Bedroom Design Mood Boards (4 Winter Looks)

Today I’m going to share four possible mood boards for a little bedroom project I’m going to work on for the winter months, featuring some inspiration pieces I found from Walmart. It’s so nice to find items that are affordable, accessible AND so stylish! Thank you Walmart for sponsoring this post.

As fellow homebodies, it can be so therapeutic to have projects or fun activities we are looking forward around the house in the upcoming months (rather than just dreading winter.) In my last post I introduced you to my favorite feature in my new bedroom (it’s a dream come true!) AND the new project I’m looking forward to!

I’m excited to be making a few simple updates to our new bedroom, not only to pull the space together and make it our own, but so we can enjoy it for the winter months!

Today I want to share with you four possible mood boards we created for the room. Perhaps they will inspire you, too! I wanted to put together some options that could be cozy for winter but also items that would feel right at home or easy to switch out in the spring, too! The items we used in these mood boards were all found at Walmart, so they are easy to find and are affordable, too.

Thankfully Walmart makes decorating or updating a home for the seasons so simple and fun! I love to shop online and Walmart has been doing a great job at not only having stylish items that I want or need for my home or occasion, but getting things shipped in a timely way is so wonderful (and rare!) these days! But if you need something right now or at the spur of the moment, stopping in Walmart to shop is convenient, too.

Take a look at the four mood boards below! Which board is your favorite? Or would you mix and match items in a different way? You can find me on Instagram stories, so I’d love to hear your thoughts on which items YOU like best! You’ll find the sources for each mood board linked below and in the scrolling bars.


SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

Stormy Shore Framed Artwork

Nautical and Coastal Framed Ship Artwork

Decorative Throw Pillow with Stripes and Tassels

Cream and Navy Traditional Area Rug

Chunky Knitted Ivory Throw Blanket (multiple color options)

Linen Trim Light Blue Decorative Pillow

Green Ceramic Lamp with Oatmeal Lampshade

Gray Striped Duvet Cover Set

Rustic Pharmacy Floor Lamp Wood and Metal

Ivory Shams / Duvet Set


SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

Botanical Art

Rustic Cream Lamp with Linen Shade

Round Gold Metal Frame Mirror

Ticking Stripe Shams & Quilt

Sweater Knit Ivory Accent Pillow

Traditional Black Area Rug

Faux Olive Branch Plant in Ceramic Pot

Antique Brass Pharmacy Floor Lamp

Chunky Knitted Gray Throw Blanket

Charcoal Gray Duvet Cover Sham Set

Velvet and Metal Gray Tabletop Frame

White and Brass Leg Tabletop Alarm Clock


SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

Coastal Canvas Art

Distressed White Porthole Mirror

Navy Blue and White Textured Accent Pillow

Tonal Navy Plaid Flannel Duvet Cover and Sham Set

Navy Tabletop Picture Frame – Velvet and Metal

Antique Gold Brass and Glass Square Picture Frame

Ceramic Gray and Gold Lamp

Aged Brass Pharmacy Floor Reading Lamp

Faux Peperomia Plant in Basket

Gray Herringbone Throw Blanket

Natural Fiber Braided Area Rug


SOURCES: Scroll and click the photos and links below for details:

Botanical Roses Artwork

Rattan Loop Round Wall Mirror

Chenille 3 Piece Duvet Cover and Sham Set (multiple colors)

Gray and White Patterned Sheet Set 100% Cotton (multiple color and pattern options)

Blue and White Woven Throw Blanket

Green Plaid Accent Pillow (multiple color options)

Linen Trim White Decorative Throw Pillow

Ceramic Aqua Lamp

Distressed Vintage Blue Area Rug

Faux Aloe Plant in Stone Planter

Wood Decorative Boxes

Bronze Floor Adjustable Pharmacy Reading Lamp

Did you pick a favorite? What elements spoke to you?

The reason I call these our “mood boards” is because they are more than just “design boards.” To me, designing a room isn’t just about showcasing a particular style (although that’s fun too!), it’s about how the room will feel to be in it. Mood boards help me to visualize the feeling of the room when all of the accessories will come together, which in turn helps me to focus on some practical ways I can uplift my real-life mood in every season!

I like to try out different colors, patterns and accessories or even bring together different styles to see what combinations speak to me. The mood of a space can also be impacted by the features of the room itself as well as what’s going on in my life, so it’s fun to pull all of those elements together!

When you need a new mood in your room (and life, ha), there are several options. You can shop your house to switch things around from room to room, add some new seasonal accessories or elements to give what you have a whole new look, or play around with different furniture or art arrangements and even paint colors.

I’m going to do all the above for my bedroom this winter! Our style is collected, which means we gather pieces over time (whether they are handed down, vintage finds or anything new to us that speaks to us or meets our current needs).

You can make mood boards with items representing things you already have, or just show new items that could help you create a fresh vision for your space! The items on our mood board are new possibilities for our room, which we will mix in with what we already have.

I can’t wait to show you more of our room and the design updates after Christmas.

We often make our room mood boards with Photoshop, but you can also make them with poster boards, bulletin boards or even online options like using Pinterest or Instagram to gather inspiration. Do whatever inspires you! Mood boards and room updates can be a fun winter activity.

By the way, I share more simple ideas for enjoying every day life at home through each season in my new book A Lovely Life, which will come out this spring!

I hope you enjoyed seeing these mood boards as much as we enjoyed creating them! Don’t forget to tell me which board is your favorite! Or how you would you mix and match them in your own way! That’s the fun of a mood board, you can create a look that inspires YOU!

Find more cozy winter finds from Walmart Home here!

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