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    3 Tier Bathroom Rotating Organizer



    How to organize small items like skincare and makeup on a counter or under a bathroom sink with a clear acrylic 3-tier bathroom counter organizer. Don’t limit only using it in a bathroom though, as it works equally well for holding and keeping craft supplies or other smaller items handy in any room.

    I usually organize small items in my home with all kinds of organizing baskets from wicker baskets that I find at thrift stores to plastic dollar store baskets.

    Recently I shared with you how I was going to add pull-out sliding basket organizers in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. Sadly, even though I measured, the slide-out basket organizers didn’t fit right. The plumbing for the sink got in the way.

    I had to find another way to organize my beauty products and skincare.

    360 Degree Rotating Makeup or Craft Organizer

    This 3 tiered bathroom organizer was made to to place on a vanity or bathroom counter for skincare and makeup items, but can be used to hold small items in any room.

    When I came across this rotating 3-tier bathroom counter organizer online, I ordered one to try it out.

    Bathroom countertop organizer

    It is sold to use as a bathroom counter organizer which would keep my cosmetics very handy, so I tried it on the counter. It has 2 removable compartment trays on the top tier to hold lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polish or small items.

    I didn’t keep the tiered organizer on the counter though as I have a large sectioned drawer under the counter where I keep the small jars of lotions and potions and makeup I use every day.

    What I wanted was an easy access organizer to keep the extra beauty essentials I keep under the sink and the large items that do not fit in the drawer.

    I could not be happier with it.

    Not only does it rotate, it was super easy to assemble – no tools or DIY skills needed which was a nice treat for me since I usually make things from scratch.

    How to Assemble The Tiered Bathroom Counter Organizer

    Time needed: 10 minutes. How to Assemble 3 Tier Bathroom Counter Organizer Lay Out the Parts Open up the plastic wrap around the organizer parts and place on table. Fit Flat Sections Together The organizer comes with simple directions or you can watch the video on the product’s Amazon page. It is so easy to assemble I don’t think you will need to watch it.Fit the two flat sections together – one gets pushed into the other to create a center X section. Place bottom of center X section into the rotating base section making sure to keep the notched center of the X section at the top. Secure the X section into the base using the rubber washers. They stretch over the prongs that go into the base. Repeat on the other X sections under the base. Stand Base Upright Begin to attach the slots on the shelves into the center section slots. Close Up Of Rings The rubber rings are pretty ingenious and easy to place over the hooked sections to secure the 4 shelves. Arrange Shelves The 4 shelves on the organizer can be placed at different heights for each of the 4 sections.Place what you want on the bottom shelf of the organizer to determine where to place each of the 4 second tier shelves. To secure the shelves, place hook into the slot on the base then push the shelf left to lock it in place. Add a rubber washer over the hook. Repeat for each shelf. Place on Counter or In a Cabinet

    Spin It – Rotating 3 Tier Bathroom Makeup & Skincare Organizer

    This 3-tiered organizer did just what I wanted it to do – created an organized way to keep my skincare and toiletries easily accessible under my sink.

    Do you have any ready-made organizers or storage solutions that help you keep your stuff organized and spaces clutter free?

    If so, leave them in the comments, as all of us especially this time of year are seeking out ways to get clutter under control.

    More Clutter Free Home Organizing Ideas



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    DIY Under Desk Cord Management Solution




    Learn how to assemble this easy office organization solution for under desk cord management that you can DIY in about 30 minutes. Your wires and cords can all be hidden, even the cords running to a faraway wall outlet.

    This is what the cords and wires under my desk in my home office used to look like. An unsightly mess!
    Table of ContentsHow to Declutter and Organize Your Work Space with Under Desk Cord ManagementItems I Used:

    Desk centered in room with an easy DIY cable management solution.
    They cords and wires dangling all over are no more.

    There are a variety of products available to help with under desk cord management, but did a little DIY desk cable management yesterday. All the needed, but pesky cables, cords and wires that go to my lamps, computer, and chargers are how hidden.

    Cord management can help to prevent tripping hazards and improve the overall appearance of the space. I have been meaning to corral and manage all the cords since moving my desk to the middle of my office over a year ago and finally did it.

    My Under Desk Cord Organizer
    How to Declutter and Organize Your Work Space with Under Desk Cord Management
    Most of the items you will need to make this organizer can be purchased at the dollar store which makes the price for this under desk cable management system budget-friendly.
    It will help keep the cords organized, electrical outlet easily accessed, and the wires out of sight as much as possible.

    supplies needed:
    Wire basket – I found mine at The Dollar StorePower strips or surge protector outlet stripExtension cord long enough for length needed to wall outletZip ties or Velcro wrap strips4 – 6 cup hooks (You can use screws, but cup hooks are easier to use.Clear cord organizing clips with sticky back adhesive – 4 flat damage-free cord clips and 2 organizer clips from Command BrandWire cuttersWire Mold cord protector – home improvement store

    Items I Used:

    Note: When working with electrical cords, keep safety in mind at all times. Running a cord under or over a rug could become a tripping or fire hazard if not done correctly.

