The #1 Fashion Tip That Will Help You Dress Better

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Do you have a clothes closet filled with beautiful clothes that you never wear only because you’re not sure how to coordinate and style the clothes to come up with new outfits or ways to wear each item so that you look your best?

If so, I have the best how to dress better fashion coordination tip for you that will help you get better at styling your clothes. It is so simple, yet will eliminate “the getting dressed struggle” of putting separate items and accessories together into stylish outfits.

If you want to get better at styling your clothes, consider adding a fashion coordination idea board right in your closet. It is the best place, better than in notebook or on an online app.

By placing it in your closet right where you need it every day when you are getting dressed you won’t forget an idea as they will all be right there front and center in your view. Seeing them will not only inspire you, but also help you remember the looks and outfit combinations you liked.

How to Organize Your Fashion Coordinating Ideas Board

You can make your fashion idea board any size and organize it the best way for you. When you like the way an outfit is coordinated in photos in magazines, online and on social media, clip or print the ideas and start creating a fashion coordinating ideas or inspiration board.

I have had the scarf tying book since college. It has many ideas that I always seem to forget. Having it handy makes it easy to come up with a new way to tie a scarf as I am getting dressed.

Where to Put a Fashion Coordination Idea Board In Your Clothes Closet

A fashion coordination idea board can be hung on the wall in a walk-in closet or on the back of the door in a small closet.

Once Your Board is in Place Add a Valet Hook

To help me coordinate my favorite pieces when creating new outfit combinations, I have a “Valet Hook” on the outside of my closet door.

The hook comes in handy to simply hang clothes I plan to wear.

I also have what I call my “fashion coordinating hanger.”

When I worked in retail display I oftentimes had to coordinate separate items of clothing into stylish outfits to display on the end caps of the clothes racks to help shoppers see the coordinating potential of the clothes on the rack.

  • I tied one end of a 12″- long piece of ribbon to the hook part of the hanger with a loop to fall at the end of the ribbon. This loop was to hang a second hanger for a skirt of pair of pants. This way a skirt/pants could be seen just as they would when worn.

Doing this helps me have outfits for parties, vacations or my workday ready to go.

How to Make a Fashion Idea Board for Your Closet

The easiest way to add a fashion coordination idea board is to simply purchase a large memo board at an office supply store, hang it up and start pinning clippings and ideas to it.

If you are like me and would like to make the board look more like a piece of wall art, you can add a bit of decorative style to a memo board with a large frame, a piece of foam board and fabric following the step-by-step instructions below.

supplies needed:

  • fabric
  • frame
  • (2) dollar store foam boards
  • scissors
  • straight edge ruler
  • spray adhesive
  • clear duct tape

1. Measure opening on the back of the frame and cut two pieces of foam board to this size. Leave a 1/8″ short all around so when you add fabric, the foam will still fit snugly into the frame.  You need two pieces of foam for thickness and stability.

2. Use spray glue to attach the two foam boards together to create one thick board.

3. Lay fabric face down on work surface. If there is a pattern on your fabric, make sure it is centered before cutting. Center foam board on top. Cut fabric so you have enough to wrap around to the back of the board on all sides.

4. Wrap fabric around board and secure with duct tape to the back of the board. Repeat on all sides making sure to pull the fabric taut as you tape it to the back.

5. Use no-damage picture hanging strips to hang your style inspiration board to the inside of a closet door or wall.

By making and hanging a fashion coordination outfit idea board in your closet will make coordinating your clothes much easier. Expect to start hearing…. “Ooooh…la…la you are looking stylish today”.

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