and 4 side pieces.

    I cut each to the size needed and used small finishing nails to make a simple, rustic looking box.

  4. Attach Box to Base

    Once the wood box was finished, I placed it top side face down and then centered the top of the office chair into it. I used wood screws to attach.

  5. Flip It Over

    Turn the whole thing over and place a file folder organizer box on top.

    Options: You can paint the wood or cover it with fabric to coordinate with your decor.

    Depending on the size of your chair base you may be able to buy a pre-made wood crate or box to use from the craft store.

My new rolling file folder organizer may not be perfect, but it is exactly what I needed. The best part, I didn’t have to buy anything new to create it.

For more work from home tips to help you stay organized and productive, head over to my post where I share how I store everything in my craft room/studioffice.

If you have been working from home over the last year, you’re probably noticing that you’re inadvertently collecting supplies, and might not have a way to contain all of those random odds and ends. Whatever your home office set up is, avoiding a cluttered workspace is just as important as ever to stay productive.

I bought the hanging file folder basket many years ago at Target. I looked for something similar to share with you. Here are a few I found:

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