    Time needed: 1 hour. Installation Overview: The wire basket becomes a cable management station. It is going to hold the power strip and be hung upside down under the desk using cup hooks.  Cut Wire Basket Using wire cutters, cut one of the corner sections of wire off the basket. This will allow you to thread the cord and wire plugs into the side of the basket. Attach a Power Strip Place power strip in basket so it is face up.Once the power strip is in the basket, tie it down on both ends to the bottom wire on the basket using cable or zip ties. Optional: If running cords under a rug: If needed, attach the power strip to an extension cord. I have an outlet on the floor under my desk so I didn’t need to run the cords to a wall outlet. Best invention ever that conceals the outlet under a rug or carpet.To keep the cord from getting damaged under the rug, cut a piece of rubber cord protector to the size needed and thread the cord into it. Make sure you keep the cords flat and as well as the cover. Cover the Cord Cover Cover the protected cord with the rug to conceal it. Attach Basket to Underside of Desk Attach the basket with the attached power strip to the underside of the desk using a cup hook at each corner. The power strip outlets should be facing down.Optional: Depending on the hardness of the wood under the desk, you can pre-drill the holes needed for cup hooks. Attach Sticky Back Cord Holders Attach the clear cord holders/organizers that have sticky backs to the side leg of the desk. These will secure the cords along the surface of the desk. They open and close like a hair barrette. Run the Cords Through the Clips Run the floor power cord up through the clips. I used two on the leg of the desk. Optional – Flat Cord Clips For the lamp cords on my desktop, I used 4 flat cord clips. Attach Along Desk Attach them along the front lip of desktop and then run the cords through each clip as needed for the length of your cords and wires. Bring Cords to Underside of Desk Once cords are clipped in, bring the excess cords under the desk and weave each through the basket and then use another cable tie to tuck in and secure.Leave enough cord excess to plug in each item into the power strip.For a large laptop cord with the bulky box, screw in 2 cup hooks about 6-inches apart on the under side of the desk to hold it out of sight.When laptop is taken away from desk, you can simply grab the tied up cord and unplug it.

    As you can see with a little bit of effort, under desk cord management can be easily achieved! The space around my desk looks so much better now. Neat and tidy! No more disorganized jumble of cords and wires on the floor.
    More Cord and Wire Hiding Ideas:




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    Ribbon Storage Ideas That Will Keep Your Rolls of Ribbon Organized For Good




    How to make a ribbon storage organizer or rack to hold spools of ribbon 3 different ways. These DIY ribbon holder ideas for your ribbon collection can be made very inexpensively to hang on a wall in a craft or sewing room or in a closet or cabinet as well as a few variations so you can customize each to fit your needs.

    DIY Ribbon Storage Organizers To Make for Your Ribbon Collection
    Each one of these ribbon organizing ideas has a step-by-step tutorial:
    The first is a wall rack that requires a few tools. The second and third do not require any DIY skills or tools to make and can be completed in 30 minutes.
    Table Of Contents
    Before deciding what DIY ribbon organizer will work best for your ribbon collection read over the ideas in this post, as not every organization method will work for your space or work area.
    Think about how you can make the best use with the space you have. If you have a craft table with drawers underneath, this may be and easy and perfect option for you.
    For others, use these organization ideas as a creative jumping off point to come up with your own idea to store and organize your rolls of ribbon.

    Organizing Ribbon TIPS

    Before you get started, here are a few tips about organizing your spools of ribbon no matter what organizing spools of ribbon idea you use.
    Choose a Spot – Do you have a room with open wall space where a wall rack will fit?
    If not, consider turning a closet into a craft closet where you keep your craft supplies. In this closet you can hang a ribbon rack from the closet shelf or create a smaller holder for a smaller collection of ribbons.
    Sort Ribbon – Group every roll of ribbon into categories so you can see just how much ribbon you have and how large the storage organizer should be.
    Group the spools by color, then by similarly-sized spools. If you have smaller pieces or scraps of ribbon, these can be placed in old shoe boxes, a basket or tied onto a clothes hanger.
    This will allow you to see all the snippets and have easy access to them. Seeing the actual amount of ribbon you have will allow you to see just how large or small your ribbon organizer should be.
    Ease of Accessibility – You’ll want to spend some time really thinking about how you create with ribbon.
    Do you like to take down spools and have them close by while you’re working? If so, you may want to keep them easily accessible instead of in a closet.

    #1: How to Make a Ribbon Organizing Rack to Hang on a Wall
    How to Store Ribbons in a Craft Room
    When creating this wall mount ribbon rack, I wanted to make use of one of the empty frames on the wall I call my Creative Wall.

    I previously used the empty frame you see on the far wall as a mini photo studio in my previous home.
    After a trip to the home improvement store where I went to see about using gutters to organize my ribbons, I ended up buying Corrugating 2.38-in x 10-ft Aluminum Drip Edge instead.
    I also like that the “drip edge” was inexpensive and white. No paint was needed to make my DIY ribbon rack!

    You may be asking – what is aluminum drip edge? It is used to protect roof edges and allows water to go into rain gutters.
    It can be found at the Home Depot or Lowes in the gutter aisle. It is usually already painted white, brown, black or silver which saves you any need to paint.

    If you plan to make this DIY ribbon storage rack, take tin snips with you when you go to buy a section of aluminum drip edge so you can easily cut the long length of the aluminum drip edge to fit into your car to get it home. Make sure not to cut it shorter than how wide you want your organizer to be.

    supplies needed:
    Large wood photo frame3 – Corrugating 2.38-in x 10 Aluminum Drip Edge – roofing/gutter aisle in the home improvement storeTin SnipsMeasuring tapePencil14 – 1-1/2″ zinc corner braces with screwsDrill and drill bitLarge brass fastenersPhillips head screwdriverWork glovesOptional: Washi tape to cover ends of cut aluminum drip edge.
    I already made the frame that is part of my Creative Wall.  You can read how I created it in this post: Craft Room Idea.
    If you don’t want to make a frame you can simply buy any size picture frame at craft stores like Michaels and hang it on your wall.
    I cut the aluminum drip edge into 7 pieces to create 7 shelves that fit inside the frame for my ribbon organizer.
    Once the frame is hung on wall (no glass or mat, just the frame), measure the inside width of the frame. This width will be the measurement you will need to cut the aluminum drip edge.

    Put on work gloves (the aluminum drip edge does have sharp edges) and use tin snips to cut the aluminum drip edge to the width needed.  If your tin snips are sharp, cutting through the aluminum is very easy. I drew a pencil line where I needed to cut and then cut into the drip edge from one side, and then flipped it around to cut in from the other side to meet the first cut. My cuts were not perfectly square so you don’t have to be exact.

