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    Small Mudrooms and Pantry Spaces: Sunday Strolls + Scrolls

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    Sunday Strolls + Scrolls is a series inspired by the interiors and exterior spaces I fell in love with while scrolling the internet. I particularly enjoy finding spaces and ideas that reflect a sense of sanctuary! I hope this series will feel as relaxing and enjoyable to you as a leisurely walk down a charming street, a peaceful stroll through a garden or finally getting to peek inside a lovely neighborhood home during a Sunday open house. 

    I love small spaces in a home, particularly when they are made charming and used to serve a purpose! Today’s inspiration comes from some very charming small mudrooms and pantry spaces. Perhaps you have a small closet, room or niche in a home could be transformed into a useful space. Who couldn’t use a pantry, mudroom, or a practical extension of a kitchen?
    In some homes these practical spaces might have designated large rooms, but I really appreciate the charming and practical use of a smaller footprint. Even a little niche can be made useful and pretty, too.
    One of the spaces in our home that will be somewhat impacted by our renovation is our small mudroom. Currently it has a door to the backyard, a small pantry closet, a door to the garage and our small powder room. Including the passage to the kitchen, it has FIVE doorways in that one small space.
    With the addition that will be going up for my parents’ bedroom, the door to our backyard will be closed off. While we will add a lovely new set of French doors in our kitchen for backyard access, the mudroom will no longer have much natural light. Though it’s not ideal to have to remove a door that has windows, a wall in place of a doorway opens up new possibilities for how we can use that space. And I do have some ideas for how we might bring in more light.
    I will do a new post on our mudroom soon to show you some ideas and what we will have to work with. For now I’m just gathering inspiration, considering what we will do when the door is removed, and what we might decide to do down the road. Stay tuned for more!
    For now, I hope you are inspired by the character and storage in these small spaces!
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    No Linen Closet? No Worries! 3 Reasons These Shallow Underbed Storage Bags Can Help!

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    Shallow underbed storage bags
    Our new shallow underbed storage bags are perfect for storing linens, seasonal items and more. Perhaps you are in need of a similar storage solution in your home! I know some people have the luxury of a dedicated linen closet in their home, but we don’t! We do have closets, just not one we are able to dedicate to linens. Our main bed sheets fit in our room in a dresser, but I needed a more creative option for guest linens so I decided to look for shallow underbed storage so we could tuck them into small spaces such as beneath our rattan daybed.
    Do you forget what items you store under the bed? Here’s a solution!
    Honestly, I haven’t always preferred underbed storage as I used to forget what I put there! But I found a solution for that, so I’ll share it today along with the shallow underbed storage bags I found, how we use them and three reasons why they work so well for us.
    One of the organizing principles I use (and shared in my book Make Room for What You Love) is that it’s usually a bit easier to to remember where you put things if you 1) know you will use them (and not just clutter storage!) 2) you group items together that are in a related category and 3) put them in a spot that makes some sort of sense to you.
    So for example, if I put camping gear and Christmas serving platters under the guest bed, I probably won’t remember where either of them are there months later. It wouldn’t really make sense to me that they are stored together or in that spot, so it would be easier for me to forget. However, if under the bed is the only place you have for both of those items, or if you are prone to forget things you thought for sure you’d remember (as I am, ha!) you can use some system like a seasonal storage chart posted in your closet or a planner.
    Sources: Rattan Daybed // Rug // Navy Plaid Pillow Cover // Similar Turquoise Animal Otomi Pillow
    Three reasons I like these shallow underbed storage bags
    Besides being a helpful solution for storing our guest linens, these shallow underbed storage bags work well for us for several other reasons.

    The bags have fabric fronts. Even if you can see them under the bed, they don’t look as unsightly like some containers do. Our double guest bed has a dust ruffle, but this one doesn’t. The fabric fronts help keep it looking tidier!
    Secondly, the bags are shallow enough to fit under our low daybed. Our daybed is fairly close to the ground but also has a lot of supports and leg underneath it. These tuck in perfectly to a very small space.
    The third reason I really like these storage bags is they have solid side panels, which I find makes them easier to slide in and out. I have some other zippered bags which work for organizing in closets or storage rooms, but they don’t hold their shape when you squish them under the bed. They also have handles which are convenient.

