3 Tier Bathroom Rotating Organizer

How to organize small items like skincare and makeup on a counter or under a bathroom sink with a clear acrylic 3-tier bathroom counter organizer. Don’t limit only using it in a bathroom though, as it works equally well for holding and keeping craft supplies or other smaller items handy in any room.

I usually organize small items in my home with all kinds of organizing baskets from wicker baskets that I find at thrift stores to plastic dollar store baskets.

Recently I shared with you how I was going to add pull-out sliding basket organizers in the cabinet under my bathroom sink. Sadly, even though I measured, the slide-out basket organizers didn’t fit right. The plumbing for the sink got in the way.

I had to find another way to organize my beauty products and skincare.

360 Degree Rotating Makeup or Craft Organizer

This 3 tiered bathroom organizer was made to to place on a vanity or bathroom counter for skincare and makeup items, but can be used to hold small items in any room.

When I came across this rotating 3-tier bathroom counter organizer online, I ordered one to try it out.

It is sold to use as a bathroom counter organizer which would keep my cosmetics very handy, so I tried it on the counter. It has 2 removable compartment trays on the top tier to hold lipsticks, makeup brushes, nail polish or small items.

I didn’t keep the tiered organizer on the counter though as I have a large sectioned drawer under the counter where I keep the small jars of lotions and potions and makeup I use every day.

What I wanted was an easy access organizer to keep the extra beauty essentials I keep under the sink and the large items that do not fit in the drawer.

I could not be happier with it.

Not only does it rotate, it was super easy to assemble – no tools or DIY skills needed which was a nice treat for me since I usually make things from scratch.

How to Assemble The Tiered Bathroom Counter Organizer

Time needed: 10 minutes.

How to Assemble 3 Tier Bathroom Counter Organizer

  1. Lay Out the Parts

    Open up the plastic wrap around the organizer parts and place on table.

  2. Fit Flat Sections Together

    The organizer comes with simple directions or you can watch the video on the product’s Amazon page. It is so easy to assemble I don’t think you will need to watch it.

    Fit the two flat sections together – one gets pushed into the other to create a center X section.

    Place bottom of center X section into the rotating base section making sure to keep the notched center of the X section at the top.

    Secure the X section into the base using the rubber washers. They stretch over the prongs that go into the base.

    Repeat on the other X sections under the base.

  3. Stand Base Upright

    Begin to attach the slots on the shelves into the center section slots.

  4. Close Up Of Rings

    The rubber rings are pretty ingenious and easy to place over the hooked sections to secure the 4 shelves.

  5. Arrange Shelves

    The 4 shelves on the organizer can be placed at different heights for each of the 4 sections.

    Place what you want on the bottom shelf of the organizer to determine where to place each of the 4 second tier shelves.

    To secure the shelves, place hook into the slot on the base then push the shelf left to lock it in place. Add a rubber washer over the hook.

    Repeat for each shelf.

  6. Place on Counter or In a Cabinet

Spin It – Rotating 3 Tier Bathroom Makeup & Skincare Organizer

This 3-tiered organizer did just what I wanted it to do – created an organized way to keep my skincare and toiletries easily accessible under my sink.

Do you have any ready-made organizers or storage solutions that help you keep your stuff organized and spaces clutter free?

If so, leave them in the comments, as all of us especially this time of year are seeking out ways to get clutter under control.

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