    2. Place a corner brace as shown above on the outside of one of the cut pieces of drip edge and mark hole closet to edge on corner brace onto aluminum drip edge. Repeat on opposite end. Drill holes where pencil marks are.
    Place corner braces around L-shape of aluminum drip edge and line up holes. Place a large brass fastener in hole.

    3. Bring tips of brass fastener to inside of drip edge and then spread out to secure. Add a drop of glue over center of opened fastener. Repeat on all other cut sections.

    Each cut to size shelf should have two corner braces attached. One on each end.

    Optional: I left the cut edges of my ribbon organizing shelves alone, but the cut edges can be sharp. If you want to cover the edges, add some colorful Washi tape over each edge before hanging the shelves on the wall.
    How to Attach Ribbon Organizing Rack to a Wall

    Starting at the bottom of the frame, begin attaching the metal shelves to the wall by screwing in the other side of each corner brace into the wall with screws.
    You may have to bend the front of the shelf out a bit, but this is OK to do since when you place the ribbon in, the spools will push the front out also.

    I attached the bottom shelf so it sits on the frame. When the ribbon spools are placed on the shelf, the metal will bend out slightly. This creates a angled view and secure fit for the spools of ribbon.

    Arrange your ribbons by the size of the spool before screwing the shelves to the wall. For the spacing of my ribbon organizer shelves, I placed the largest spools of ribbon I had on the the bottom shelf.
    I needed 5″ of clearance for these ribbons. I placed the next two shelves up 5″ apart. For the rest of the shelves I spaced them at 4″ to 4-1/2″ apart.

    Use a bubble level to make sure the shelves are level as you attach them to the wall.

    Place ribbons in shelves by size and or color.  Some of the spools don’t touch the bottom of the shelf, but they are all secure and easy to get to now.
    The best part though is that they are now not only organized by color, but easily accessible and beautiful ribbon is pretty to look at.
    #2: How To Make a Ribbon Organizer to Hang in a Closet or Wall
    This is a very easy and creative idea to store craft ribbon, curling gift wrap ribbon or anything that is on a spool in a craft storage closet.
    Making this style organizer can be completed in about 30 minutes.

    supplies needed:
    2 equal lengths of large link chain2- large S HooksCafe style curtain rods or metal rods – at least 27″ long.Optional: Rubber bands – 2 for each rodVariation: 2 eye-hooks to screw into a ceiling or wood shelf if you don’t have wire grid shelving shown in the photo.Item Six

    After figuring out how many curtain rods and length of chain you will need, hang chain from closet shelf about 27″ apart using an S-hook for each side. Variation: For a wood closet shelf – use a screw-in style S-hook to attach to the underside of the shelf.

    3. Thread the spools of ribbon onto a curtain rod.

    4. Next, slide a curtain rod through the chain on one side and repeat with the other side of the rod on the other chain. Make sure to count the chain links down from the top for each rod so the rods will be level across.
    5. Repeat for each rod and amount of ribbon you have.

    Optional: Do you like to cut off just the amount of ribbon you will need before you start your project? If so:
    Hang a pair of scissors with ribbon and tie onto the chain on one side of this hanging ribbon organizer. Place a yardstick at the bottom of the chains in the same way you added the curtain rods. Wrap a rubber band around the finial end on rod if rod moves back and forth. This can happen on rods that are not full.
    Variation on this Ribbon Storage Organizer
    If you want a more finished look for your ribbon organization, you can use a frame instead of chains to hold the rods as I did to hold gift wrap.

    You can learn how to make this framed organizer in this post:

    #3 Ribbon Storage Inside a Cabinet 0r Cupboard
    Of the 3 ribbon storage ideas shown in this post, this one is the easiest and doesn’t require any DIY skills or tools.
    For smaller ribbon collections and loose ribbon, you can use spring-mounted tension curtain rods that have rubber tips. A tension rod’s length can be easily adjusted by twisting the rod snug against the insides of a cabinet.
    4 tension rods holding spools of ribbon in a cabinet.
    Before I made my wall mounted ribbon organizer that I shared earlier in this post. I use to store the spools of ribbon I had in my crafts cabinet on cafe style tension curtain rods that you see in the photo.

    All you need to make this ribbon organizer is a spring-mount tension rod. This style of rod is sold anywhere window treatments are sold.

    They come is different lengths from short to long. If you have a large cabinet, you could even use a spring-mount shower rod.
    Pros: The nice thing about this ribbon organization idea is that the ribbons are up and off the shelf so you can still store supplies and items on the shelf underneath the rolls of ribbon.
    Cons: The only downfall is that when a spool in the center of the rod becomes empty, you will have to take the rod down to remove all the other ribbons on one side of it to remove and replace it.

    FAQs About Storing Ribbon

    How to Keep Ribbon From Unrolling?
    To keep the ends of the ribbon on each roll in place, use a straight pin or a small piece of tape to keep it in place.

    How Do You Organize Ribbon Scraps?
    There are many ways to organize ribbon scraps. Placing them in a shoebox or basket is the easiest. Inside you could place the scraps by color into food storage bags.
    Another way is to tie the ribbon scraps to a coat hanger or a slack hanger that can hold multiple pairs of pants – (see below). You can tie the ribbon on by color and be able to slide them back and forth along the hanger. This will make organizing the ribbon scraps by color easy.
    A third way would be to tie the ribbon scraps to key rings. Have a key ring for each color and then hang the rings on a wall hook.

    How to Organize Ribbon in a Drawer
    To easily organize rolls of ribbon in a drawer is to use sheets of dollar store foam boards to make drawer dividers. You can also buy pre-made drawer dividers to fit your drawer. Adding these will keep the rolls in line by color, size or however you would like them organized for how you work and accessibility.

    Ready Made Ribbon Storage Organizers

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    How I Set Up a Spice Drawer So It Stays Organized

    If you have enough drawers in your kitchen, using one to store spices can be a good idea. Using a spice drawer clears space in your cabinets and keeps your countertops clutter-free.
    Also, storing spices in a drawer and away from heat and light can prolong their freshness and protect flavor.