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    What fits in the bags under the bed?
    We were able to fit two of the shallow underbed storage bags under our daybed. One is for winter twin bedding. Besides the rattan twin bed we have two REI sleeping cots that we put sheets on as well as a sofa that can be used as a bed, so we needed several sets of twin sheets. The other bag is for the more spring and summer cotton sheets and blankets. Since the available space under the daybed is so limited, we use it for sheets and thin blankets rather than bulkier items.
    We put two more of these zippered bags under a double guest bed for that bed’s linens and blankets as well. We could fit at least two more bags but alas, there are also slim guitars, ha! Random place for guitars perhaps, but it’s our only option at this point. (My husband doesn’t play these particular guitars often but they have to be in the house where it’s more temperature controlled, so they can’t be in a garage and we don’t have room in the closets.)
    Read on for where I store the bulkier bedding (such as mattress pads!)

    Where I store bulkier bedding like mattress pads
    The extra fluffy mattress pads we use for the cots and beds do not fit as well under beds as the sheets do, so instead we use our lidded rattan trunks. These are the trunks we have, but last I looked the price had increased significantly. If that is still the case when you read this, I have some other options to check out in my Amazon Basket Shop. Alternatives if you don’t have closet space would be dressers, lidded benches at the foot of the bed, or storage ottomans (find some storage ottomans in our Amazon Small Space Shop).
    Double duty for maximizing small spaces
    If you have a smaller home or less storage, you have to be a little more creative with what you store as well as how you use the available space. For example, we like having the daybed in here because while it’s my office, the daybed doubles as a couch for watching TV (with lots of pillows for back support) and as a spot for our college son or guests to sleep on as needed.
    In a smaller home, it’s ideal when furniture can be double duty. Although perhaps I should say the daybed is triple duty, since it’s also become a handy storage spot for guest linens thanks to our new shallow underbed storage bags! A smaller home can be a challenge for organization, but I think getting creative with the space is a fun challenge.
    I hope this post was helpful!
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    The Perfect Small Lamp for a Bookshelf or Countertop

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    A small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop can add light to a dreary spot. This mini opal glass lamp is a perfect size and solution for a small space. And it’s so pretty, too. Get this color changing dimmable lightbulb for it and you’ll thank me later!
    Hello, friends…it’s Courtney here today! I have been slowly but surely getting settled into my new apartment (with my now *husband*)! You may have seen peeks of our July wedding on my Instagram and my mom’s–once we receive the rest of our professional photos I have lots to share here about the wedding day and planning advice. But for today, I’m here to share a great decor find that I hope will help you too!

    Are you looking for a small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop?
    We were on the hunt for a mini lamp for our living room bookshelf. It was a dark and dreary corner that needed some warm lighting in the evenings, but it was surprisingly difficult to find a lamp short enough that it could fit on the shelf without crowding the top.
    I finally found this mini opal glass lamp that was the perfect size (only 10 inches tall).
    The lamp just arrived today and I loved it so much, I had to show it to you! It’s the prettiest mouth blown glass that looks almost like milk glass. It’s a really solid quality lamp. If you have a little spot in your home that could benefit from a small lamp, I highly recommend trying this one.
    Mini opal glass lamp
    I had found other mini lamps online that were on the shorter side, but most still would have been too tall once a lampshade was added. I almost gave up in my search until I found a perfect small lamp for a bookshelf or countertop!
    You might have seen we have this very similar mini glass lamp (it’s only 8.26 inches tall if you need one even shorter!). We love it but we’re using that one on another bookshelf in the apartment, so I was thrilled to find something similar. You can see that lamp and even more mini lamps and accent lamps in this post.
    Color Changing Dimmable LED Light Bulb
    Try a Color Changing Lightbulb
    Here’s a tip for this lamp that is extra fun! First let me say that I LOVE how it looks when it’s switched off. Such a pretty milk glass look, like a little work of art on the shelf.. But I put in this fun color changing dimmable lightbulb that you can use with a remote so that I can control the brightness and warmth of the light (instead of having it be too cool toned since the shade is white).
    You can also use that lightbulb to make the shade appear as a different color, which also adds a pretty glow to the space. I’ll show you a few photos of it in action!
    Color Changing Dimmable Lightbulb with Remote
    Color Changing Dimmable Lightbulb with Remote