    As someone who has started to cook more and experiments with new ways to season plant-based foods, I have acquired lots of spices that have been becoming a disorganized mess over time.
    It was time to improve the organization of my spice storage drawer in my small kitchen in a way that I could keep the drawer and spice jars organized for good.
    Table of Contents

    Spice Drawer Before Getting Reorganized

    Does this look familiar? When my spice drawer was disorganized like this – I couldn’t easily find the spices I needed quickly, even though I set the drawer up for easy access.
    There are two problems with this set up. The first was that the spice jars are not all uniform in size and didn’t fit together. This allowed them to roll around and get disheveled.
    The second problem was that at a glance, if I didn’t see the spice I needed, I would think I needed to buy more, only to find once I bought the new jar home – I realized I had it and wound up with duplicates.
    Hopefully my new and improved kitchen drawer spice organization will stop these scenarios from happening ever again.

    How I Organized My Spice Drawer

    I bought a set of 36 new square glass spice jars that came with labels for the sides and top.

    I like the clear labels as they don’t block the contents as paper labels do.

    It seems most spice jars sold online come with labels. I liked the labels that came with the set of spice jars I bought, but ended up buying a separate set of labels sold without jars that I liked better.

    I bought them for a style reason – I just liked the font better – I know silly, but I liked these better as the font is larger and easier to read.

    I also like these bottles since the lids give you the option to pour or shake.

    How to Decide What Kind of Spice Drawer Organizer You Need
    I was going to make a DIY spice drawer organizer, but after doing research on spice drawer organizers, I figured the best type of in drawer spice rack set would be a spice organizer drawer liner.
    This type would work since the size drawer I have is not high enough to fit an expandable tiered rack where the spice jars are angled to easily see and grab.

    I painted the inside of the drawer white to make it look nicer.

    Measure Your Drawer
    How deep should spice drawers be? First measure your drawer to determine the depth to see what type of spice organizer will fit. I wanted to use an angled expandable rack, but my drawer was not deep enough to use this type. So measuring your drawer height is important.
    Measure the width, depth and height of your drawer. This will help you determine whether to use a liner, expandable, or vertically arranged organizers. 
    I figured the liner would work best for my drawer and bought one.

    But, as I was putting the jars in the drawer to see how many of the new jars would fit, it just so happened that my exact drawer dimensions fit eight 4-ounce glass spice jars across perfectly – with little movement so they would stay in place.
    For the length – four jars fill the length of the drawer with about an inch left over that allows to easily move the bottles in a line to remove one. So I didn’t even use the liner I bought and returned it.
    No more jars rolling around and getting out of place.

    How to Organize a Spice Drawer So It Will Stay Organized

    1. Use Square Glass Spice Bottles
    When deciding what type of glass spice jars with labels to buy to organize the spice drawer in your kitchen, go for the square bottles over round ones.
    The reason for this is that when round bottles are in a spice storage drawer, they tend to roll, even when on a drawer liner or spice drawer rack.
    When this happens you can’t see the front label of the bottle, hence at a glance when cooking you can’t see what the bottle that rolled contains. When you use square bottles this doesn’t happen. The labels will always stay face up.
    When you have matching spice jars – you can save money by buying bulk spices in just the amount you need. Many whole food grocery stores sell spices this way where you can measure out just what you need.

    2. Use a Drawer Insert or Tiered Racks
    There are a few different types of spice drawer racks or inserts that include three-tier or more rack options. These expand to fit the width of a drawer.

    3. Alphabetize the Spice Jars
    The best spice drawers are organized in a way that makes sense to you. This could be alphabetically or by your frequently used favorite spices.
    Should Spices Be Stored in Plastic or Glass Jars?
    Spices don’t last forever, but if properly stored and sealed, glass will extend the shelf life significantly. Plastic jars can be porous where small amounts of air can get into them and degrade the spices.
    Using clear jars also allows you to easily see when you are getting low on a herb, seasoning or spice.

    What is Better to Use – A Drawer, Wall or Countertop Spice Rack Organizer?
    Having organized spices in a drawer not only frees up valuable cabinet or pantry space but also makes them super easy to access. My drawer is next to my stove and food prep kitchen island.
    Using a cabinet or drawer to store your spices will keep them in the dark which is a good thing as it will keep your spices dry and away from stovetop heat. When spices are stored on a wall or on a counter they may get too much light and degrade faster.

    The Best Spice Drawer Organizers and Inserts To Buy
    If you are thinking about reorganizing your spice drawer or rack, below are a few popular options to consider to organize them in the drawer space available in your kitchen.

    Expand-to-Fit Organizers
    Expand-to-fit tiered organizers are a simple solution. They simply expand to fit your drawer and usually feature different compartments and tiers to keep bottles separate and visible.
    They come in wood, metal as well as clear and black plastic.

    Trim-To-Fit Drawer Liners
    It’s easy to create a custom solution with this type of spice drawer organizer to fit drawers. Simply trim with a pair of scissors to fit your drawer size. The ridges keep spice bottles in place.
    This type of soft cushy liner comes in grey or off-white.
    This is the type I thought I was going to use, but didn’t since my bottles fit nicely in my drawer without it.

    For Deep Drawers
    Choose your organizers based on the depth of your drawer. In-drawer organizers that hold the jars vertically work well in deep drawers.  

    More Helpful Spice Drawer Organizer Tips
    Most of the spice jar/label sets sold online come with a collapsible funnel so that when you bring a new jar of herbs or spices home you can easily fill the square glass bottles.
    If you have extra spice in one jar after filling a new one, I keep a shoebox in an upper kitchen cabinet where I store these jars. When one of my spices gets empty, before I put it on my shopping list to buy more, I look in the shoebox to see if I have any in there first.
    How do you arrange your spice collection? Do you have any tips to add that help you keep your spices organized?

    Spice Drawer Jars, Labels & Organizers

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    How to Organize Freezer Drawers DIY

    How to organize freezer drawers for a few dollars.
    If you have a refrigerator that has a pull-out bottom drawer freezer and have not been able to fit ready-made freezer bins or freezer organizing baskets into it that will help to keep the contents organized, you may like this freezer organizing hack I came up with.
    It is easy to do using dividers I made from sheets of craft store corrugated plastic.
    These dividers are not just for freezers. They can be also made to use on any white plastic coated wire closet organizer shelf or basket in your clothes closet, laundry or pantry.
    Table of Contents
    Freezer Drawers: Before Organizing
    Here is how the two drawers in my kitchen’s freezer looked before I made new freezer dividers for them.
    Before: Shallow Top Basket in Drawer
    BEFORE: Deeper Bottom Basket in Drawer
    Each drawer only had one divider. No matter how much I tried to keep “like” items in rows, they always moved when the drawer was opened and closed making a big pile of frozen food on each side of the dividers.
    Why I Needed to Come Up With My Own Freezer Drawer Organizing Idea
    While searching for freezer organizing ideas online, I did find a few ideas that I thought would work.
    These ranged from using different sizes of freezer bins, file folder holders and even freezer organizing baskets, but none of them fit.
    Freezer Drawer Inspiration
    On the blog, Simply Organized I like what she did to organize the bottom of her freezer drawer.

    She removed the deeper bottom wire basket completely in the drawer and replaced it with a row of plastic multi-use organizers. I bought these, but had to return them as they didn’t fit in my freezer the way hers did. They were too tall for mine.
    Since that idea didn’t work, I had to come up with a plan to organize my freezer on my own. I didn’t want to use cardboard magazine folders or dividers as after a while they would get soggy with moisture.
    I kept searching for an idea and finally found white plastic corrugated cardboard sheets at Michaels craft store. They were perfect – not expensive and easy to cut and would not get soggy.
    I also liked the white color, as it would make my organizing efforts look like they came with the freezer.
    How to Make Plastic Dividers for Freezer Drawers
    These freezer drawer dividers are very simple to make, the part that I found the hardest to get the project done, was having to empty my freezer.
    I brought a large cooler into the house to keep the food cold while I was working on the drawer dividers.
    To make the addition of the dividers doable and keep the food cold, I removed the top drawer first.
    Then I added the dividers, placed the basket and food back in to the freezer and then proceeded to repeat the process for the deeper bottom basket in the freezer drawer.

    supplies needed:

    craft knifescissorsyard stick or t-squarehole punchpencil
    Time needed: 1 hour and 15 minutes. How to Organize Freezer Drawers DIY Remove the Contents of the Drawer Measure your freezer, the entire space and height to make sure that what ever you add does not interfere with the opening and closing of the freezer drawer.Mark the front of the baskets with tape before removing them so you don’t forget how to place the baskets back into the drawer. If you mix this up, the drawer may not close. Remove Existing Divider The divider that came with the top freezer drawer basket was removable. Use the divider as a template to cut new dividers from a sheet of corrugated plastic. Figure Out Divider Placement Use the actual contents of your freezer to help you determine how to space the dividers in the basket. Punch Holes in Dividers Mark dividers with a pencil along each edge. Using a paper hole punch or an awl make a small hole and thread a zip tie through each hole. Attach Dividers With Zip Ties Line a divider up with a horizontal wire on the basket. Then use the zip tie to secure it to the frame of the basket.Make sure the zip tie is snug. Then cut off the excess with a pair of scissors. Repeat on both top and bottom of the divider. Repeat Steps for Bottom Freezer Basket The bottom freezer basket is much deeper and has a lining tray at the bottom. The one divider that came with it is not removable.To make the dividers an exact fit, I laid the basket on its side so I could trace the shape onto a plastic corrugated sheet. Repeat Cut the divider(s) out and follow the same steps used for the upper basket to attach the dividers. Place Basket Back Into Freezer
    Freezer Drawers – AFTER Adding Dividers

    So much better! Now the contents will stay in rows which will help me keep the contents organized so everything is easy to find at a glance.
    Freezer Storage Idea: Labeling the Contents
    You can make your own printable freezer labels or use sheets or rolls of ready made labels.

    Having a roll or sheet of labels on hand is another way to make sure that the contents in your freezer are organized and stay that way.
    More DIY Ideas on How to Organize Bottom Freezer Drawers
    When trying to decide what you can use to organize the bottom drawer of a freezer, here are a few more easy to do budget-friendly ideas.
    Buy more containers or baskets than you think need so that you can figure out what sizes will work. You can return the containers that didn’t work.
    Once you have the containers play around with arranging them in the drawer. You want them to fit together like a jigsaw puzzle so you don’t waste any space.
    Use ready-made plastic multi-use bins.Cut corrugated boxes down to sizes needed. Plastic dollar store baskets in various sizes. These can also be stacked to create layers of organization in the depth of the drawer.

    For the ultimate in refrigerator and freezer organizing, check out this soon to be published book on the topic. It will surely inspire you once and for all to get your fridge and freezer organized.
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    Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas on a Budget




    It is that time of year again… back to school and college. Here are the best – tried and true ideas to decorate a dorm on a budget along with ways to keep the small space organized with these creative dorm room decorating ideas. 
    Post Updated: 7/13/2021

    Over the past 7 years I have helped my two daughters move in and decorate 8 dorm rooms and college campus apartments.
    In this post I am going to share the dorm room essentials, quick and creative dorm room decorating ideas, tips and tricks that I know work and won’t break the budget when it comes to getting a dorm room or college apartment set up. All of these ideas make the grade!
    So get ready to move the furniture around to create the best use of space so that everything you bring to decorate your dorm will do double-duty – EVERYTHING!  Organization and smart accessible storage is key to making the room both attractive and livable.
    Creative Dorm Room Decorating Ideas
    How can you decorate a doom room cheaply? With creativity and planning before you even arrive on campus.
    A few months before college starts, most students get excited and think about the color and style of the bedding, lamps and cute organizers they will need for their dorm room, but the number one thing you need to have with you on move- in day are a few tools!
    Having a tool box filled with basic tools will make everything you do on moving day much easier. Trust me! If you bring one, you will be the most popular person in the dorm as everyone will want to borrow your screwdriver, hammer or glue gun. 