    I mean, is that not the neatest thing? There are even settings for the lightbulb like ‘strobe’ or ‘smooth’ that change between colors automatically if you want something extra fun!
    Mini Glass Lamp
    The shade for the glass lamp is so pretty in white, but it’s really fun to switch the colors to suit your decor or mood at night. I usually set mine to the yellow color–I love the warm orangey glow it gives off.
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Mini opal glass lamp

    I love how well the lamp coordinates with my hand blown glass diffuser on the top shelf, too. An unplanned but happy accident!
    Mini opal glass lamp
    Hopefully that helps if you too could use a little lamp for your home! 🙂
    Want more tips for how to decorate small spaces?
    We LOVE sharing ideas for small spaces here on The Inspired Room. You don’t have to have a large home to make it stylish and comfortable. Find lots of inspiration for small homes here.
    You can find more of my favorite decorating sources here, and I’ve linked a few of my apartment tours below if you need some inspiration for your rental or small space!
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    You can also follow me on Instagram here (@courtneylane1). I love sharing my apartment, life, pretty walks in my neighborhood by the water, details of our wedding, behind the scenes of working with The Inspired Room and more! More

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    Small Space Storage Tips + Making Room for What You Love

    One of the most important space considerations for me in our kitchen remodel is addressing our need for dish and hospitality storage. Our house isn’t huge (nor is it teeny!) so I need to be mindful of how we will use our space. I don’t like clutter, but I do love pretty objects to enjoy and use for hospitality.
    To me, clutter is defined as stuff you don’t use or love. If you don’t have room for it, it gets lost and starts to feel like clutter and you don’t use it.
    When we moved into our last house, our movers called us “book and decor” people. Ha! Apparently some people are decor folks. Some are book lovers. And we are the special ones who happen to love BOTH! Don’t I know it! Had he looked in our boxes, I might also have been called a DISHES person! 🙂 I don’t have as many as some people do, but I definitely love to have a few sets of mix and match dishes and serving pieces like cake plates, vases, platters, pitchers, etc.

    Think of a smaller space as FREEING, not limiting!
    Honestly I would probably keep a lot more if I had a bigger house :). With a smaller space, I have to make peace with the fact that I don’t have room for all of the things I *might *enjoy. Those thoughts probably sound limiting, but for me having less space can be freeing. Having less is actually one of the reasons I like having a smaller home.
    Perhaps you have a small house right now, or a small kitchen or are thinking of downsizing. I will say it can feel limiting if you decide to dwell on not having “enough” room for all of the things, but it’s also so FREEING to have some boundaries and priorities around how you’ll use your time, budget and space.
    Don’t get me wrong, I loved having bigger houses in the past for different reasons as well. Love whatever home you have and embrace what it is! Having less space gives you the opportunity to live differently, not necessarily better or worse! It’s all what you make of it and how you use the space you have.

    With a smaller space, you have come up with creative ideas to use your space really well. You are more likely to assess what you really need and love, versus what would be just fun or convenient.
    I find a smaller space gives me some helpful boundaries to focus on what I love the most, so that is exactly what I’m doing as I’m planning my kitchen remodel! I won’t have EVERYTHING I could ever want, and yet, I love that. It brings me peace to have less.
    Let your space help you define what you keep!
    Defining the space you have available or are able to use for certain activities or belongings can help you decide what to keep! When you don’t have room for it, you can’t keep it! It’s as simple as that if you don’t want clutter. Sometimes letting go of stuff seems so hard until you make peace with the fact that you simply do not have room. The more space we have, the more we might tend to hold onto even if we don’t use it very often. So having limited space isn’t necessarily a bad thing, use that mindset to help you pare down to what you really love and need.
    I’ve given away a lot in the past year, but we still have more than our new house can currently hold with the storage we have. Therefore, I will definitely need to pare down, especially once we have remodeled! The remodel will help us define more boundaries as far as what I can keep. Either I will have room for it, or I won’t. I don’t want to store things we don’t love or use regularly.