    On move-in day a toolbox gets packed in the car last so that everything from a screwdriver to fabric glue is ready to whip the room into shape as it gets placed in the room or at least done on move-in day. You will find the contents of my toolbox in this post:

    Pick the Bedding First
    When decorating a dorm room, the first decorative element you need is to pick the bedding. The bed is so important – it serves as a sofa for friends to sit on and a place to relax, do school work, eat, and sleep.

    Look for a comforter that you can put a colorful duvet on that will hide stains and will be easy to wash when needed.  The room’s color scheme or half the room’s color scheme can be based off the color of the comforter/bedspread.
    Get Creative With Fabric

    When decorating a dorm room on a budget, there are many inexpensive fabric options to choose from.
    Fabric added to the room in the way of window treatments, chair covers, wall hangings, and art will add a lot of style and color to the room.
    If you want to add some color to the plain walls,  buy some fabric yardage and hang it on the wall using the Command Brand mounting strips across the top of the fabric and along the ceiling line. Two or three of the strips is all that will be needed.   Let the fabric hang freely. It will look like wallpaper.
    How to Hang Art on Top of Hung On the Wall Fabric: Use Command Brand mounting hooks on the wall under the fabric. Once hook is placed, cut a small slice in the fabric where the hook is so that the hook can fit through the slit. Hang your photos or art on the exposed hook.
    Other Fabric Options to Consider:

    Colorful Sheets: Head to the thrift store or stores like HomeGoods and TJMaxx to find colorful or patterned sheets that can be used t cover a window or an open closet.
    Use Command Brand Hooks To Style Window Treatments:

    Most of the Command Brand hooks are pretty self explanatory, but the utensil hooks – have a moveable hook and are perfect for tying drapery panels to the wall with twist ties. I did this in my daughter’s apartment bedroom one year.  I used colorful ribbons to hide the twist ties. 
    Everything on the wall was hung using the Command Strips.
    Loft the Beds
    Photo: Dorm to Die For
    Lofting the bed gives the room double the space. I found this photo over at Dorm to Die For.  At the college my oldest attended, all the beds were loft-able. 
    Create a Clothes Closet Under a Lofted Bed
    To make the space under a lofted bed into a place to hang clothes, attach a tension rod along the front side of the bed to hang a curtain on a tension rod.
    Use “U” clamps to attach a closet rod or curtain rod to the underside of the box spring. When the curtain is closed, clothes will be out of sight. 
    You can also use the space under a lofted bed for a desk and or chest of drawers.
    Make a Lofted Bed Organizer

    Hang a flat handled basket on the bed in a color to coordinate with the room.
    Tie it to the bed rail along the top of a lofted bed for easy access to a phone and charger, book, tissues, etc. This way you won’t have to jump down from the bed.

    Create Extra Seating

    Space is at a premium in a dorm room so it is nice to have a few extra seating options for when friends are hanging out with you.
    These storage and seat-in-one ottomans made from milk cartons serves double-duty.

    Create a Bedside Table

    Make lids for square baskets. It is easy to do with cardboard from boxes and fabric.
    Stack the baskets on top of each other to create an easy to reach storage spot as well as create a little bedside table

    Decorating a Dorm Room Essentials to Pack
    Buy these dorm room essentials ahead of time so you won’t have to run to Walmart 5 times on move-in day.  You can find most of the items needed in this list at Ross, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, Bed Bath and Beyond, IKEA, Target, and Walmart.
    1. Command Brand Strips Hooks & Hangers

    The biggest innovation in dorm room or rental decorating since I went to college is 3M Command Strips – Hello! Wonderful. They are amazing and can be used for so many things.  Spray a little bit of rubbing alcohol on the walls, doors, sides of a desk, bed frames, chairs – you name it and you can hang just about anything easily.
    When it is time to move out – they are a cinch to remove and leave no damage. 3M even has replacement tapes and tabs so you can use the hooks and hangers again the following year.

    2. Clip-On Light, Floor Lamp & Backrest Pillow
    My oldest didn’t understand why she needed these when she was a freshman. It didn’t take her a long time to figure out why – comfort and task lighting while studying on the bed.

    If lofting a bed, the clip-on light can easily be clipped onto the bed frame or even mounted on the wall with Command Brand strips.

    This style floor lamp with adjustable arms works well in a dorm.  Each light can be directed where needed – on the ceiling for ambient lighting, on the bed for task lighting = double duty.

    3. Power Strips & Extension Cords

    There are never enough outlets in a dorm room for all the electronics you use.  One or tow power strips and long extension cords are needed.  Throw in a few 3-prong adapters, too.

    4. Over-the-Door Hangers & Organizers

    These types of hangers are perfect for hanging not only over doors, but they work over the bed rails as well.
    Use two or more so you will have plenty of storage. They are great for bath towels, handbags, coats, and hats.

    Hanging TIP: If you place an over-the-door hanger over a door and the door doesn’t close – get a pair of pliers and bend the top section that goes over the door to mold it to fit – works every time.
    5. Closet Organizers

    Some rooms have nice closets, others have only an armoire.  Making use of a variety of closet organizers will increase the storage.

    Closet Organizer DIY: Use shower curtain rings on a hanger to hold scarves or belts.
    6. Stackable Storage

    Stack, stack, and stack some more.  Easy accessible stackable storage is the best way to hold stuff – from books, toiletries, food, etc.
    IKEA makes small shelf units and these may work well in one room, but not the next year in a different room.
    I have found that classic milk crates are the best. The reason – versatility.  They can be stacked and used in many different ways. One year they may be used in a closet, the next – across the shelf on the desk or dresser to hold food and/or dishes.

    Stacking Organizing Idea: Cut a square from dollar store foam boards to fit inside milk crates. This gives the crate bottom a level surface to place items on so they won’t fall through.

    7. Tension Rods & Cafe Clips

    Tension rods and cafe clips can be used on windows, under lofted beds, and in closets.
    Photos: BH&G and Martha Stewart
    As long as the window is inset you will be able to create easy no-sew treatments using a tension rod and café clips. 
    Photo Above: On the left are two scarves that are folded over along the top edge of the scarf and simply clipped on.
    On the right, use fabric glue to make finished edges on fabric that is cut to fit the size of the window, then clip on the rings and hang.
    Don’t forget that shower rod tension rods found in the bath department are much wider in diameter and when two are placed about a foot parallel to each other a pine or mdf board can be placed on them to create a knock down portable shelf for a closet.
    8. Bed Risers

    If the bed doesn’t loft, then use bed risers. Buy the extra tall ones so that you can get as much extra space as possible.  They even come with electrical sockets now – smart as there are never enough outlets.

    9. Rolling Storage & Bins

    This style of rolling cart with drawers can hold extra toiletries, school supplies, and/or clothes.  They move around the room easily when needed which is a big plus.
    Use the rolling drawers as an end table to hold a clock, phone or lamp. 
    10. An Area Rug
    Check stores like Target, Walmart and HomeGoods for an affordable area rug. A 5 x 7 usually will fit. It will make the room feel cozier and decorated.

    If you have gotten to the end of this post, then you now have a few more creative ideas on how to decorate a dorm room on the cheap, but these ideas are really only a starting off point.
    Once you get on campus you will see just how creative and resourceful students can get when it comes to making a dorm feel like home sweet home.

    More Budget Decor Ideas for Dorm Rooms:



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    Working From Home: Creative File Storage Idea


    Work from home idea for creative file storage and desk organization made by repurposing two unrelated items to make a mobile hanging file folder organizer.

    I have been working from home for the last 11 years and have tried and used many pieces of furniture, office supples, file storage and desk accessories to make my work from home life productive while in a decorative style.

    I am lucky to have a room in my home that I made into a work place just for me. I call it my studioffice where I can do both the messy creative and crafty projects using paints as well as a pretty desk where I can take care of running my own business from the comfort of my home.

    When we moved to the lake I noticed that when I wasn’t creating projects in my studioffice and was using my computer, I would head out to the kitchen table where the view of the lake is better.

    When I did this I also took along a few files of posts I was working on as well as other things related to running a blog.
    By dinnertime on many days, the table was filled with all my paperwork that I would pile up when it was time to serve dinner.
    This was not a good thing as the papers became disorganized and not good for my production.
    To keep myself better organized when I worked at the kitchen table, I outfitted a basket file with all that I needed and placed it on a chair. This was better, but still not ideal.
    I had to come up with a better solution to keep me organized when I worked from the kitchen.

    Fast forward to cleaning out my craft room – studioffice last week. It was quite a mess after all the holiday projects I worked on in December. I took a hard look at everything in the room and realized I never sit on this white leather office chair.
    I love the styling of this chair, it is very chic and feminine, but whenever I sit on it, my lower back goes out on me. 🙁 Does this happen to anyone else when sitting in certain chairs?

    I have another office chair that I made over a few years ago using pink and white cowhide fabric that I use that is fine for my back.

    When I was taking the chair to the garage, I noticed that the wheel base was screwed on with large metal screws and easy to take apart.
    You know how much I like adding wheels to furniture. Seeing the wheels gave me an idea that I figured would not be hard to try out. I did just that I started experimenting with ways to make the basket file I use in my kitchen easily moveable around the table and out of the way when I wasn’t using it.
    I realize that many of you will never need something like what I created with an office chair and a hanging file folder organizer basket, but I decided to post about it to inspire you to ask yourself when looking at any item in your home…. ” What if?…”
    What if?… I did this or What if?… I removed that. Keeping your mind open allows you to give everything, especially stuff you are getting rid of a second look and hidden potential for a new use.
    Don’t look at the item as a whole though. Look at each separate part of the item by itself. Envision it combined with something else that may not be related to it at all.

    See if you can use parts of one item and add it to another unrelated item to come up with something new that can make your life easier, more organized or just for something decorative.
    Creative File Storage Idea

    Keeping an open mind to the possibilities and my needs allowed me to create a mobile file organizer that I can roll right up to the kitchen table when needed and then roll away at the end of the day.

    To give my mobile file holder more function, I placed a flatware caddy basket from the thrift store inside so I would have a place for pens, note pads, a stapler, scissors and other misc desk supplies that I use every day.
    For the flatware caddy basket, I used a small box to create a lift in the back of the file folder basket so the flatware caddy sat up flush with the top of the file folder basket.
    How to Repurpose an Office Chair To a Mobile Hanging File Folder Organizer

    Time needed: 2 hours.
    Creative File Folder Organizer to Use When Working From Home
    Remove Seat
    Remove the seat from the office chair. I used an Allen Wrench to remove mine.

    Measure Base
    Figure out the size you will need to make a wood box (or find a pre-made wood crate that will fit) that will go over the wheeled chair base. My base was 13″ x 19″. I made the box slightly larger than this so I could easily place in over the metal base and attach it.

    Make a Box
    I made the wood box from scrap lumber. I needed a top piece and 4 side pieces.I cut each to the size needed and used small finishing nails to make a simple, rustic looking box.

    Attach Box to Base
    Once the wood box was finished, I placed it top side face down and then centered the top of the office chair into it. I used wood screws to attach.