    Out of sight, out of mind can turn into more clutter
    Create storage that is useful and accessible so you can stay organized without getting overwhelmed by, losing or forgetting what you have! Having a basement or garage or storage room can feel like a blessing, but also a curse. Storing a lot of things means I don’t use things because I either forget I have them or don’t want to go on a hunt for them even if I love them!
    Of course, particularly in a smaller space, you also can’t keep everything accessible or out in the open or your house will also feel messy and cluttered. So the trick is to decide what storage you need or have that is easily available and to be honest with yourself about how much you are able to use and keep track of.
    Case in point, I still have lots of things in storage boxes right now from the move. It’s too much, so right now it both overwhelms me and I know I won’t use things because I can’t get to them easily. If we cannot create specific useful easy to locate places for the contents of the boxes in our remodel, they’ll have to go!

    Plan for a mix of open and closed storage
    Knowing I want to keep my dishes easily accessible, I’m planning to add lots of dish drawers and even some glass front cabinets and/or open shelves in or near my new kitchen so I can enjoy some of my favorites as decor. Having a mix of open and closed storage is important to make sure your spaces don’t feel cluttered, but still allows some you room to display the pretty things you love!

    Better utilize the space you have!
    I’m also planning to find ways to better organize and utilize our current mudroom (see more of our mudroom here) as well as to create storage in our new dining room. We won’t necessarily have room for everything I want to keep right in our kitchen, but we can use spaces nearby for them so they are still accessible. I can’t wait to show you some of the ideas we want to incorporate!

    Use freestanding cabinets for extra storage and charming display
    Right now we use the white freestanding glass cabinets that are really helpful. I’ve often used them in our homes to keep items accessible without creating clutter. If you don’t have enough storage or built ins, freestanding cabinets can be so handy! You’ll find a recent post on freestanding cabinets and similar sources HERE.

    Click HERE for cabinet sources above.

    So if you feel limited by a small space or overwhelmed by too much stuff, remember it can be so freeing to have less and to let go of what you don’t really need!
    More storage isn’t always a good thing if you end up with too much stuff.
    Less stuff is always a good idea, but you don’t have to be a minimalist to have a tidy house! Simplifying is rewarding, so make the process a gift to yourself.
    I wrote a book on simplifying your home called Make Room for What You Love and in it I talked about some of my own struggles with stuff as well as how I have learned to create more order in my house. It’s an ongoing process, especially if you are book and decor people AND are downsizing or changing your lifestyle like we are as empty nesters now :). Believe me, it’s not about doing it all perfectly! But it really is rewarding to feel in control of your home. If you haven’t read it, you can find it here. I hope it will encourage you to make more room in your home for what you really love.

    Looking for more ideas? You’ll find lots of organization posts HERE, and small space inspiration posts HERE! More

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    Small Entryway Solutions

    Hello, Kylee here! After sharing my entryway post (about how to decorate when your front door opens into your living room) , many of you reached out to me saying you also have an extra small entry space! So, I did a little digging to see what kinds of solutions I could find for when you don’t have much space for furniture. I rounded up some of my favorites that are multi-functional or well suited to a small space. Enjoy!
    Sources for the graphic above:
    1. Entryway Cabinet (lots of color options)
    2. Valet Hook
    3. Entryway Wall Mirror with Hooks
    4. Coat Rack with Shelf and Hooks
    5. Storage Bench
    6. Iron Entryway Shelf Set with Baskets and Hooks
    7. Wood Bench
    8. Entryway Storage Mirror
    9. Swivel Hanging Rack (two color options)
    10. Entryway Shelf with Hooks
    11. Wood Hall Tree with Hooks
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