    Flip It Over
    Turn the whole thing over and place a file folder organizer box on top.Options: You can paint the wood or cover it with fabric to coordinate with your decor.Depending on the size of your chair base you may be able to buy a pre-made wood crate or box to use from the craft store.

    My new rolling file folder organizer may not be perfect, but it is exactly what I needed. The best part, I didn’t have to buy anything new to create it.

    For more work from home tips to help you stay organized and productive, head over to my post where I share how I store everything in my craft room/studioffice.
    If you have been working from home over the last year, you’re probably noticing that you’re inadvertently collecting supplies, and might not have a way to contain all of those random odds and ends. Whatever your home office set up is, avoiding a cluttered workspace is just as important as ever to stay productive.
    I bought the hanging file folder basket many years ago at Target. I looked for something similar to share with you. Here are a few I found:
    Chic & Stylish Hanging File Folder Organizers

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    Clever DIY Home Organization Ideas That Work For Me


    Clever and affordable home organizing ideas that will help you to keep “Your Stuff” organized once and for all.

    It’s cold, wintery and January. It is also the time many of us like to declutter and organize so we can start the new year with a well-organized home.
    Well-organized living and work spaces truly can make our lives easier every day. When we have clearly labeled containers and learn to edit what we no longer want or need and remove it from the house, it adds up to less time looking for things and more time to enjoy life.
    I like to make my own storage, organizers and labels when I can’t find a ready-made solution for my organizing needs.

    For instance when I couldn’t find a ready made scrapbook paper organizer to fit the cabinet in my studioffice, I custom made one to fit perfectly using cardboard boxes.
    If you are a long time reader you may remember it. I have made quite a few DIY organizers and thought I would share a few of them that really made a difference.

    How To Store & Organize Tablecloths
    I don’t have a dining room anymore, but when I did, this is how I stored and kept my tablecloths wrinkle-free.  

    I hung them in a closet where I had some extra rod space.
    When organizing the tablecloths, I folded them long-ways and then hung them over men’s suit hangers that I equipped with cardboard tubes from gift wrap. The round tube addition lessens creases from forming.
    How to Add Cardboard Tubes to Clothes Hangers

    1. Simply cut a gift wrap tube to the same width as the rod on the hanger. Open the rod and slide the tube on. Close the rod.

    Option: If you don’t have a wood rod pants type of hanger, you can use plastic hangers.
    You just need to cut the cardboard tube lengthwise. Once it is cut, place it over the rod.

    When I make this type of tablecloth storage hanger, I duct tape over the cut to close the tube.

    2. I roll very large or oilcloth tablecloths on the long cardboard tubes that fabric yardage comes on. I make sure to always ask for these tubes when I am at the fabric store.
    Repurposing Furniture Into Hard Working Organizing Stations for Small Items

    My go-to for small storage containers/baskets is the dollar store. They have the best plastic baskets. I bought all 18 of these baskets for the same amount I would have paid for one or two at other stores like Target or The Container Store.
    When the baskets were labeled and placed in a trashed dresser with no drawers that I DIY’ed into a decorative organizer there is no question as to where like items should go. Which then makes them easy to find when needed again.

    If you like to be little crafty… you can add a lot of style to shoeboxes. If you keep the lids on, they make great stackable storage.
    For this mudroom organizer, I covered the bottoms of 3 shoeboxes using maps and stick-on metal framed label holders.
    How to Organize Misc Items in Kitchen & Desk Drawers

    I like to line my drawers with decorative paper; usually I use gift wrap or wallpaper. For this drawer I used pages from a graphic arts book.

    Then I use small baskets that I find at thrift stores to organize smaller items. This drawer acts as my kitchen desk drawer.

    I add the square or rectangular baskets in all my drawers that hold small items. So far this drawer only has two small baskets. I am always on the look out for more and will fit the baskets in the drawer to fit like puzzle pieces as I find them at the thrift store.
    You can also organize drawer like this using low-sided boxes, but I like the style of the baskets better so I will continue to search for more.
    Make Cabinet Doors Into a Message Center
    There are many organizing ideas on how to use the inside of cabinet doors to hold and organize items, but here is one to do on the outside.

    This fabric memo board got lots of use in the kitchen of my previous house. I made it with fabric and a dollar store foam board.
    These DIY home organizing ideas are only a few that I have shared here on my blog. To find more, head over to see all my Organizing posts and archives of Free Printable Labels.
    Ready-Made Storage Organizers That I Use
    As you can see I like to make most of my home organizers, but if you don’t have the time to make your own organizing containers, here are a few of the purchased organizers that I use around my house that have helped me to stay organized.

    1. The Home Edit and 3. The Complete Book of Home Organizing – are two of my favorite organizing books.
    2. Self adhesive metal frame labels are one of my favorite and easiest way to add stylish labels to bins, boxes, baskets and more.
    4. I use Small baskets like these to organize the contents of desk and kitchen drawers.
    5. This 2 tier slide out organizer keeps the stuff under my bathroom sink in its place.
    6. These Expandable Drawer Dividers work great in large drawers to create sections.
    7. This Wire Door Shelf Rack has made my small pantry store a lot more.
    8. The style of Wooden Hangers that I used to store my tablecloths.
    9. I use these Clear Fridge Food Bins in my refrigerator and my pantry. I like how I can slide them out and grab what I need and slide back in.
    10. This is my newest organizer that I use for storing rolls of Christmas Gift wrap.
    11. I use these Under shelf baskets on the shelves in my garage. They give me extra space to hold all sorts of stuff.
    For more home organizing ideas, check out these ideas from a few of my blogging friends.

    Designthusiasm | The Complete Guide to Kitchen Organization
    StoneGable | Organizing Spices In Your Kitchen
    Shabbyfufu | How To Organize The Kitchen Junk Drawer – For Good!

    In My Own Style | Home Organizing Tips and Ideas
    Maison de Cinq | 5 Tips for Organizing China Cabinets

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